Purge, Purge, Purge


Every time you use a texture or component, this data is stored in the SketchUp file. Based on this information, we first suggest purging the SketchUp file. This also helps reduce file size. To purge the entire file at once, please try the following steps:

  1. Click "Window" > "Model Info." The Model Info dialog box will open.
  2. Click "Statistics" > "Purge Unused."

The Components, Materials and Styles palettes each have a purge option.

  1. In each palette, click on the house icon to get to the items used In Model
  2. Click on the details arrow to the right of the drop-down context menu
  3. Click on "Purge Unused"

Materials which 'will not purge.'

There are at least three cases where 'unused' materials you cannot see anywhere in the model are not purged.

1.  Check if materials were assigned to edges.  Wo3dan discusses some unexpected problems which can pop up if materials are on edges.  xxxx [dead link]

2.  Materials applied to the outer group and component wrappers which also have materials assigned to faces inside the group/component.  If the faces inside a group/component are painted, materials applied to the outer wrapper will not appear on the model, but will be listed in the Materials browser.

3.  Don't forget unseen backfaces and other stray surfaces inside hollow models.

For extreme cases, plugins, like Material Maintenance and Material Tools listed below, will help manage material use.

      Plugins also can add hidden attributes that can bloat a file. These elements cannot be purged the same way as native materials, components and styles.  Ray tracing renderers can add large 'definitions' and some geometry-creating plugins can add 'dictionaries'.  To find and purge these hidden attributes use an attribute editor, like Eneroth Attribute Editor.  

      Relevant Plugins

        1. Plugin aficionados may like to try version 1.4 of PurgeAll for their purging needs.  The plugin allows you to selectively pick what areas to purge through one interface.  Expand the entire discussion to read about the script's development.  PurgeAll is also available at the Ruby Library Depot
        2. Eneroth Attribute Editor  Eneroth3 - Able to purge hidden attributes.
        3. Cleanup  thomthom 
        4. Material Maintenance  Myhand - SketchUp plugin to manage material use in a model.
        5. Material Tools  thomthom - Plugin to remove and manage materials in SketchUp.

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