Title of tutorial

Machine-to-Machine Communications and Internet of Things as the enablers of Smart City initiatives


The world population is set to grow by an estimate of 2.3 Billion by 2050 and 70% of the population will reside in cities. This will increase the challenges on city infrastructures for managing mobility, public safety, resource & waste management etc. To provide better services and improve the quality of life of citizens, the cities are currently under transition towards a higher quality of living, next-generation ICT enabled services, intelligent energy management and resource efficient economy. ICT plays a critical role in envisioning, developing and maintaining “smart cities”.

A plethora of such ICT activities are taking place on a wide range technologies including cloud and network edge computing, sensing and actuation, low power communication protocols, big data analytics, smarter healthcare. They can be united under the umbrella of M2M communications and Internet of Things. They bring together citizens, industries, governments and provide applications and services such as intelligent transportation systems, building automation, smarter healthcare, smart grid and more. The main purpose of the tutorial is to present how M2M communications and IoT can act as enablers of smart cities, improve urban life and build a sustainable society.

Detailed outline and schedule

The first part of the tutorial will be dedicated to IoT and M2M communications and will cover the following. The fundamental operations in IoT based systems are (i) M2M data collection from sensors and RFID tags, (ii) data processing to generate new information and (iii) ability to control using actuators. But achieving that is not quite simple due to several challenges: (i) heterogeneity of the physical things, (ii) management of these connected things, (iii) high mobility, (iv) discovery of IoT services and things, (v) M2M data processing, (vi) lack of standardization efforts and (vii) security. The tutorial will then highlight –

  • Uniform data exchange with physical things.
  • CoRE Link based configuration and description of the connected things.
  • Open Mobile Alliance LwM2M Technical Specifications based M2M Device Management.
  • Incorporating legacy things into IoT using proxies.
  • Network challenges and different low power communication protocols (CoAP).
  • M2M data processing using semantic web technologies.
  • Mechanisms to secure the IoT systems and wearable things will be discussed.
  • The standardization efforts in oneM2M, ETSI, W3C and IEEE will also be presented.

The second part of the tutorial will touch upon the concept of smart city and various problems faced in a smart city (e.g. finding a parking, waste collection, traffic congestion). Then the tutorial will highlight the applications of M2M communications and IoT to solve these problems thereby acting as enablers of the smart city. Finally the tutorial concludes with summarizing the entire presentation and references to current literature.

The tutorial materials will be available here later.

Date, Time

The tutorial is scheduled on October 19th, 2015 from 9AM to 12:30 PM. The venue is Wyndham Dallas Suites Park Central. For more info, check the MASS 2015 website.


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