About Us

Skagit Valley Roller Derby was founded in 2012 by Big Butt Light AKA Biggie and Coach Bait, who wanted to start a new flat track roller derby league in Skagit County. On September 15, 2012, SVRD held their first practice on the asphalt parking lot of an old lumber yard.   Biggie and League Coach "Bait" quickly recruited their first group girls who were drafted in November of 2012, and will forever be known as the "Original 7".  In 2015, SVRD transitioned to a non-profit organization and continues to help other local non-profit organizations and businesses.


            Skagit Valley Roller Girls is an all woman adult flat track roller derby league consisting of three teams, The SVRG All-stars, The Over Bearings, and The Candidates (better known as the Candi’s).  SVRG’s logo was created to encompass all three teams, and to illustrate the unity of their league.  Because skaters can move from one team to another, depending on their own drive and desires, this all inclusive logo allows fans and skaters to proudly display one logo regardless of that team they currently skate for or follow.  Each part of the logo has a special meaning to SVRG and represents everything that holds brings these three teams together to form Skagit Valley Roller Girls.

            The large star in the background represents the All-star team, the large bearing surrounding the logo represents The Over Bearings, and the red and white stripped bandana on the skater’s helmet represents the Candi’s.   

            The skater in the logo represents our league founder, Big Butt Light AKA Biggie.  The logo on her right arm was the original logo for The Over Bearings, which was the only logo SVRG had for the first two years and was designed by Biggie and her daughter.  The logo on her chest represents our Mother League, Skagit Valley Roller Derby.

            Within the bearing the font used is the same as the original SVRD logo, and each ball bearing within the bearing represent something special.  The bearing between the words Skagit and Valley represent our league coach, Bait, who has been with us since day one.  The other individual ball bearing ball bearing between the words Roller and Girls represents all of our volunteers, which includes our referees, non-skating officials, and all other volunteers.  The remaining 22 ball bearings represent the following: (7) The Original 7 skaters who were initially picked up as Candi’s in November 24, 2012, Big Butt Light, FeeNix,  Germaine Squeeze, JoJo BASHer, Luna Tikka, Miss Quotes, and N~Decent~Xpose~Her, (14) the number of skaters on a bout roster representing the league skaters, whose dedication and love for SVRG has helped us become who we are today, (1) the remaining 1 represents the continued growth of our league and our compassion for each other!

Skagit Valley Junior Derby is a co-ed flat track roller derby league teaching skaters ages 8 through 17 the sport of roller derby.  Keeping the league's Candi Factory theme (Candi being short for Candidate, the Candi Factory is the training program SVRD offers for new skaters) our junior teams were named Smartiez and Runtz.  One of our awesome Team Moms (Kelly, Ginger's Mom) created the logo with a stamp she used to create jerseys for our skaters.  This logo represents the colorful personalities of each of our junior skaters, and their strength and passion to they have to grow and learn.

To find out how you can become a part of Skagit Valley Roller Derby check out our events page or stop in and visit us.