PCMM Open - 9 & 10 Feb 2008


11 Feb 2008 - More SKBJ students were participating in the PCMM Open held in Kompleks Wilayah for two days on 9 and 10 february 2008. Adam Mohd Jamil who was of the SKBJ players during the 1st Masterskill + Youth Championship had joined the others - Fikri, Anis Fariha, Nur Faqiha, Affan Amrish and Imran. Wan Raziq Matin also participated in the tournament but only on the first day.

Fikri got the chance to be in the top 10 but he could not win his last two rounds. But anyhow he improved his rating by getting 1378 in the tournament. Fikri who has lower rating than Adam managed to beat him. Adam won three games, the same as Anis Fariha and Affan. Nur Faqihah won two games and draw a game whereas Imran won two games.

Hopefully in the next tournament these SKBJ students can improve their game results by winning more games. This can be achieved by having more chess training and study the games of the chess grandmasters.