English 2:   

    Pluralism, Coming of Age,

    and the American Dream

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    Course Syllabus 

    We will be exploring American literature in this course with a focus on American culture and some of the problems created by pluralism.  (The only exception being Macbeth.)We will also discuss the concept of the American Dream, ongoing power struggles in culture that affects choices made by individuals and groups within society.  All of this discussion will be linked to modern day issues. 


    Vocabulary:    All students are using the Wordly Wise 3000 series.  Vocabulary will be reviewed daily.  Students will have daily homework on their weekly list and a weekly test.  As part of the vocabulary program students will also be learning common word parts

    Grammar:  Grammar will be reviewed regularly based on student needs.

    Journals:  Students will work on writing daily in their journals on various topics.  Students may be asked to write about their independent reading books or other topics as a focus for class discussion using the John Collins Writing Program.  We may also develop specific writing pieces for student portfolios or compose in-class essays to help students feel comfortable with their writing skills.  Students will be exposed to various aspects of the writing process and may seek help from a trusted adult or peer from time to time to review this work.

    Independent Reading:  Each student will be expected to read 1 book outside of class during each quarter and keep an independent reading journal on specific topics.  We will devote the first fifteen minutes of class to independent reading.  During the quarter students might be asked to discuss and share their journal or reading in class.  Students should be prepared to present what they have read along with their questions or thoughts in class at the end of each quarter as part of a book project.  This is the one activity students have enjoyed tremendously in years past.

    Assessment:  Your grade in this class will be based on meeting the criteria for homework, class work, and class participation.  Parents do have the opportunity to receive a regular emailed progress report as soon as the form providing authorization is signed.

     Additional Coursework

    Written Assignments:  All class work should be completed on time.   This means work will not be accepted after the due date and the assignment grade will be zero.  Exceptions will be those of you who have: (1) spoken to me ahead prior to the due date, or (2) you have been absent for an extended period of time and have three days to make up the work.

    All assignments will be typed or written neatly in blue or black ink on white paper only.  Do not use any other colors or the assignment will not be accepted.  If I can’t read your work it will not be accepted.

    Please put your name, current date, block number and assignment name in the top right hand corner of all completed work.  This will help me to identify your work no matter where it is located.

    Academic Dishonesty

    Cheating:  It is expected that most of you will be able to write using your own words.  Do not copy someone else’s work. Anyone caught being dishonest about their work will receive a zero grade.

    Citations:  Anyone consulting the Internet for information should be sure to cite sources properly if using a Website as a resource.  It is not acceptable to take information directly from the Internet and use it in work without giving credit to the source.  If you are caught doing this it is equivalent to plagiarism and a zero grade will be given for the assignment. 

    Attendance/ Tardiness:  Attending school is important to your success in this class.  If you do not show up you will have difficulty keeping up with the class.  I follow the BUHS policy surrounding attendance and tardiness.  If you are absent for any reason you have 3 school days to make up the assignments.  After this time work will not be accepted. 

    If you miss class for any reason it is your job to contact a classmate to get the assignment or to see me before or after class.  This includes assignments that are due while you are out.  It is expected you will hand them in upon returning to school or have them left in my mailbox if I am not available.

    Class Cuts:  Anyone cutting class will not be permitted to make up any missed work as part of the BUHS policy. All assignments will be entered as a zero in the grade book.  I will speak to people individually about this should the problem arise.  Disciplinary action will be taken for excessive tardiness.  This will involve a phone call to parents as well as office intervention. 

    Classroom Behavior:  The rules of common courtesy apply in the classroom.  Students should speak respectfully to one another.  This includes using the appropriate tone and language when speaking.  The classroom should be a safe place for students to share and feel comfortable working together.                 

    Additional Help:  If you discover you are falling behind or need help for any reason, please feel free to contact me right away.  The sooner problems can be addressed the better it is for both of us. I will be in Room 206 for anyone who has concerns about their academic performance or questions about assignments.  If you don’t understand something or feel you need assistance with assignments don't hesitate to make an appointment to see me after school in Room 206 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or most days).  If you let me know ahead that you want to meet I can make sure I am available at a specific time or on a specific day.


     Of Mice and Men

     by John Steinbeck

     House on Mango Street

     by Sandra Cisneros


     The Great Gatsby 

    by F. Scott Fitzgerald




     The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger