3rd Stonemaster Amatuer


Three SKBJ pupils - Fikri Bin Saleh, Anis Fariha Binti Saleh and Nur Faqihah Aminuddin had participated in the 3rd Stonemaster Amatuer tournament held at Kompleks Wilayah on 6 January 2008. More than 180 local chess players took part. It was a big boost for local chess tournament for having such number of players.

Both Fikri and Nur Faqihah won three games each in the 7-round swiss tournaments. Two of Fikri's wins were againts IPT opponents in Round 5 and Round 7 respectively. Nur Faqihah, known as aqia in her family,  with rating of 1029 managed to win againts an 1440-rated opponent in Round 6. Therefore, SKBJ pupils with proper and continuous training as well as consistant chess tournaments participation can beat older and higher-rated chess players. Whereas Anis Fariha won two games.