A Memory Bouquet – 2006

                                                                                                                                      by Steve Kayser 

Loved and Lost on the Way to the Last Post

At the end of each year, major media outlets usually run feature stories listing notables and celebrities that have passed away during the year; stories that recount highlights of the person’s life.

Sometimes memories connect through space and time linked to your own remembrances of the person. Memories of what you were doing at a certain time in your life, at a certain place.

Special memories randomly emerge from the dark recesses of time. You feel heaviness, a sense of loss, not only for the “notable person” or “celebrity” that you probably never met, but also for yourself. For the loss of time.

That time.

Your time.

Well, here’s my feature story. 

My list. 

It’s a little bit longer than the major media outlets would publish. Over 820 names of people like Christopher, Gloria, Fernando, Dustin, Ed, Jeanette, Joseph, Joshua, Eric, Minhee, Tung, Bobby, Jennifer, Travis, Jason, Steven, Scott, David, Theodore, Luke, Nicholas, Felipe, Jesus, David, Theodore, Matthew, Yari, Cody, Reece, Mario, Edwardo, Andrew.

The Loved and Lost

... and on … and on … and on.

Fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, cousins, nephews, nieces, all.

Not by Accident

They passed on not by accident, not by bodily deterioration brought on by the mean ravages of time, but because they had a special job.

A job that ended a too-brief sojourn on this blue-green magical wonder called earth.

A job they chose.

So Costly a Sacrifice

They were American soldiers. 

A step ahead, a step behind, a blink of the eye at the wrong time, and ... then it was over. 


What is life?

It is the flash of a firefly in the night.

 It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.

It is the little shadow that runs across the grass

and loses itself in the sunset.


 Crowfoot, Native American Blackfoot warrior and orator

The fleeting flash of a firefly in the night … gone.

But not.

Their undiminishable light echoes eternally throughout the music of the spheres like heavenly bagpipes playing Amazing Grace across the unfathomable unknowable on their way to The Last Post. 

Who were these fireflies in the night? Who were these shadows that ran across the grass riding a Sonata of Moonlight, on an Ode to Joy – to living, giving and life? 

Here's who:


