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Email:  Dianne_Skawski-Pride@wsesu.org                          Phone: (802) 451-3710

Welcome to my website!  The purpose of this site is to provide information on the courses being taught each semester.  You will be able to find  this information by clicking on the links above.  Each page is designed to help any student working on the course material to find information about the course, books, or extra resources.   

Nightly homework will be posted on the individual sites and along with links to necessary information for completing assignments.  If you have any difficulty with any of the links or difficulty in finding information, please use the email address above to let me know so I can problem solve.  

With the Common Core Standards being the main focus of learning as we prepare students for the 21st Century, some of the links might include resources on using technology.  Technology is the way of the future and our aim is to help students achieve success by knowing how to use it to enhance their learning experience as they prepare to go to college or head out into the work force.

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