Finally, Sketcher PRO is now available!

Thank you for waiting for so long time! Finally, Sketcher PRO with extra features is now available!

Sketcher is a procedural drawing tool for Android. It is a port of original "Harmony" application. Sketcher shipped in two versions: Sketcher PRO and Sketcher Lite wich is an open-source application licensed under Apache License v2.0. Sketcher Lite source code is available at GitHub.

Support development of Sketcher Lite

Sketcher Lite is an open-source project maintained by a single independent developer in spare time. If you liked it and want to support development of this project, donate or buy Sketcher PRO:
  • 11 brushes + eraser
  • undo/redo
  • color picker
  • save to SD
  • open previously saved pictures
  • share by e-mail, MMS, etc.

Sketcher PRO and Lite versions comparison

  Sketcher Lite Sketcher PRO
Number of brushes 11  11 
Color picker Yes  Yes
Alpha picker  No  Yes
Undo/redo One-step Multiple
Pan/zoom No Yes
Open previously saved picturesNoYes
Different canvas sizes supportNoYes 
User interface Default Improved 
Price Free now only $0.99!