12/29/06Carter, Lawrence J.DoD Confirmation
12/29/06Newgard, William R.DoD Confirmation
12/28/06Esckelson, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
12/28/06Donica, Dustin R.DoD Confirmation
12/28/06Miller, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
12/28/06Spencer, William D.DoD Confirmation
12/27/06Shaffer, Edward W.DoD Confirmation
12/27/06McCormick, Clinton T.DoD Confirmation
12/27/06Messer, Christopher P.DoD Confirmation
12/27/06Given, Nathaniel A. DoD Confirmation
12/27/06Koprince Jr., William C. DoD Confirmation
12/27/06Tinsley, Douglas L.DoD Confirmation
12/26/06Strong, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
12/26/06Schmitz, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
12/25/06Clayton, HayesDoD Confirmation
12/25/06Wheelous, Dexter E.DoD Confirmation
12/25/06Moon, Jae S.DoD Confirmation
12/26/06Bubeck, John T.DoD Confirmation
12/25/06Wilkus, Eric R.DoD Confirmation
12/25/06Preston, Aaron L.DoD Confirmation
12/25/06Nelson, Andrew H.DoD Confirmation
12/25/06Denfrund, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
12/24/06Bixler, Evan A.DoD Confirmation
12/24/06Morris, Stephen L.DoD Confirmation
12/23/06Crutchfield, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
12/23/06Barta, JohnDoD Confirmation
12/23/06Vollmer, Chad J.DoD Confirmation
12/23/06Algrim, Wilson A.DoD Confirmation
12/23/06Mejia II, Bobby DoD Confirmation
12/23/06Norris, Curtis L.DoD Confirmation
12/23/06Elias, EliasDoD Confirmation
12/22/06Sheppard, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/06Tamayo, Fernando S.DoD Confirmation
12/21/06Burgess, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
12/21/06Mayhan, Ryan L.DoD Confirmation
12/21/06Nolen, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
12/20/06Sebastien, Myles Cody DoD Confirmation
12/20/06Dykman, Scott D. DoD Confirmation
12/20/06McMillan, Jacob G.DoD Confirmation
12/20/06Volker, Robert J.DoD Confirmation
12/19/06Daul, Andrew P.DoD Confirmation
12/19/06Pickard, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
12/18/06Kryst, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
12/18/06Mintzlaff, Brian L.DoD Confirmation
12/17/06Stanton, Seth M.DoD Confirmation
12/16/06Palmer, Nick J.DoD Confirmation
12/16/06Baines, Joe L.DoD Confirmation
12/16/06Staats, David R.DoD Confirmation
12/16/06Stanley, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
12/15/06Kahalewai, Henry K.DoD Confirmation
12/15/06Balint Jr., PaulDoD Confirmation
12/14/06Spatol, Theodore A.DoD Confirmation
12/14/06Yepsen, Luke C.DoD Confirmation
12/14/06Clark, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/06Davis, Gloria D.DoD Confirmation
12/12/06Dunkleberger, Brent W.DoD Confirmation
12/11/06Cote, Budd M.DoD Confirmation
12/11/06Dillon, Matthew V.DoD Confirmation
12/11/06Miller, Clinton J.DoD Confirmation
12/11/06McAnulty, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
12/10/06Clemons, Thomas W.DoD Confirmation
12/10/06Murphy, Shawn M.DoD Confirmation
12/10/06Ford, Philip C.DoD Confirmation
12/10/06Gibson, Brennan C.DoD Confirmation
12/10/06Steinbacher, Nicholas P.DoD Confirmation
12/09/06Krissoff, Nathan M. DoD Confirmation
12/07/06Beeler, Brent E.DoD Confirmation
12/07/06Linck, Henry W.DoD Confirmation
12/07/06Gifford, Micah S.DoD Confirmation
12/07/06Ciraso, Kristofer R.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Gibbs, Nicholas R.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Watson, Cody G.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Ryndych, YevgeniyDoD Confirmation
12/06/06Krege, Travis C.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Mokri, Yari DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Huffman, JasonDoD Confirmation
12/06/06Castro, Jesse J.J.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Madden, Joshua B.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Patriquin, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Pomante III, Vincent J.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06Libby, Dustin J.DoD Confirmation
12/06/06McClung, Megan M.DoD Confirmation
12/05/06Hess, Jordan W.DoD Confirmation
12/05/06Miller, Marco L.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Suarez-Gonzalez, Roger A. DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Nelson, Albert M.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Echols, Thomas P.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Anderson, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Gauthreaux, Jay R.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Turcotte, Nicholas D.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06McGinnis, Ross A.DoD Confirmation
12/04/06Adkins, Dustin M.DoD Confirmation
12/03/06English, Shawn L.DoD Confirmation
12/03/06Sticklen, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
12/03/06McCloud, Joseph TraneDoD Confirmation
12/03/06Evans, Kermit O.DoD Confirmation
12/03/06Cooper, Troy D.DoD Confirmation
12/03/06Haines, Kenneth W.DoD Confirmation
12/03/06Farris, Billy B.DoD Confirmation
12/02/06Tillery, Jesse D.DoD Confirmation
12/02/06Rystad, Corey J.DoD Confirmation
12/02/06McDonough, Bryan T.DoD Confirmation
12/02/06Fiscus, Keith E.DoD Confirmation
12/01/06Love Jr., Robert L.DoD Confirmation
11/30/06Hartman Jr., John L.DoD Confirmation
11/30/06Mulhair, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
11/29/06West, Theodore M.DoD Confirmation
11/28/06Loney, JonerikDoD Confirmation
11/28/06Mason, ChrisDoD Confirmation
11/27/06Gilbert, Troy L.DoD Confirmation
11/27/06Schwarz, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
11/26/06Dunn, Jeannette T.DoD Confirmation
11/26/06Hamill, Jason R.DoD Confirmation
11/26/06Fraser, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/26/06Burrows, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
11/25/06West, Jeromy D.DoD Confirmation
11/25/06Ledsome, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
11/25/06Morris, Daniel M.DoD Confirmation
11/24/06Moreno, Reece D.DoD Confirmation
11/24/06Rapavi, Nicholas P.DoD Confirmation
11/23/06Priestap, James D.DoD Confirmation
11/22/06Davenport, James R.DoD Confirmation
11/22/06Alonzo, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
11/22/06Warner, HeathDoD Confirmation
11/21/06Musack, James P.DoD Confirmation
11/21/06Watts, Donovan E.DoD Confirmation
11/21/06Vizcaino, EricDoD Confirmation
11/19/06Shock, Jeremy S.DoD Confirmation
11/18/06Shilling, Bradley N.DoD Confirmation
11/16/06Schiller, Rhett W.DoD Confirmation
11/15/06Dennison, John R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/06Mutz, Mitchel T.DoD Confirmation
