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Stories marked with an * denote 'Beige Angel' stories.  They involve a somewhat darker version of Angel.  Be warned.

If you find that you enjoy these stories, you would probably like TIO which includes a Beige Angel forum.


False Claims  (NC-17)  WIP – 159,000 words (halfway complete)

Summary:  In order to secure his position on the Hellmouth, Angelus is forced to claim Cordelia.  Connected against their wills, how will they handle this bond and how will it affect the rest of the gang? Based on a challenge by Impress.  (BtVS Seasons 2/3)


 Too Little, Too Late  (NC-17)  WIP – 8,700 words

Summary:  The Powers That Be tire of Angel’s on again off again view of his duty as Champion to his Seer.  After yet another brush with death in his absence they send Cordelia a new Champion (not Groo).  Based on a challenge by Impress.  (AtS Season 3)


Love Long Denied (NC-17)  WIP – 18,700 words

Summary:  Cordelia comes out of her coma hurt and angry over everything that had happened.  She’s determined to leave Angel behind for good, but the former Champion is going through a “dark period” and doesn’t plan to let the beautiful brunette go any time soon.  Based on a challenge by Califi.  (AtS Season 5)


Mix & Match  (PG13)  Complete – 6,700 words

Summary:  The AtS Season 5 episode You’re Welcome in AtS Season 2 during Angel’s beige period.


My offsite A/C fics 

If you're at all interested in A/C I'd strongly encourage you to take a look around these wonderfuls sites when you're done.  They're filled with wonderous A/C resources far superior to these simple stories.


Indisputable*  (NC-17) Complete – 10,600 words

Summary:  For Califi’s birthday.  A different take on the "Don't make me move you" scene in Reprise.  (AtS Season 2)

Inevitable*  (sequel to Indisputable)  (NC-17) Complete – 15,800 words

Summary:  Angel makes good on his promise to come back for Cordelia.  (AtS Season 2)

| Part One | Part Two

Invaluable (sequel to Inevitable)  (NC-17) –

Coming Soon


Lessons in Love  (NC-17)  WIP -

Summary:  After Epiphany Angel finally knows what he wants.  Only Cordelia's just as certain that she wants the exact opposite.  Can Angel use one season, one class room, and one religious studies course to teach his seer some lessons in love?  Written for the Angel’s Oasis Fall Fic Festival.  (AtS Season 2/3)

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | 


Life’s a Picnic  (PG13)  Complete – 8,500 words

Summary:  Angel rescues Cordelia from a date gone wrong and learns
there's more to this sort-of-Scooby then he'd ever dreamed.  Written for the Fire Still Burns – Angel’s Oasis .  (BtVS Season 3)