Idiot-proof companies

When you get a job you have to prove yourself. Prove what? Prove that you're not an idiot. Prove that you're good at doing your job.

Companies are idiot-proof for the most part.

Well, how come idiots survive in companies? The same way they survive everywhere - they hide. They become informationally invisible. How?

One way I've seen is going to work 9 to 5 straight. Never be late, never ask questions or cause trouble. When being asked how's everything going, they answer "fine" and make up a random bullshit. Those are easy to piss off if you start asking about details and you have a good bullshit detector.

Another kind are man-agers. (Note the subtle difference between managers and man-agers. Good manager is a bliss to work with.) They become invisible from above by just passing team's successes as their own. They also can sweet talk creative people and put them to sleep. It's easy by making the right kind of bullshit. They also make problems themselves and then "resolve" them. Like "lack of communication" is an often used excuse to drown creative working people with meetings. But they also suck at that and usually meetings lack key people and direction. They just waste company time and money.

That's a universal feature of people who lack creativity. They make themselves look creative by being destructive. And describe their actions as positive.

But, as Feynman put it, "You cant fool nature." And nature is idiot-proof.

Well you can but only locally in time. Certainly not in the long run.