11/15/06Haynes, Schuyler B.DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Nguyen, Tung M. DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Garcia, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Felts Sr., Thomas H.DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Scholl, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Gonzalez, Mario D.DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Brown, Timothy W.DoD Confirmation
11/14/06Rivera, Eric G. Palacios DoD Confirmation
11/13/06Kim, Jang H.DoD Confirmation
11/13/06Allman II, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/06Winkler III, Harry A.DoD Confirmation
11/12/06Cerrone, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/06Martinez, MisaelDoD Confirmation
11/11/06Jackson II, William SamuelDoD Confirmation
11/11/06Ramirez, Angel De Jesus LucioDoD Confirmation
11/09/06Salcido, Rudy A.DoD Confirmation
11/09/06Warren, Kristopher C.DoD Confirmation
11/09/06Burgess, BryanDoD Confirmation
11/09/06Kennard, Courtland A.DoD Confirmation
11/09/06McCoy, Gregory W. G.DoD Confirmation
11/07/06Doria, Richwell A.DoD Confirmation
11/07/06McCaughn, Ryan T.DoD Confirmation
11/06/06White, Lucas T.DoD Confirmation
11/06/06Priestner, John R.DoD Confirmation
11/06/06Henderson, Miles P.DoD Confirmation
11/05/06Desjardins, Douglas C.DoD Confirmation
11/05/06Galvan, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/06Powell, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
11/04/06Gelina, Mark C.DoD Confirmation
11/04/06Bridges, James L.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Finken, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Kruger, Eric J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Gage, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Brown, JamesDoD Confirmation
11/02/06Whitehouse, Jason D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Lasky, Michael H.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Holler, Luke B.DoD Confirmation
11/02/06Bridges, Michael P.DoD Confirmation
11/01/06Kim, Minhee DoD Confirmation
11/01/06Koehler, Gary A.DoD Confirmation
11/01/06Ellenburg, Kevin J.DoD Confirmation
10/31/06Franco, JasonDoD Confirmation
10/31/06Weidemann, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
10/30/06Foyteck, Kraig D.DoD Confirmation
10/30/06Seeley, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
10/30/06Bostic, Kenneth E.DoD Confirmation
10/29/06Nealey, Troy D.DoD Confirmation
10/27/06Zimmerman, Luke J.DoD Confirmation
10/26/06McGinnis, Ricky L.DoD Confirmation
10/25/06Brown, Donald S. DoD Confirmation
10/25/06Gilbert, Thomas M.DoD Confirmation
10/25/06Chaires, Daniel B.DoD Confirmation
10/25/06Thornsberry, Jonathan B.DoD Confirmation
10/25/06Komppa, Charles V.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Bock, Amos C. RDoD Confirmation
10/23/06Sare, Charles O.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Buerstetta, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Overstreet, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Eason, Carl A.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Rogers, Nicholas K.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Mock, Willsun M.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Creed, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Aguirre, Nathaniel A.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Taylor, David G.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Herzberg, Eric W.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Knier, Tony L.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Watkins, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Manoukian, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Elrod, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Collinsworth, Clifford R.DoD Confirmation
10/20/06Witte, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
10/19/06Lopez Jr., EdwardoDoD Confirmation
10/18/06Barlow, Patrick O.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Brozovich, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Perez, Jose R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Winegeart, Daniel W.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Paulsen, Ronald L.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Montalvo, Jesus M.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Dumas Jr., Joseph C. DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Unger, David M. DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Culbertson III, Russell G.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Loudon, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Haupt, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Taylor III, Norman R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Frigo, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Sizemore, Garth D.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Booth, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Baroncini, Jr., Lester DomenicoDoD Confirmation
10/15/06Bicknell, StephenDoD Confirmation
10/15/06Deese, Joshua DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Lootens, Jonathan E.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Paine, Mark C.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Babb, Brock A.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Hines, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Moore, Keith J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06King, Charles M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Kane, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Lauer, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Simpson, Jonathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Chavis, Leebenard E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Craver, Johnny K.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Stanton Jr., Kenny F.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Hewett, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
10/12/06Hawkins, Gene A.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Walsh, Justin T.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Adcock, Shane T.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Sowinski, Nicholas R.DoD Confirmation
10/09/06Feniello, Shelby J.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Jones, Derek W. DoD Confirmation
10/09/06Bowman, Jon EricDoD Confirmation
10/09/06Williams, Phillip B.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Secher, Robert M.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Austin, Shane R.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Johnson, Stephen F.DoD Confirmation
