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Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

      View our photo gallery at Flickr:   photo albums of Skagway Bird Club

scroll down here for some tips on how to use the Flickr site

     How to add photos to our photo gallery:

Photos that members send through our email listserve are added to the Flickr photo albums. 

-- If you are already a member of our email listserve, you can embed or attach your photos.  Remember that some people have slow internet connections, so if possible, please keep your image file sizes to 300kb or less, usually about 800pixels on the longer side.

-->If you take photos with your smartphone, there is usually an "email" setting that will automatically resize your image to a small file size.
-->If you don't have an easy app to downsize your images, just email them to me (sbc@aptalaska.net) and I can quickly resize them and post for you.

-- If you are not a member of our email listserve, send your images with text  to sbc@aptalaska.net and I'll post them for you (and invite you to join!)

-- If you are a member of Flickr, add your images to our Flickr group:  "Skagway AK birds"

-- If you would like to directly upload photos by email, contact me at sbc@aptalaska.net and I'll set that up for you.

      Some tips on using our Flickr site


Albums are grouped by year.  Click once to open the album.    

    The default display is poorly formatted, to see the photos in a better layout, click the
    center icon in the upper right corner.
    Hover the mouse cursor over a photo, and you will see its title.
    Click once on a photo to see a larger version with more information.

Photostream shows all photos without grouping.

Groups shows one group:  "Skagway AK birds" - this is where other Flickr users
may link their photos to ours.


In photostream view, to search only within our site, click on the magnifying glass icon above
the photostream display (not the one at the top of the page), the words "Skagway Bird
Club | Photos" with a blue background will be inserted at the top of the page. Add your search
term to the right.

In album view or in the "Skagway AK birds" group, to search only within our site,
use the search box near the center top of the page. Enter "skagwaybirdclub" as a search item, insert a space, then add other search items.
         for example:  "skagwaybirdclub A.Beierly" will show all photos taken by Andrew Beierly
         for example:  "skagwaybirdclub crow" will show all photos with the word crow attached to them