Dr Sahar Najib Kharrufa ... د سهر نجيب خروفة


Architect and Academic

Expert on energy loads and sustainability in Middle East countries; as well as University design and planning

A career of over 35 years is a long time. Its amazing what you can do in it. As an Architect and designer I designed over 250 projects. As an Academic I taught over 1000 students, undergraduates as well as post graduates, in three different universities. As a researcher I have published 27 papers to date on subjects covering university design, CAD, and green buildings.

I am presently a Professor at the University of Ajman in the Department of Architecture. I am teaching several subjects including design, working drawing, Building services, Architectural Practice, and graduation projects.

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Curriculum Vitae

Brief information:
1. PhD in Architecture from University of Bath, UK. Academic specialization "Design and planning of University Buildings".
2. Professor of Architecture in the Department of Architecture, Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST).
3. 26 published papers in English and Arabic; supervised 20 MSc and one PhD theses and participated in the exam of around 50.
4. Designed around 250 projects in four different countries.
5. Proficient in many CAD programs and computers in general, very good freehand drawing capabilities, semi-pro photographer.


• 1985 PhD from University of Bath, UK. Title of Thesis, “Utilization of student activities in the planning of universities and polytechnics”.
• 1979 Msc in Architecture from University of Baghdad. Head of class during courses. Title of Thesis “Planning the University of Mosul”.
• 1971 BSc in Architecture. Head of class in final year, 4th on average of all five years from a class of 33.

Employment List

Research officer in Building Research Center, Science Research Council, Baghdad. Responsible for CAD lab, the first in Iraq. Finished 13 papers mainly on CAD and educational facilities..

Senior engineer in Fao General Establishment, Baghdad. The establishment was at that time the largest construction firm in Iraq specializing in industrial projects. Participated in the design of several large projects including:
1. Seamless steel tube fabrication plant in Basrah. 
2. Ishtar4 steel mill in Basrah. 
3. Ninivah drugs plant in Ninevah. 
4. Member of design team responsible for reconstructing Baghdad’s suspended bridge, which was damaged during 1990 gulf war.

1991 to 2006
Member of faculty in the Department of Architecture in the University of Technology, Baghdad. 
1. Awarded title of Associate Professor in 1997.
2. Member of “Post-graduate Studies Committee” from 1993-2006.
3. Head of “Design Section” for undergraduate studies 2005-2006.
4. Head of Computer lab in Department 1992-2006.
5. Taught postgraduate courses on “Computers in Architecture”, “Research methods” and “Advanced Architectural Design” since 1985 in both Universities of Baghdad and Technology. 
6. Published 6 papers while in department mostly in the fields of environmental design, educational buildings, and beauty in architecture.
7. Supervised around 20 MSc students and one PhD.
8. Member of examining committee for 6 PhD students and around 50 MSc.
9. Head of architectural design group for fifth grade for ten years, third grade three years, and fourth grade one time. This was for the period 1992-2006.
10. Head of Design Section for postgraduate studies 2002-2006.

1988 to 2008
Managing Director and Head of Architectural division in “Bureau of Contemporary Design”, Baghdad. Leading Iraqi firm in Engineering Consulting and Computer applications in Engineering. Were first to introduce CAD on microcomputers in 1988 and later were the first to introduce photorealistic imaging of buildings by computer in 1992. Participated in almost every major engineering and building project in Iraq between 1991 and 1994 when economy dropped. Presently dormant for security reasons. Main projects during active period include:

