MSS Negeri Selangor Chess Championship 2008



Date : 28th, 29th and 30th April 2008

Venue : Dewan Kompleks Sukan Seri Siantan, Gombak


MSSD Petaling Perdana Players


The above is the schedule of the tournament.


Under 12 Boys Category

Fikri enjoying himself after competing in 2008 Bandaraya JB Chessmaster Open


From left, Colin, Jun Keat, Fikri and Muhd Amin

Category : Under 12 Boys

NUM  PLAYER                                 NAT. RATING     SCHOOL                    POINTS

1)        LOW JUN KEAT                                        1558             SJKC Lick Hung                     5 1/2

2)        COLIN CHAN GUO GIN                            1293             SJKC Lick Hung                     4

3)        FIKRI BIN SALEH                                      1460             SK Bukit Jelutong                   5 1/2

4)        MUHD AMIN BIN MOHD SHARIF                  -               SK Seksyen 9                         2 1/2


At the end of round three, Petaling Perdana U12 Boys team scored 9 and 1/2 points leading the pack followed closely by Gombak (9 points), Petaling Utama (8 and 1/2 points) and Klang (8 and 1/2 points). 

In the first round, Fikri was playing againts Hulu Langat player, Muhd Irfan Bin Zainal playing white on Board 9. Then he met Md Azman Kader Meera of Gombak also on Board 9. In the third round, Fikri had to play Mohd Irfan Haqqim Azhar from Kuala Langat on Board 2. He won the first two games and drew the third one. He continued his victory by defeating a Klang player, Leong Zhi Chen.

Fikri won his first game on the second day of the tournament which is Round 5 againts Gabriel Soong Mun Hey. In Round 6, he played againts the strongest player of Under 12 Boys category, Yeoh Li Tian who had won all his five (5) games. Playing white, he lost the game. In the last round, Fikri only could secure a draw against Tiang Chang Sheng playing black.

Fikri scored 5 points in the tournament that will select players for Selangor in the MSSM. He was placed fifth. For the team event, Fikri's team won the third place.


Below are the winners for Under 12 Boys ...

From the right -

Yeoh Li Tian (Champion),

Tiang Chang Sheng (2nd place),

Roshan Singh a/l Ajeet Singh (3rd place)

Low Jun Keat (4th place),

Fikri Bin Saleh (5th place),

Mohd Irfan Haqqim Azhar (6th place)


The pairings ...


U12 Girls Category


Aina is very happy to represent MSSD Petaling Perdana after

clinching the third spot in Under 12 Girls category. 



    From Left, Syuhada, Adlina, Aina Farzana and Rheshara.

Category : Under 12 Girls

NUM   PLAYER                                          NAT. RATING      SCHOOL                 POINTS

1)         NURUL ADLINA MOHD SULKIFLY                      1299                SK Sri Serdang                   5

2)         NURULHANA SYUHADA M SULKIFLY                 1270                SK Sri Serdang                   5

3)         AINA FARZANA CHE MOHD AZEMIN                 1056                SK Bukit Jelutong              3 1/2

4)         RHESARA SUNDRAM                                         1119                 SK Subang Jaya                 2


At the end of round three, Petaling Perdana U12 Girls team scored 7 points sharing the third place with Klang. Leading the pack is Gombak with 8 points. Kuala Langat is second after scoring 7 and 1/2 points.

 Aina Farzana started her tournament with a defeat. Then she bounced back by winning in Round 2 against Siti Naemah Bt Abd Hapis of Sepang. Her winning streak continues when she defeated Kuala Selangor player named Lee Xhin Zhuk in the third round.


Below are the winners for Under 12 Girls ...

From the right -

Nur Nabila Bt Azman Hisham (Champion),

Ee Sun Xin (2nd place),

Puteri rifqah Fahada Bt Azhar (3rd place)

Nurulhana Syuhada Bt M Sulkifli (4th place),

Nur Najiha Bt Azman Hisham (5th place),

?? (6th place)

The pairings ...


Photos at the MSS Negeri Selangor Chess Tournament 


Fikri on Board 4 against Leong Zhi Chen of Klang in Round 4


Low Jun Keat against Yeoh Li Tian on Board 1 in Round 4

MSSD Petaling Perdana chess players

MSSD Petaling Perdana chess players ... with some of their guru pengiring

Low Jun Keat - the fourth place (Under 12 Boys)

Fikri Bin Saleh - the fifth place (Under 12 Boys)

Nutulhana Syuhada M Sulkifli - the fourth place (Under 12 Girls)

MSSD Petaling Perdana players

Cg Rosimah, the SKBJ Chess Club Chief Advisor with Cg Norlaily

Under 15 Girls individual category winners


Photos of Practice Session at SK Seksyen 9 



Players To Watch

Category : Under 12


Name : Yeoh Li Tian

National Rating : 1611

Past Results : Champion U8 of 2008 National Age Group, Fourth place in 2007 U8 World Youth, Champion of 2008 U12 UIA Engitex, Champion of 2007 Royal Selangor Grand Prix Second Leg, 2nd place in 3rd Stonemaster Amateur 2008   


Name : Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar

National Rating : 1368

Past Results : Champion U8 Girls of 2008 National Age Group, Represented Malaysia in 2007 U8 World Youth


Name : Nur Nabila Azman Hisham

National Rating : 1643

Past Results : Champion U12 Girls of 2008 National Age Group, Represented Malaysia in 2007 U10 World Youth, 2nd place 2008 U12 UIA Engitex, Champion of 2008 U12 Chessmasters GP1, Champion of  2008 Chessmaster JB Open  Under 12 


Name : Nur Najiha Azman Hisham

National Rating : 1335

Past Results : Champion U10 Girls of 2008 National Age Group, Fifth place in 2008 Chessmaster JB Open Under 12