10/09/06Arechaga, Julian M.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Monroe, Jeremy Scott SandvickDoD Confirmation
10/08/06Fulkerson, TimothyDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Napper Jr, Roger AlanDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Wood, John EdwardDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Parrish, LawrenceDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Johnson II, Carl W.DoD Confirmation
10/07/06Asbury, Brandon S.DoD Confirmation
10/06/06Hale, John EdwardDoD Confirmation
10/06/06Payne, Bradford H.DoD Confirmation
10/06/06Arvanitis, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Rosales, Benjamin S. DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Garvin, Edward M.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Moudry, Christopher O.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Obourn Jr., George R.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Burke, Timothy DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Bright, DeanDoD Confirmation
10/03/06Rojas, JonathanDoD Confirmation
10/03/06Isshak, DanielDoD Confirmation
10/02/06Perry, Joseph W.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Oremus, Michael K.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Jarrett, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Ellis, James D.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Armijo, Raymond S.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Walker, Kristofer C.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Greenlee, Satieon V.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Narvaez, Joe A.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Lannaman, Denise A.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Nelson, Mario DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Haag, Chase A.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Peterson, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Cosgrove III, Christopher B. DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Seal, Aaron L.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Tejeda, Luis E.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Sourivong, Kampha B.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Nisely, Scott E.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Weber, RobertDoD Confirmation
09/29/06Monsoor, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
09/29/06Blaney, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
09/28/06Chamroeun, JamesDoD Confirmation
09/27/06Lyons, James N.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Lanzarin, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Riviere, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Reynolds Jr., Edward C.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Paul, HenryDoD Confirmation
09/25/06Mellen, Casey L.DoD Confirmation
09/24/06March Jr., Howard S.DoD Confirmation
09/24/06Martinez, ReneDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Kincaid, IV, Kenneth EDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Locklear, III, VeltonDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Dominguez, CarlosDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Simmons, Windell J.DoD Confirmation
09/21/06Bevington, Allan R.DoD Confirmation
09/20/06Rodriguez, Yull EstradaDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Zimmerman, Christopher MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Kavanagh, EricDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Needham, Robb GordonDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Jones, Charles JasonDoD Confirmation
09/19/06Lanham, Jane ElizabethDoD Confirmation
09/19/06Callahan, Robert ThomasDoD Confirmation
09/19/06Raymond, Jared J.DoD Confirmation
09/19/06Huff, Ashley L. HendersonDoD Confirmation
09/18/06Worster, James R.DoD Confirmation
09/17/06Knox, Adam L.DoD Confirmation
09/17/06Davis, David J.DoD Confirmation
09/16/06Roddy, David SeanDoD Confirmation
09/15/06Granados, Cesar A.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Cain, Marcus A. DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Hartman, Jennifer M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Smith, Aaron A.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Miller, Ryan A.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Williams, Clint E.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Makowski, Russell M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Weir, David ThomasDoD Confirmation
09/13/06Shaffer, JeffreyDoD Confirmation
09/13/06Mattingly, Matthew C. DoD Confirmation
09/12/06Perez, Emily J.T.DoD Confirmation
09/11/06Andrews, Harley D.DoD Confirmation
09/10/06Jordan, AlexanderDoD Confirmation
09/09/06Benson, JohnathanDoD Confirmation
09/09/06Seig, Anthony P.DoD Confirmation
09/08/06Gordon, David W.DoD Confirmation
09/07/06Ramsey, David J.DoD Confirmation
09/07/06Montes, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
09/07/06Frassetto, Vincent M.DoD Confirmation
09/06/06Shank, Jeremy R.DoD Confirmation
09/06/06Carroll, John A.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Gutierrez, Marshall A.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Debro, Germaine L.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Walsh, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
09/04/06Valdepenas, Eric P.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Gunterman, Hannah L.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Shoemaker, Jared M.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Merrill, Jason L. DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Andino Jr., Edwin AnthonyDoD Confirmation
09/03/06Madaras, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Henkes II, Richard J. DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Miller, Ryan EdwinDoD Confirmation
09/03/06Johnson, Philip A.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Harris, Shane P.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Dreese, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Porras, Ralph N.DoD Confirmation
09/02/06Alex, EugeneDoD Confirmation
09/01/06Mercado-Velazquez, Angel D. DoD Confirmation
09/01/06Golla, CliffDoD Confirmation
08/31/06Deason, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
08/30/06Hanson, Joshua R.DoD Confirmation
08/30/06Wolfe, Colin JosephDoD Confirmation
08/29/06Warndorf, Christopher Tyler DoD Confirmation
08/29/06Vosbein, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
08/28/06Shannon L. SquiresDoD Confirmation
