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Why can't I import DWG/DXF files?

Google SketchUp Pro supports the import and export of DWG/DXF files.  Up until the version 7, SketchUp Free supported the import of DWG/DXF.  But with the maintanence release of SketchUp 7.1 Free, supported was removed in exchanged for pushing for greater support of the 3D open source format COLLADA for the future.  To ease the transition away from legacy data formats, Google created a free plugin to import DWG/DXF into SU Free 7.1.
Note: Students qualify for a student license of SketchUp Pro, which includes the DWG/DXF importer and exporter.
Third-party Plugins
Using third-party importer/exporters have been possible since SketchUp included the Ruby API in version 4.  Third-party importers/exporters may continue to offer the desired support for the still popular DWG/DXF formats.
  • DXF_In  Importer (alpha) by honoluludesktop.
  • LTPlus AI  SketchUp exporter to DXF/SLT from ArchitektenInitiative (German/English)
  • MeshLab  Open source converter.  Imports/exports COLLADA and several other 3D formats, including DXF. - Windows, Mac, Linux
  • skp_to_dxf  Export your Sketchup model as a DXF or STL triangular mesh or as DXF lines.
  • SYCODE has commercial exporters for both DWG and DXF.

FYI Google Docs now offers a DXF online viewer.