The Universe as quantum computer game - a personal point of view

The most precise description of the universe that modern physics has to offer is the weird theory of quantum mechanics (QM). As Feynman, the man who put it all in order and made the theory working and comprehensible, put it "No one understands quantum mechanics. Not even me."


That has changed nowadays. As a matter of fact, I found that computer scientists have way better understanding of QM than physicists. There is a more modern "computationable" correct point of view on QM called quantum information theory (QIT).


What QIT simply says is that reality is describable with the weird concept of quantum information. All fundamental particles, atoms, molecules, life, even intelligence can be described with quantum information in enough qubits. The fundamental laws of the universe just move and transform that quantum information around in space and time. What's really weird is that those fundamental laws are symmetric in all dimensions, time included. All fundamental physics laws are time-reversible. For example, matter travels only "forward" in time, while antimatter is nothing more than matter traveling "backwards" in time.


Let's look at that from computer science perspective. Computation, as Mike Acton is very vocal about, is nothing more than moving and transforming data/information around. So you can say that the universe is nothing more than a huge computer, quantum computer, that performs time-reversible computation over reality (quantum information).


Reality is a huge quantum computer simulation. A quantum computer game.


What about life? Well, our bodies are made from matter. And matter, as we know, goes only forward in time. That's why we, humans, experience the "arrow of time" only going in one direction even though fundamental laws are time-reversible and the simulation is going both ways time wise. It's our material bodies that move "forwards" in time in this simulation. That's why our bodies age and die eventually.


So is teleportation or time travel possible, if all fundamental laws are time reversible? Well, there's another rule that Einstein found in his theory of relativity. Roughly, "No (quantum) information can be moved faster than the speed of light in vacuum c.". I think that human teleportation or communication backwards in time would break this rule in some non-obvious way. It's probably still possible but only locally in time and space in some clever ways.


From my point of view, life is just a game. A short quantum computer game to play and enjoy. Nothing serious, nothing fundamental, not necessary any meaning attached to it. 


Just a fun game.