08/28/06Schneider, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Benson, DarryDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Hansen, Jeffrey J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Almazan, David J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Champlin, Donald E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Jones, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Novak, Shaun A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Lee, QixingDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Jazmine, MoisesDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Smith, TristanDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Cross, KennethDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Dolan, DanDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Hildreth, Seth A.DoD Confirmation
08/26/06Weimortz, David G.DoD Confirmation
08/26/06Zayas, EdgardoDoD Confirmation
08/25/06Pierson, Jordan C.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06Solomon, Gordon GeorgeDoD Confirmation
08/24/06Williams, Dwayne E.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06King, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06Thorne, William E.DoD Confirmation
08/23/06Hirlston, James DanielDoD Confirmation
08/23/06Barbieri, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
08/22/06Darga, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/06Clemmons, Brad A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/06DeRoo, Gabriel G.DoD Confirmation
08/20/06Kenyon, Chadwick ThomasDoD Confirmation
08/20/06Galvez, Adam AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/20/06Newman, Randy LeeDoD Confirmation
08/19/06Quick, Marquees A.DoD Confirmation
08/18/06Villa Jr, Ruben J.DoD Confirmation
08/17/06Arellano, James J.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06Loa, Jeffrey S.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06Glover, Michael DennisDoD Confirmation
08/16/06Phillips, John P.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06McKenna IV, John JamesDoD Confirmation
08/12/06Jenkins, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
08/12/06Zeigler, Kevin L.DoD Confirmation
08/12/06Lloyd, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
08/10/06Long, Jeremy Z.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Brown, Jeffery S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Mennemeyer, Steven P.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Woods, Shane W.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Ramirez, IgnacioDoD Confirmation
08/09/06Jagger, AaronDoD Confirmation
08/06/06Melvin, Tracy L.DoD Confirmation
08/06/06Zamora, JoseDoD Confirmation
08/06/06Clark, Carlton A.DoD Confirmation
08/06/06Seale, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
08/05/06Kubik, Brian J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Segura Jr., Leroy DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Storey, Clint J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Beste, Bradley H.DoD Confirmation
08/03/06Dechen, Kurt EdwardDoD Confirmation
08/03/06Ulloa Jr., George M.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Lee, Marc A.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Tomci, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Jopek, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Laird, Dustin D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/06Hsia, Hai MingDoD Confirmation
07/31/06Ford, JoshuaDoD Confirmation
07/29/06Hanson, JasonDoD Confirmation
07/29/06Baucus, Phillip E.DoD Confirmation
07/29/06Williams, Christian B.DoD Confirmation
07/29/06Butterfield, Anthony E.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Higgins, James W.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Murray, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Sanchez, Enrique HenryDoD Confirmation
07/27/06Roos, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
07/26/06Koth, Edward ADoD Confirmation
07/25/06Graves, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06Castner, Stephen W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06West, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06Samson Jr., Dennis K.DoD Confirmation
07/22/06Swanson, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
07/22/06Russell, Blake H.DoD Confirmation
07/22/06Fargo, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
07/21/06Wallace, Matthew P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/06Pate, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
07/20/06Plowman, Derek J.DoD Confirmation
07/20/06Ramon, Julian A.DoD Confirmation
07/18/06Cayer, Geofrey R.DoD Confirmation
07/18/06Vecchione, Mark RichardDoD Confirmation
07/17/06Baughman, Nathaniel S.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Pugh, Kenneth I.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Smith, Scott R.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Dickinson II, Michael ADoD Confirmation
07/16/06Evey, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
07/15/06Contreras, Andres J.DoD Confirmation
07/15/06Holguin, Manuel J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/06Turner Jr., Thomas B.DoD Confirmation
07/13/06Floyd, Al'KailaDoD Confirmation
07/12/06Tharp, Jerry A.DoD Confirmation
07/12/06Hernandez Jr., Irving DoD Confirmation
07/10/06Dreasky, Duane J.DoD Confirmation
07/09/06Montoya, Damien M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/06Micks, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
07/08/06Linden, Troy CarlinDoD Confirmation
07/08/06Flores, OmarDoD Confirmation
07/03/06Pabla, PaulDoD Confirmation
07/02/06Noyes, JustinDoD Confirmation
07/02/06Mason, Collin T.DoD Confirmation
07/01/06Ware Jr., Carl Jerome DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Muldoon, James P.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Miller, KyleDoD Confirmation
06/29/06Clark, Ryan. J.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Rose, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Luckey, Bryan C.DoD Confirmation
06/28/06Page, Rex A.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Morrow, Jason W.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Wallace, Terry O.P.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Jones, JeremyDoD Confirmation
06/26/06Potocki, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
06/26/06Plouhar, Raymond J.DoD Confirmation
06/26/06Lisk, TerryDoD Confirmation
06/25/06King, Paul N.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Sanchez, Virrueta A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Laymon, Benjamin J.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Norton, Justin DeanDoD Confirmation
