For updated info please see our NEW WEB SITE   www.skateinfred.com

  • Mon-Thur (until school is out for Christmas Break) 4:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Mon-Thur while school is on Christmas Break  10:00am - 10:00pm
  • Fridays & Saturdays 10am - 10pm
  • Sundays 1pm - 8pm

Click HERE to see our volunteer sign-up calendar.  This is a shutterfly.com share site and may require you to sign up (it takes just seconds to put in your email and create a password....it's such a useful site in general and it's FREE....so I highly recommend setting up an account for your own uses anyway!)
The password is skate.  All you do is find the slot that you would like to choose.  If it says "Open" then click edit and put in your family name and save.

If you can't see it, it's because we haven't yet added you to our email access list.  Just send a quick email to tammy@tearosequilts.com and write "Eisbahn Volunteer" in the subject line, and we'll GLADLY add you.  It's VERY simple and VERY easy!  Once we've added you, you will be able to edit our Shutterfly Calendar page and give input.  If you have any trouble getting through it, just call me at 830-992-9659 and I'll walk you through or sign you onto the volunteer schedule myself.  This new technology is a challenge for all of us but we think we're about to get a handle on it.....and it can do AMAZING things!   THANKS!

         Please note that signing up as a volunteer means you will provide a total of FOUR volunteers to cover that shift. You may include children
if they are 6th grade or older.   We always have one paid staff member present to help volunteers know what to do.  If you can only sign up for one or two people that is great too....just notate it when you type in your name so that others can see we may still have a need.

        Welcome to our new Eisbahn ("ice rink" in German) Wiki....a place to share photographs, wish lists, jobs to be done, progress.....all things Eisbahn!  Eisbahn is an annual outdoor ice skating event held annually from Thanksgiving weekend through the first weekend in January.  2008 marks Eisbahn's fourth anniversary but its first year under the new ownership of Heritage School.  You can learn more about Heritage School by visiting our website at www.heritage-school.net.   In honor of the original purpose of Eisbahn, Heritage School will also be making a yearly donation of a portion of the proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

        We have been blessed by so much interest and support from Heritage families as well as community volunteers!  The constant willingness to help has prompted us to create a central site where supporters can view photos, sign up to volunteer, track our progress and make suggestions.  Please join in and become an active part.  This Wiki is for all who want to see Eisbahn succeed and grow.  Our school alone has over 100 families.  It can be difficult for our small committee to know who has a talent they would be willing to share or items they would like to donate.  We believe "The more, the merrier"....so join in the fun!

        Never used a Wiki before?  Neither had we!  Just check out:   http://commoncraft.com/video-wikis-plain-english

        You will be an expert in only three minutes, fifty-two seconds!  Just click "Edit" before making changes to any page.  The page, in fact, is already a live document.  Just place your cursor on it anywhere and type and you'll see!    Then just hit save at the top left above the word "Home" or cancel if you were just experimenting!

        Please look along the left side of this page under Navigation to see all the subpages.  Click on each page for more information and to give us your thoughts on these other subjects by using the same "edit & save" functions.  Create your own subpage with your thoughts.  You can do it!  If it doesn't look right, just hit cancel!  Remember, it's just "Edit" button, type what you want and hit "Save."  You HAVE watched the tutorial,  right?