1. Design of Brigaide size Housing city for Iraqi Army during army service with Corps of Iraqi Engineers. 10000 capacity with complete facilities and services. Includes schools, shopping recreation etc.1979.
2. Design of 200 large villas and houses between 1985-2007.
3. Design of 12 commercial buildings which include shopping stores on ground floor and offices on 2nd and 3rd in all parts of Iraq between 1988 and 2005.
4. Recreational center for “union of industrialists” in Baghdad 1989
5. Design of extension for Abdul-Majid Hussain Hospital in Karrada. Addition of 24 more beds and extra floor. 1999.
6. Participation in work on Saddam Grand mosque 1996 (20000 capacity).
7. Participation on work on “Alrahman” Grand mosque 1996 (10000 capacity).
8. Albasis tourist center in Libya on the Mediterranean. a city of 5000 tourists capacity which includes residential houses, apartments, and shaleighs for living quarters. Recreational facilities include golf course, Olympic size swimming pool, water sport activities, racing track, and equestrian activities. services included multiple shopping facilities and several restaurants and cafes. Gas station, bus station, administrative compound and residence (1994-1996)
9. Participation in the design of presidential residence in Babel, 1995.
10. Design of “Octopus house” . A house in the shape of an octopus, on a man made island on Tigris, 1995.
11. Shop drawings for “Salam” presidential palace in Baghdad 1995.
12. Shop drawings for a large number of presidential projects between 1993 and 1996.
13. Adnan Kharalla Mosque, 1993. A small mosque of 400 capacity. Is one of the most beautiful and complicated architectural projects ever undertaken in Iraq. The mosque is in the shape of an eight sided star which declines in three steps vertically to create a very complex 3D shape.
14. Guest house for Arabian Company for Chemical Products. 10 sweets and office and recreational facilites. 2000m2 in 1999.
15. Design of Teachers College in University of Diala, 2001.
16. Design of two residential complexes for staff in Diala University, 2001.
17. Design of Industrial Pharmacy College for University of Mustansiriyah in 2001.
18. Design of 200 bed Maternity Hospital for submission as part of bid for construction to the Ministry of Health. 2001.
19. Design of master plan for Babel University for expansion from 10000 to 20000, 2002. 
20. Design of Colleges of Physical Education in University of Babel, 2001.
21. Design of College of Education in University of Babel. 2002.
22. Design of Department of Systems and Control in University of Technology. 2003.
23. Design of Department of Materials in University of Technology, 2002.
24. Design of Baghdad Olympic Stadium in Tadji area for Yiltas Contracting Co. in Turkey. 80000 capacity and 65% roofing and advanced media and spectator services. 2003.
25. Masterplan for University of Ramadi, 2006.
26. Masterplan for Univesity of Fallujah, 2006.
27. Design of seven primary and secondary schools for the Ministry of Education in Iraq, financed by the World Bank, in Mosul, Amarah and Baghdad, 2006-2007.
28. Design of three residential villas in Amman, each between 800-1100m2 in area.
29. Design of residential complex containing five villas in Amman on plot area of around 3000m2, 2007.
30. Design of residential multistory building in Amman, Jubaiha containing 10 apartments each around 190m2. 2007.

Founder, Partner and Technical chief of “CBuilding” Contracting Company.
1. Designed and supervised building of around 60 residential houses of various sized (300-3000m2 plot area). Also built three commercial buildings. A further 15 projects are currently under construction with another 10 undergoing design and preparation for construction. 
2. Design of Rehabilitation for 35 schools in Anbar province. 2004-2005.
3. Design of rehabilitation for 29 Railway stations in Anbar Province. 2004.
4. Partial design of rehabilitation for Baghdad Central Railway station. 2004.
5. Design of Almaha Rice Factory in Baghdad for Almaha Distribution. Large 8000m2 facility in Jurf Alnadaf. 2005.

Professor of Architecture at Ajman University of Technology, Department of Architecture
1. Program Director of Post Graduate Studies. Recently received accreditation for an MSc Program in “Architecture and Urban Studies”.
2. Published eight papers while at the University.
3. Taught Graduation I and II, Design II, Urban Design, Lighting and Acoustics, Working Drawing II, CAADII, and Advanced CAAD.
4. Supervision of Ajman Academy School construction in Ajman.
5. Design and supervision of sport hall and swimming pool for Ajman University.

• Speak native English, was raised up in Utah in the USA when my father was studying for his PhD.
• Skilled with the use of the computer in general. Can operate Autocad, 3DS Max, Autodesk Architectural Desktop, Microsoft office, Photoshop, Corel Draw. Used to give courses on using all of these programs. 
• A serious amateur photographer using both digital and film equipment.
• Have always been the best in my school in freehand drawing. 

For students:   Kharrufastudents@gmail.com

All others:     skarrufa@gmail.com

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