06/23/06Singletary, Channing G.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Gibbons, Devon J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Buckley, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Bievre, Mario J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Beyer, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
06/22/06Baker, Riley E.DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Cuaresma, Sirlou C.DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Whyte, Nicholas J. DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Buzzard, Jason J.DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Leon, Christopher D. DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Williams, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Webb, Brandon JDoD Confirmation
06/20/06White, Christopher N.DoD Confirmation
06/17/06Ramirez, Reyes DoD Confirmation
06/17/06Jones, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/06Menchaca, KristianDoD Confirmation
06/16/06Tucker, Thomas LowellDoD Confirmation
06/16/06Koch, Brent W.DoD Confirmation
06/16/06Babineau, David J. DoD Confirmation
06/15/06Santos, Jeremiah S.DoD Confirmation
06/14/06Estrella, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
06/09/06Guerrero, SalvadorDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Alday, Zachary M.DoD Confirmation
06/09/06Slaven, BenDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Zoucha, BrentDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Velez, Jose M.DoD Confirmation
06/08/06McSwain, Clarence D.DoD Confirmation
06/08/06Crabtree, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/08/06Santos, Luis D.DoD Confirmation
06/07/06Vaughan, John ShawDoD Confirmation
06/07/06Crombie, David N.DoD Confirmation
06/07/06Love, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Smykowski, Mark T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Blakley, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Anderson, Andy D.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Pernell, Carlos E.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Sanders, Ryan T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Gionet, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/05/06Lawson, Issac S.DoD Confirmation
06/05/06Rovinski, GaryDoD Confirmation
06/05/06Jaenke, JamieDoD Confirmation
06/03/06Stover, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
06/03/06Harmon, DarrenDoD Confirmation
06/03/06Cummings, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/03/06Tribble, Brett L.DoD Confirmation
05/31/06Mejia, Benjamin E.DoD Confirmation
05/31/06Kolasa, Alexander J.DoD Confirmation
05/30/06Bucklin, Brock L.DoD Confirmation
05/30/06West, Bobby R.DoD Confirmation
05/29/06Loveless, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
05/29/06Funkhouser, James A.DoD Confirmation
05/27/06Garcia, J. AdanDoD Confirmation
05/27/06Doring, Nathanael J.DoD Confirmation
05/27/06Bennett, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
05/26/06Lucas, AdamDoD Confirmation
05/25/06Lufkin, Caleb A.DoD Confirmation
05/25/06Blair, Robert E.DoD Confirmation
05/25/06DiCenzo, Douglas A. DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Hermanson, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Posivio III, Robert G.DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Freund, Steven DoD Confirmation
05/22/06Leusink, William J.DoD Confirmation
05/22/06Christoff Jr., DavidDoD Confirmation
05/21/06Ramirez, Benito A.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Fulks, William B.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Holland, Daniel E.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Cournoyer, NicholasDoD Confirmation
05/18/06Allen Jr., Lonnie Calvin DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Seidel III, RobertDoD Confirmation
05/17/06Deal, Lee HamiltonDoD Confirmation
05/16/06Halsel, Santiago M.DoD Confirmation
05/15/06Flint Jr., Marion DoD Confirmation
05/15/06Dampier, Grant AllenDoD Confirmation
05/14/06Mahaffee, ShaneDoD Confirmation
05/14/06Yearby, Hatak Yuka Keyu M.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Marin-Dominguez Jr., Jose S.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Worrel, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Weeks, Jamie D.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06West, Robert H.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Engeman, John W.DoD Confirmation
05/13/06James, Richard Z.DoD Confirmation
05/13/06Gebur, RonDoD Confirmation
05/12/06Teeters, Brandon L.DoD Confirmation
05/12/06Conboy, Adam C.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Vahaviolos, SteveDoD Confirmation
05/11/06Licalzi, Michael L. DoD Confirmation
05/11/06GramesSanchez, David J.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Burnett, Jason K.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Burkart, Armer N.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Snowberger III, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Clark, Eric D.DoD Confirmation
05/10/06Carbonaro, AlessandroDoD Confirmation
05/09/06Latimer, Aaron P.DoD Confirmation
05/08/06Wagner, Gregory A. DoD Confirmation
05/07/06Legaspi, Emmanuel L. DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Palmer, Cory L.DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Deraps, LeonDoD Confirmation
05/06/06Fenton, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Veverka, David MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/06/06Kelly Jr., Dale James DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Gaylord, Alva L.DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Torres, TeodoroDoD Confirmation
05/05/06Saenz, Carlos N.DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Vacho, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Parker, Elisha R.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Bixler, Stephen R.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Quinton, Bryan L.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Reinke, Gavin B.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Zieske, Benjamin T.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Proctor, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Letendre, Brian S.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Eckhardt, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
05/01/06Moscillo, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
05/01/06Light, Robbie GlenDoD Confirmation
