22nd Royal Selangor Juniors Open - 17Feb2008


18 Feb 2008 - It was very amazing that the number of SKBJ pupils participating in the 22nd Royal Selangor Juniors Open organized by the Chess Association of Selangor or CAS had increased tremendously. 11 SKBJ players had entered the tournament plus 1 player from the pre-school.  7 of them were Under 14 category whereas the other 4 were Under 10 category.

Leading the pack Under 14, Fikri Saleh won 4 games and lost 3. In Round 1, he with 1036 rating and was ranked at number 28 out of total 47 players managed to fight hard battle with a national player with 1505 rating and ranked at number 5. In Round 4, he lost to Nur Farihah, SKBJ last year top player. It was very unfortunate for him not to win Round 5 againts 1149-rated player to achieve the top 10th position. For the tournament, Fikri managed to secure 1279 rating.

Besides Fikri, Muhd Irfan also performed strongly by winning 4 games as well. With rating less than 1000, he leaped to 1274 rating in the tournament. Both Jane and Sharmine Nadhrah won 3 games. By participating more tournaments and having more practice games, surely these two Year 6 girls can be the anchors for SKBJ Girls team this year. Mohd Ishraf Mohd Rauf won two games whereas the newcomers - Muhd Hafiz Ismail and Hannah Hanif managed to win one game.

Except for Anis Fariha who won two games, all the SKBJ players in Under 10 category scored three points. They were Aina Farzana, Nur Faqihah and Muhd Ihsan. Keep training, practicing, learning and particpating in more tournaments! In the future, your names will be in the top. GO SKBJ GO!