How do I make SketchUp run faster?
If SketchUp is taking a long time to pan, orbit, or zoom, we suggest the following techniques to help improve performance:

There is a method to the madness.  SketchUp is a real-time renderer.  Anytime something changes in the workspace, the affected visible items in that workspace have to go through a series of recalculations that keep everything looking the same until the change is finished.   So the more visible, complex stuff SketchUp has to manipulate, the more work the computer system needs to perform. 
There are three main areas to reduce the rendering workload


1Manage the complexity of the stuff placed in the file.
2Wrap up stuff with cloaks of invisibility to reduce the computer's workload.

Wrap up the bits and pieces - by grouping, using components, and nesting related objects - then managing when when those things can be visible.  There are several nifty options to control visibility besides using the Hide tool in the context menu.


3Workspace appearance and Computer System
The little things - which the modeler controls - can add up and improve the modeling work flow.  The options chosen