Ski Holm


These marshmallow confections have long been a part of pop culture in this country. Often associated with Easter, they are what I like to call the sacred secular. Like the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause, these popular icons are used mostly as a way for advertisers to capitalize on the most holy of holidays without being sacrilegious. 

What attracted me to them was far simpler, form. While strolling the aisles of the supermarket, one of my favorite sources for subject matter (the American supermarket itself is a cultural icon), that I came across a full top to bottom display of Peeps. The plump little forms repeated in all different colors with each having its own color coordinated box. It was almost as if they were watching the opera, that often is the shopping experience, from their box seats. If you look closely enough you can see how critical they appear to be of our performances. "Lord, what fools these mortals be."

Peeps in Line
9"x 12"

Singled Out
Oil on Canvas
6"x 6"

Peeps in Blue, 2006, Watercolor, 5"x 12"

Collection of The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Peeps in Violet, 2006, Watercolor, 5"x 12"

A Box of Peeps , 2007, Oil on Canvas, 14"x 28"