Fix blackberry app error 523 on blackberry curve and bold

If you woke up one morning and saw that you blackberry phone is giving app error 523 and you really got frustrated and you dont know what to do ???? Well you guys need not to worry we have got a better solution for you which will fix you blackberry mobile phone error in 10 minutes . So before you guys start and follow the step by step instructions on how to fix your blackberry curve let me make this very clear to you that ,this method has proved to be very effective for most of the people using this method ,so just follow the steps without any hesitation..
Things you are required ti fix blackberry app error 523
1. A blackberry mobile phone ( OF course :D )
2. Blackberry usb data cable error 523  
  Step # 1
  Make sure your blackberry is connected to your PC
  Step # 2
  Once you have downloaded the Blackberry app error 523 software just open it up . IF you have not download the software click here
  step # 3
  Click on wipe device button in the software
  Step # 4
  It will ask if you want to wipe your blackberry click OK
  Step # 5
   After that click on load os button in the software and then click ok
  Step # 6
  Now blackberry app loader will automatically open open up click on next and then just complete the setup
  Step # 7
  Congratz you have now fixed you balckberry app error 523

The fixing of this most common error has become possible due to the efforts of the Skidrow Production team team . So a big thanks goes to all you guys who made this error fixing look so easy .

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