10th CAS First Quarter Allegro - 24 February 2008

24 Feb 2008 - Only four SKBJ pupils had participated in today's 10th CAS First Quarter Allegro held at Level 2, Kompleks Wilayah. They were two sibblings of Fikri and Anis Fariha and Muhd Ihsan and Muhd Irfan. The tournament was divided into two categories - Category 1 for players with rating above 1400 and Category 2 for players with rating below 1400.

52 players were playing in Category 2 making 26 pairs. Fikri was ranked at #25 before the tournament with 1036 rating followed by Muhd Ihsan who was ranked at #26 with 1002 rating. Whereas Muhd Irfan Rendrawan, the younger brother of Muhd Ihsan Syahiran, was rated 0951 and ranked at #29. Meanwhile Anis Fariha who is not rated was ranked at #33.

Fikri started promisingly by winning the first three rounds including defeating 1288-rated and 1301-rated players. But after being lost to the eventual champion in Round 4, Fikri lost his momentum by losing all the games after that.  Thus he lost the opportunity to be in the top 10.  But anyway his rating in the tournament is 1161.

Muhd Ihsan was the best performer among all the SKBJ students by winning four games. His rating is 1234 in this tournament.  Both Muhd Irfan and Anis Fariha won two games, draw one game and lost 4 games. Both of them must study and practice more so that better results can be achieved in next tournaments.