04/29/06Sakoda, Steve M.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Herlem, Bryant A.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Hardy, Brandon M.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Mills, Lea R.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Davis III, Edward G.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Gomez, JoseDoD Confirmation
04/27/06Wall, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/06Webber, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/06Mendez, BobbyDoD Confirmation
04/26/06Ford, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/06Henry, Raymond L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/06Herrema, Richard J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/06Bandonill, Metodio A.DoD Confirmation
04/24/06Simons, Aaron WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/23/06Ehney, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/06Lasswell Jr., Shawn ThomasDoD Confirmation
04/23/06Daniel, Jason B.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Lueken, Eric R.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Zimmerman, Travis C.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Bouthot, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Allcott, Jacob H.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06King, Eric D.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Colnot, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
04/20/06Ramseyer, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
04/19/06Tinnell, Patrick A.DoD Confirmation
04/19/06Settle, Robert J.DoD Confirmation
04/18/06Weikel, Ian P.DoD Confirmation
04/16/06Cubert, Clinton W.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Melcher, Mark W.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Sims, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Winslow, Ryan G.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Mayorga, Pablo V.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Cothran, Derrick J.DoD Confirmation
04/14/06Settle, Darin T.DoD Confirmation
04/13/06Perez, Stephen JosephDoD Confirmation
04/13/06Bachar, SalemDoD Confirmation
04/13/06Waits, Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Glimpse, Marcus S.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Calderon-Ascencio, Roland E.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Bandhold, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Hess, Kenneth D.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Roehl Jr., George R.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Costello III, James F.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Blanco, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
04/10/06Gardner, James W. "Will"DoD Confirmation
04/10/06Lamberson, Randall L.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Love-Fowler, Joseph I.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Collins, David S.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Rogers, Gregory S.DoD Confirmation
04/08/06Martini, Philip JohnDoD Confirmation
04/08/06NavarroArellano, JuanaDoD Confirmation
04/08/06Creighton, Shawn R.DoD Confirmation
04/08/06Missildine, Jody W.DoD Confirmation
04/07/06Waller, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Taylor, Bryan N.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Edwards, Chase A.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Sesker, Daniel L.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Harris, Dustin J.DoD Confirmation
04/04/06Johnson, Ty J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Ehle, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Nettles, Marcques J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Palmisano, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Aguilar Jr., AndresDoD Confirmation
04/02/06Twitchell, Abraham G.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Sandoval-Flores, Felipe D.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Bass, David A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Gallagher, Patrick J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06St. Germain, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Padilla Aleman, GeovaniDoD Confirmation
04/02/06McIntosh, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Kim, Kun Y.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Procopio, Scott J.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Hartwick, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Moshier, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Devora Garcia, IsraelDoD Confirmation
04/01/06Clay, Darrell P.DoD Confirmation
03/31/06Beisel, Jacob WalterDoD Confirmation
03/30/06Duenas, Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
03/30/06Moss Jr., Walter M.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Rowe, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Tharp, Sean D.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Hernandez, RobertDoD Confirmation
03/25/06Carlson, Frederick A.DoD Confirmation
03/23/06McCaulley, Randy D.DoD Confirmation
03/23/06Beery, Brock A.DoD Confirmation
03/21/06McKinzie, Antoine J.DoD Confirmation
03/18/06Barraza, RicardoDoD Confirmation
03/18/06Brehm, Dale G.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Pinson, Amanda N.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Gonzalez, Carlos M.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Yates III, NyleDoD Confirmation
03/15/06Zawaydeh, Angelo A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Silva, Marco A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Dan, Corey A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Lewis, Bryan A.DoD Confirmation
03/12/06Marino (Figueroa), Kristen K.DoD Confirmation
03/11/06Duerksen, Amy A.DoD Confirmation
03/10/06Long, BunnyDoD Confirmation
03/08/06Fry, John D.DoD Confirmation
03/07/06Martone, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
03/07/06Salas Jr., RickyDoD Confirmation
03/06/06Zanutto, Adam O.DoD Confirmation
03/05/06Jessen, Kevin P.DoD Confirmation
03/03/06Snyder, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Youmans, Joshua V.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Merchant, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Priest, Tina M.DoD Confirmation
02/27/06Lewis, Dwayne Peter R.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Pearce, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Schornak, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Humble, Joshua U.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Farr, Clay P.DoD Confirmation
02/25/06Thornton, John JoshuaDoD Confirmation
02/25/06Schuster, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
