The Unofficial guide for those who are COMPLETELY Lost...

1) Intro to SketchyPhysics

2) Basics

3) Shape Physics

4) Jointing Basics

5) Using the UI for Advanced Jointing

6) More on Advanced Jointing

The Basics... 

The first thing to note is that SketchyPhysics ONLY WORKS WITH GROUPED OBJECTS.

If you start by making a cube and grouping all the parts into one object, the object will be recognized by SP. Physics will then be applied when you press the RUN button.

There are also auto-shapes provided through a toolbar that is installed with SketchyPhysics. These shapes are already grouped and ready to use, all you have to do is draw them where you want to in your model.

Setting the STATE of the Object

After making a grouped object, there are 2 main attributes to use when creating an object to use in SP. They are accessed by Right-Clicking a grouped object.

The first option is STATE. This sets how the object behaves in SP.
The STATE options are:
FROZEN: Image will stay in place (it won't fall) until it is hit by another object, then regular Physics takes over.
STATIC:   The object will NEVER move, no matter what happens to it. Other objects will bounce off of it.
IGNORE:  The object will not move, and other objects will not interact with it. They will pass through it. (It is a ghost.)
On the next page we'll discuss the second option: Shape.
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