Ski Holm


Blue Ribbon was a series of paintings that came about as a reaction to a local arts organizations policy on giving out awards.  Each year I would enter one painting into a catagory where it didn't really fit. For instance, Blue Ribbon, I was entered into the "Portrait" catagory as was Best of Show.  My intent was to make a statement without actually having a chance to win any of the awards.  This backfired however in 1996 when I entered Blue Ribbon, II into the "Historcal" catagory and it took first place.  The judge stating that he knew nothing of the historic events. He was just choosing the best painting.  A lot of people thought that the fix was in.


Best of Show,  1998,  Oil on Canvas,  42"x 48"





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Blue Ribbon, 1        1995                        Oil on Canvas        24"x 26"


Blue Ribbon, 2       1996                        Oil on Canvas        28"x 30"


Blue Ribbon, 3       1996                        Oil on Canvas        28"x 30"