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Disclaimer – The characters in the following works of fiction do not belong to me.  They are owned by their creators, studios, production companies, etc. but at no point do I assert any claim over them.  No infringement is intended and, sadly, no profit is made.  Besides, if they were mine you’d be watching these stories instead of reading them.


Warning – Some of the following works of fiction contain adult material.  Please do not read if you are under 18, the subject matter is illegal in your community, or you find material of this nature offensive.





Angel the Series

Angel/Cordelia Fanfiction 

Update: 2/11/07

Love Long Denied: Part Two



Chloe/Lex Fanfiction 

Update: 10/5/07

What You Don't Know...: Part Eleven 

Update: 9/30/07

What You Don't Know...: Part Ten 

Update: 9/27/07 

 What You Don't Know...: Part Nine

Update: 7/13/07 

Not the First Time