1st Masterskill 2007



7 December 2007 - SKBJ had participated in the 1st Masterskill ASEAN + Youth Team Championships by sending an U12 team i.e. Under 12. The championships was held in Shah Alam Concorde Hotel from 2nd to 6th December 2007.


The U12 Category had attracted 30 teams which mostly are MSS state teams. SKBJ could not participate Under 9 (U9) Category which requires minimum of four players and one girl player because not enough players. But anyhow two SKBJ players, Nur Faqihah Binti Aminuddin and Aina Farzana Binti Che Mohd Azemi, participated in the tournament by representing KL Asean Chess Academy.


The SKBJ U12 team comprises of Nur Farihah Binti Aminuddin as the first board player, Adam Mohd Jamil as the second board player, Fikri Bin Saleh as the third board player and Mohammad Ishraf Bin Mohd Rauf as the fourth board player.


Kudos to all the parents whom children were involved and participated in the chess tournament.


For the results, please check at the following URL : http://chess-results.com/tnr9028.aspx?lan=1