02/25/06VanAlstine, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
02/24/06Muscat, DimitriDoD Confirmation
02/24/06Powers, Joshua FrancisDoD Confirmation
02/22/06Wilwerth, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Misner II, Gordon F.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Howard II, Curtis T.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Morr, Allan A.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Marion, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Gourley, Gregson G.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Jones, Rickey E.DoD Confirmation
02/21/06Fitzgerald, Almar L.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Collado, Jay T.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Kuhlmeier, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Davila, JessieDoD Confirmation
02/18/06Conley, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
02/18/06Matheny IV, Charles E.DoD Confirmation
02/17/06Garcia, Anthony R.DoD Confirmation
02/17/06Edwards Jr., Amos C.DoD Confirmation
02/14/06Washam, Rusty L.DoD Confirmation
02/14/06Barnes, Matthew RonDoD Confirmation
02/14/06Probst, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Kemple, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Garcia Villareal, Felipe J.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Wilson, NicholasDoD Confirmation
02/09/06Smith, Ross A.DoD Confirmation
02/09/06Chavez Jr., JavierDoD Confirmation
02/07/06Phillips, Steven L.DoD Confirmation
02/07/06Kokesh Jr., Allen D.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Herried, Patrick W.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Schuck, Brandon S.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Spann, Jacob D. "Jake"DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Gerena, OrvilleDoD Confirmation
02/06/06Parr, David S.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Mercedes Saez, Sergio A.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Hayes III, William S.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Morningstar, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Boehmer, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
02/04/06Martinez Salazar, Roberto L.DoD Confirmation
02/03/06Zamora, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
02/03/06Cornett, Lance S.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Cox Jr., Simon T.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Messer, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Howard II, Walter B.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Cardelli, Sean T.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Owens, Anthony ChadDoD Confirmation
02/01/06Viglienzone, Caesar S.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Bustamante, Marlon A.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Avery, Garrison C.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Schoff, Brian J.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Herrera, David L.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Barbosa, Felipe C.DoD Confirmation
01/27/06Lopez Lopez, Hugo R.DoD Confirmation
01/25/06Johnson, Joshua AllenDoD Confirmation
01/25/06Durbin Jr., Jerry M. "Michael"DoD Confirmation
01/24/06Miles, Sean H.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Wagler, Peter D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Chase, Lance M.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Scott, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Calapini, Lewis T. D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Hunter, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
01/22/06McElroy, BrianDoD Confirmation
01/22/06Norton, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Arrelano Pandura, CarlosDoD Confirmation
01/20/06Dewey, Brandon ChristopherDoD Confirmation
01/20/06Frantz, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Yazzie, Clifton J.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Flanagan, Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Scott, RickeyDoD Confirmation
01/17/06Shepherd, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
01/16/06Garcia, Ruel M.DoD Confirmation
01/16/06Kenyon, Rex C.DoD Confirmation
01/15/06Kendall, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
01/15/06Dudkiewicz, Kasper AllenDoD Confirmation
01/14/06Watts, Justin J.DoD Confirmation
01/13/06Jordan, Michael AnthonyDoD Confirmation
01/13/06Price, Jonathan KyleDoD Confirmation
01/13/06Jackson, Kyle E.DoD Confirmation
01/13/06Carver Jr., Mitchell K.DoD Confirmation
01/10/06McMullen, Michael JosephDoD Confirmation
01/07/06Lundstrom, Brett L.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Jacobs, Jeriad P.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Brown, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Camilomatos, RadhamesDoD Confirmation
01/07/06Upchurch, Clinton R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Johnson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Field, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Braswell, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06deMoors, Joseph D.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06LaBouff, Douglas A.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Martinez, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Anderson, Stuart M.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Melson, Jacob E.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Edwards, Michael I.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Troxel, Chester W.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Campbell, Jaime L.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Little, Jason T.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Mercado, RaulDoD Confirmation
01/05/06McCurdy, Ryan S.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Gettings, Albert PasqualeDoD Confirmation
01/05/06Walker, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Lopezreyes, JasonDoD Confirmation
01/05/06McLaughlin, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Cann, Adam LeighDoD Confirmation
01/05/06Mariano, Robbie M.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Peralez Jr., Johnny J.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06White, Stephen J.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Petty, Christopher P.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Hecker III, William F.DoD Confirmation
01/01/06Bishop, Jason LeeDoD Confirmation
01/01/06Vanderhorn, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation

 * 10 names were left off this list pending notification of next of kin.