Screenplay by Steve Kayser

 An experiment to electromagnetically tap the sun's power goes awry, triggering the long-prophesied apocalyptic terrestrial pole shift.

Three separate but intricately intertwined groups of people struggle to survive the unsurvivable. Successful losers, Nico Viracocha (who was busy robbing a bank at the time) and Rocky Benben (inventor of the world's coolest wheelchair) make a terrifying 90-mile flight for their lives on a gyrocopter to the underground compound of a disgraced prophet, (Nico's father) who's zero for two in predicting the end of the world.

Space Shuttle Commander Judy Hathor fights to regain control of the experiment and live on to bring the Space Shuttle home – sans instrumentation – to a devastated world. Another group is temporarily saved as a mysterious tunnel opens underneath the right paw of the Sphinx. They race inside, and mysteries unwind.

The earth falls.

Stops its rotation.

An off-the-scale Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) containing billions of tons of hydrogen and helium from the Sun hurtles toward Earth.

Big problem.

The earth's magnetic field normally protects it from the radiation and blast effects of a CME.

No rotation + no magnetic field = no protection. The end of humanity?

Maybe ... maybe not, because magnetite, a natural magnet, has been found in the human brain. Scientists have never been able to explain it. When the earth's rotation restarts, the magnetic field is reversed. And?

Magnetite is there for a reason.

Sky on fire, mile-high molten magma tsunami's, oceanfront property in Cincinnati. “Wild Ride” is in the vein of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with similar dramatic elements of “Titanic.”  It’s a fast-moving, dramatic story of survival, rebirth, indomitable spirit, and the cyclical nature of life.

A NASA Scientist reviewed the plot premise and found it within acceptable, hard-science literary license. 

Contact info: Steve Kayser SKBIGM@GMAIL.COM.