Ski Holm

Full Circle


The idea for this series came shortly after the sale of my childhood home. I began to rummage through some of the artifacts from my early life on Long Island. The process of clearing out the house was huge and forced my brother and me to make quick decisive choices of what went into the dumpster and what we would try to cram into our cars. He opted for hand tools and videos. I chose toys, bowling trophies and assorted cocktail glasses.


I was fortunate enough to find the camera I used when I was eight years old to take my very first photograph. That photograph was a portrait of my father taken while he was showing me how to use the old box-like Kodak.  I had always wanted to paint a portrait of my father based on this photograph and now that I also had the camera the painting would bring things “full circle”.



The rest of the paintings in this series came about in two ways. First, from the staring contests I had with all the musty childhood artifacts sitting around my studio (they were much too “fragrant” to join the rest of the household). Second, from searching through all the old photos from my past. I thumbed  through the same stack of pictures almost every day for months.



I chose these images from my past because of their personal significance but the paintings are not intended to be nostalgic. This series is the result of a small personal upheaval and represents images that just would not go away. Everyone goes through periods of looking at their past. This is my version. As the saying goes “All art has been done before. We just have to do it better.”


Full Circle

Americas’ Arts, 2003

 Full Circle (Portrait of My Father at 38), 2003, Oil on Canvas, 34"x 30" 


Still Life For a Diabetic, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 12"x 24" 



Grandma's Cookie Jar, 2002, Pastel on Paper, 12"x 9"




Cooties, I, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 12"x 28"

Private Collection



Self Portrait with Trees, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 32"x 40" 



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