Thank you and welcome, who or whatever you are or possibly could be.  This small site will be my attempt at sharing those parts of my online persona that I'm comfortable trotting out for anonymous masses to see.  There will probably be a bit about ancient literature, gourmet cooking, comparative linguistics, the occasional exorcising of personal demons, and lots of content about applying limnological concepts to planted aquaria and certainly superfluous amounts of aquatic horticulture because that will really keep countless numbers of faceless, nameless hoards coming back for more.

You've no doubt noticed that commenting is turned off.  There is no dialog here.  This is my platform and mine alone.  If you have a bone to pick with me about something I've said then you'll know how to reach me in as much as I've allowed that possibility, if you can't reach me, well, you may surmise whatever narrative lets you get to sleep tonight.