The Unofficial guide for those who are COMPLETELY Lost...

1) Intro to SketchyPhysics

2) Basics

3) Shape Physics

4) Jointing Basics

5) Using the UI for Advanced Jointing

6) More on Advanced Jointing

What is SketchyPhysics and How Can I Get It? 

Sketchyphysics is a plugin written by C. Phillips for Google's 3-D program Sketchup. It allows the objects you draw in Sketchup to "come to life" in a real world simulation with gravity, collisions and interactions with other objects.

If you want to install it, you must first have the latest version of Sketchup installed. (It is free.) Then do a Google search for Sketchyphysics, and follow the links.

It is an amazing addition to Sketchup, but finding any help, even a simple starters guide is next to impossible.

If you've seen the You-Tube video of even the simple car rolling down a hill and then tried to make it, you'll see exactly how frustrating SP can be when wheels float in the air, the body falls off, or the damn thing just won't move!

My goal of these few humble pages is to provide a starting point so anyone who knows Sketchup can start experimenting with the physics.

This isn't going to be a comprehensive help site, but rather a diving board so you can start the learning process on your own. This also won't be a Sketchup guide. I assume you are already proficient in Sketchup before starting here.

If you need more information than you can find in this guide, stop on by the SketchyPhysics Forum that is a part of the SketchUp Community Forums.