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Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

View our photo gallery at picasa:

photo albums of Skagway Bird Club

Photos that members send through our email listserve are added to the picasa photo albums.  If you would like to share a photo:

-- If you are already a member of our email listserve, you can embed or attach your photos.  Remember that some people have slow internet connections, so please keep your image file sizes to 200kb or less.

-->If you take photos with your smartphone, there is usually an "email" setting that will automatically resize your image to a small file size.
-->If you don't have an easy app to downsize your images, just email them to me ( sbc@aptalaska.net) and I can quickly resize them and post for you.

-- If you are not a member of our email listserve   email your images with text and I'll post them for you (and invite you to join!)