We have religion because we inherit it and it comes from old civilizations where it evidently morphs. I’d call the bible and Christianity a dead religion because it’s stagnant as far as written record goes. The bible is no longer as solid as it should be, the catholic church saying genesis is as much a fairy tale, the creation now now a few thousand years ago but billions of years ago, evolution not spontaneous stagnant species a fact. As the churches concede to fact unlike the old where the records of the bible goes with the flow and no proclaimed prophet to sync it we have a book that looks very much like nonsense that sense of an all knowing God.

            The beliefs of the old world still plague our own, I see no logic in saying one tribe and not the other ‘discovered’ the right God. He might have once done this and that to prove he is real (as have all other gods) however none do this today.

            Their powers diminish as we learn more, gods were the final piece to unite the unknowns. As once the unexplained plagued old civilizations they tend to explain it by a force behind it and as the list of 'unexplained grew' and became the 'unknown' a being was set up as the thing that controls all of them, as god. It became a common thing as is evident today, if you don’t understand how or why the good answer is ‘god did it and god controls it’ the new was patented to God. One by one as more and more peculiar things were noted the default became to attribute them to this being then it became powerful enough to be respected then feared as reasons for it reacting became ego based as 'for our good'.

            gods became our protectors with a bizarre way of showing their love and loyalty to human beings and as a final piece of the pie every deity given credit for all that exists. Logic would have gods be a bedtime story or a Hollywood thriller. The supposed war of that goes on between atheist and religion (to be noted that Christians kill atheist however NEVER the other way around) the religious with nothing more than emotions tend to say;

·           He lives in me

·            can feel him

·           Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

·           Because we can't see the wind doesn’t mean it's not there

Easily countered by;

·           Prove he is inside you!

·           If you feel God what of you’re five senses do you use that other mechanical replicas and other atheist should see?

·           If you think too much on 'Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence' it's like a man looking for big foot, if he looks hard enough he'll definitely find a big footprint, it's illogical however to say that's proof big foot exists.

·           You can't see the wind but you can observe it, know it's constituent and how it works. The wind is similar to a glass it's there but it's into visible to the human eye.


            Facts support themselves, religion runs on devotion blind as always coupled with emotional attachment devious and demented to the core. A concoction of fear of hell and the devil not to mention the fear of a thing predicted to want to separate you from this God as a reverse psychology making you cling to something way before you're sure you want to. This game has a death toll to match it's lack of sense. god is however dying, he lives in peoples mind as a figment passed on generation after generation. As new generation accept God can't do this or we don't want a God who does that his powers get stripped down and eventually what will be left is nothing.

            How can he be worth worshiping when we accept his creation story doesn’t add up ergo he didn’t make anything, hell is not logical and nor does he play a part in designing a baby (a geneticist can so to speak interfere with what God wants) and as expected he has no part in the micro turmoils of this planet be it tsunami's or earthquakes. The God that I could consider that is left is a gimmick.

            It’s considered removing God is hard, and I agree however making him accepted even by religions as less awesome is doable, as I heard soon it will be accepted God did not and will not make a hell do to a battle of logic that made it evident hell is pure sadistic. As said also his creation story as fake, not the creator of babies and even evolution as species independent of him makes him less and less of the God people humans we can take away a pestering old belief that has caused a lot of harm.