About Ken Sutherland


Ken Sutherland is a native New Yorker, now living in Texas, where he spends time juggling several careers. Ken is an award-winning composer for film and television and an accomplished artist who designs and installs murals for businesses and residences. He and his team recently completed the largest mural in Texas (almost 10,000 square feet). Partnered with two Hollywood heavyweights, Ken is currently raising capital to produce six feature films through their independent production company, BFS Entertainment.

The first of these films, RECKONING, is in development.


Ken also scored the award-winning film Savannah Smiles, which to this day ranks with some of the best all-time family classics.

Sutherland spent the requisite 10 years in Hollywood doing films and TV before returning to Texas to continue writing, painting, and chasing his wife of fifteen years around the house. He recently finished co-writing and producing a CD with gospel artist, Benita Arterberry Burns and he composed an original score for the documentary “Dancing With Torah” for director Robert Curry and the Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Center.  

E-mail: bfscine@swbell.net, murals@swbell.net. Phone: (214) 321-7002.

Ken holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Case Western University


Want to know more about RECKONING? 



Fourteen year-old ALBIE STONE, strong, slender and athletic and his two pals, NORBERT RICHTER, a quick witted, nerdy genius and LEONARD OLSON, a good natured, heavy set clown are spending the summer together and exploring one of their favorite haunts, a mysterious cave just outside of their hometown of Bedford, Oklahoma.

The murder of an entire family in a neighboring town has cast a pall over the community but the boys are determined to enjoy their time away from school and isolate themselves from their bully "friends".  Only ALBIE possesses the strength and determination to stand up to the constant taunts of TOMMY NELMS and LARRY JASON.

ALBIE’s hair trigger temper is inherited from his Vietnam War veteran fighter pilot father, ERIC STONE.  Partly to work out the rage within him and partly to "romance" the slightly older MARY SUE DOWNEY, ALBIE enjoys running across the Oklahoma countryside with this equally athletic and captivating young lady.

While at the caves the boys meet a Native American, KILLBIRD, who ultimately wins their confidence and teaches them much about the true history of his people and the importance of the caves.  There is something, however, very unusual about this new friend. 

The mass murderer strikes again but this time he is caught and community life returns to normal.

One afternoon the bullies attack Norbert and ALBIE retaliates violently only to draw the ire of his Dad.  GLORIA STONE, (ALBIE’S Mom) and ERIC have different views of the need for physical confrontation and ALBIE is caught in the middle.  Conversations with his Dad and with KILLBIRD make ALBIE even more sensitive about the nature of his inner turmoil.

The final dramatic conclusion is played out at the caves when FRANK DIGGART, the killer, suddenly and violently reappears and draws ALBIE and KILLBIRD into a deadly struggle that polarizes the community and forever binds the spirits of the ancient warrior and his pupil.

While this film has moments that are warm and filled with wonderful kid humor it will be spiritual, mystical... and incredibly scary.



Genre:     Coming of age thriller with a strong mystical element.  

Log Line:  In that awkward summer between being a kid and becoming a young man, a boy confronts a serial killer and an ancient Indian spirit . . . and discovers the warrior that dwells within him

Budget:    $6.25 MM

Director:   Steve Feke

Story:      Arvin Short

Script:      Steve Feke

Producers: Jim Beshears, Ken Sutherland and John Thompson

 Profiles of  Production Principals:   

Steve Feke (Writer/Director) Credits include: “When A Stranger Calls”, “Mac And Me”, “Keys To Freedom", “Papa Was A Preacher”, “Dark Shadows”, “Missing Persons”, “Hawkeye”, “The Profiler”, “Beastmaster”, Flatlands”, etc. (Writer and/or Executive Producer): “Keys To Freedom”, “Papa Was A Preacher” (Director). Executive Producer/Head Writer for “Kojak”, USA Network television series starring Ving Rhames

Jim Beshears (Co-Producer) Credits include: “Shrek” “Forces of Nature”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Prince of Egypt”, “Amistad”, “Rocky V”, “Tango And Cash”, “Lock Up”, “The Comfort Of Strangers”, “Days Of Thunder”, “Witches Of Eastwick”, “Coming To America”, “Oscar”, “The Fugitive”, “Blue Chips”, “Beverly Hills Cop 3”, etc.

Currently: Head of Animation Postproduction for DreamWorks SKG.

Ken Sutherland (Co-Producer) Credits as film composer and songwriter include: “Savannah Smiles”, “Papa Was A Preacher”, “Dark Before Dawn”, “Shadows on the Wall”, “Big Bad John”, “Black Rider”, etc. Written and produced songs for recording artists such as Marty Robbins, Lee Greenwood, Red Steagall, etc..

Currently: Composing film score for feature length documentary, “Dancing With Torah” for the Holocaust Center and writing and producing record albums in Dallas while directing development of BFS Entertainment.

John Thompson (Co-Producer) Film credits include “The Baby     Sitters”, “Chain of Command”, “The Comfort of   Strangers”, “Hercules”, etc. (over 50 film production credits for films produced domestically and overseas).
Currently: Executive Producer for Nu Image Films in partnership with Millennium Pictures.

Combined List of Film and Television Credits  Of Production Principals

            Beastmaster (TV)
            Beverly Hills Cop 3
            Big Bad John
            Blue Chips
            Chicken Run
            Dark Before Dawn
            Days of Thunder
            Dying Young
            Flatlands (TV)
            Glimmer Man
            Hadley’s Rebellion
            Hawkeye (TV)
            Innocent Blood
            Keys To Freedom
            Kojak (TV 2005)
            Little Giants
            Mac ‘N Me
            Missing Persons (TV)
            Murder at 1600
            Night Stalker
            Papa Was A Preacher
            Poltergeist III
            Purple Rain
            Rocky V
            Savannah Smiles
            Saving Private Ryan
            Shadows on the Wall
            Shrek I and II
            Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron
            Star Wars
            Tango and Cash
            The Fugitive
            The Prince of Egypt
            The Profiler (TV)
            The Quick and the Dead
            The Road to El Dorado
            The Stupids
            When A Stranger Calls
            While You Were Sleeping
            Witches of Eastwick