Ski Holm


Peach Trees in Winter, 1998, Oil on Canvas, 54"x  46"                                                

Private Collection




Under the Birch , 2008, Oil Pastel, 12"x 9"



Yellow House and Barn, I , 1996, Oil on canvas, 28"x 32"    

                     Private Collection        










Late Summer, 1
997, Oil on Canvas, 26"x 30"

Private Collection


Cemetery and Corn Fields, IV, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 46"x 54"


Cemetery and Corn Fields, V, 2008, Oil on Canvas, 14"x 28"

Through the Trees, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 20"x 16"

In The Shade, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 20"x 24"

Roots, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 22"x 24"

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County Fair

Private Collection




Cemetery and Corn Fields, II

Private Collection




The Quarry


Corn Fields Across the Road, I

Private Collection


Corn Fields Across the Road, II

Private Collection


Pines and Dogwoods, II


Yellow House and Barn, IV


Trees in Autumn

Private Collection


Winter at Dusk


Cemetery and Corn Fields, III