Free Cross-Country skiing on Long Island; and used skis found for sale!

Sunday, Mar. 18, 2018 UPDATE:  We WILL NOT BE SKIING THIS AFTERNOON!  About 2" patchy frozen hard snow; becomes wet by noon. But I heard forecasters are saying Tuesday evening there will be rain or snow.


  Some used skis  found for sale at the moment: they would be posted below in green.

WHAT WE DO: I will teach anyone who wants to learn. If you can walk, you can do this. We will start on smooth level snow - no hills, and 'graduate' to easy rolling landscapes with beautiful views. No rush - this is not racing, but it is great exercise, so you might want to increase your physical activity over the next 2 days so you're ready to really enjoy the fun. I also will teach anyone who wants to learn how to go faster!
Feel free to invite other friends - I have about 15 pairs of skis you can use for FREE!

SKI CONDITIONS FOR TODAY: 2" patches of snow at present. 
We WILL NOT be skiing today. But forecasters are saying there will bea chance of rain or snow again Tuesday evening. Temperatures will rise to near 50 this week so it  looks like last week's snow is melting right now in spots, but we hope to have enough to ski on by Wednesday afternoon. Call 631-664-0515 or 631-486-4818. We generally need about 4" of snow to ski.  I'll update this page around noon on days (weekdays included) where there is enough snow, with 'WE WILL' or 'WE WILL NOT be skiing today'.
 If you WANT to be emailed when we ski, please email me at and I'll put you on our list!  However if you are looking for used ski equipment, check in here daily as I will post recent 'finds' at the bottom of this page!

WHAT TO WEAR FOR SKIING: Go through your closet to pick out comfy clothes - dress in light, removable layers of acrylic, poly fleece and/or wool (DON'T wear jeans or anything with cotton in it, as cotton wicks up water and keeps it close to your skin, causing a chill that will ruin your day.)
Wear a zippered nylon shell light jacket as your last outer layer to shed snow and wind. (zippered because you'll want to open it partially while skiing - it's amazing how warm you get when cross country skiing.)
I have special cross-country ski shoes that fit on the skis, but you might also want to bring a pair of hiking boots if you have them, in case I don't have your exact shoe size.

We will ski for just an hour or so the first time, as a starter.
Future ski events can be longer.
Please call 631-486-4818 with your height & shoe size if you need skis. Tell your  friends to read this, and RSVP with their height & shoe sizes also. I have a variety of skis and shoe sizes. The amount of snow and conditions each area gets will determine which trails we will ski on, and is an indicator of how much the current climate crisis is affecting us.

It is often difficult to find cross country ski equipment in retail stores here on LI. Occasionally I come across quality used cross country skis for sale in thrift shops or garage sales at very reasonable prices. I will include that here. You may also find them on listings such as Craigslist, Freecycle, or many of the bidding sites.


llbean ski's, poles and boots . Rossi bindings $95 (Nassau County)

We don't know exactly yet when we will be skiing again, but I'll be staying in touch with you here on the possibilities of skiing.

SCIENCE: The weather has been strangely unpredictable; very warm, then very cold, because of the ongoing climate crisis. This was the WARMEST FEBRUARY EVER ON RECORD. (Every year we are told 'this was the warmest year ever' ... so doesn't that say something about the ongoing effects of climate change?) Many people who do not understand the science behind the crisis "enjoy" the occasional 'springlike warm weather', and are very frustrated by the bitter cold Arctic-like weather. But we must realize this is not normal. It is because huge storms are being overloaded with extra atmospheric energy from the greenhouse effect. They are powerfully pulling up abnormal amounts of heat, from down South, and abnormally cold temperatures from the Arctic, to our Northeast where it DOESN'T BELONG! Because of this, there will be more extreme cold; then extreme warmth; then cold.... This is the warning signal of the climate crisis. I'm saying this because I'm speaking out about the environmental CRISIS we are in. Elsewhere it is producing  droughts causing wildfires, snow in Florida and very heavy flooding rains for days on end, and a new word in the forecasters' vocabulary' - bombcyclone.