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04/06 -10/06


Why I hope I'm wrong about "god"

On a side note I hope "God" does exist, for this reason alone. Zombie killing. 

    The problem with Power.

        No one has any. To be more specific, no one has the power they want. I believe we all have power, but most of us forget on how small of a scale it is. Here are my three examples of humans power scales.

    Happy Powerlessness

        Maybe we are just blind to it, wether conciously or not. Thinking we have no control over our lives. Imaging a deity at control our every whem. I have a friend who feels this way, though I don't share this, to me he seems almost liberated with this notion. Knowing all is well in his life, because his big brother in the sky is in control, so good or bad he'll be with him someday so everything "down here" is ok. To a degree i must say im  jealous of his take on this. But to me this is a happy slave mentality. I pick massahs fields just as long as i gets me foods. I left the plantation a long time ago. But again ignorance, like arrogance is bliss i guess.

    The MAN  Opression Structure

    On the other hand maybe we do, but we are sickend bye how little we have and denounce it, untill the next teir of power is acheived

  The problem with humans. 

    More often that not, I've been in many conversations about how women do this, and men do that. Usually one sex says the other is to blame for the basic downfall of western civilization.

    The problem with all this, is that people think just cause they have a dick, or a period that makes them 100% the sex they are. People tend to forget that we are all made with a mother and a father. Further more some don't even know that at the basic cell level of creation we we're all at one point female.

    My point here is this, you are not 100% nor even 60% a certain sex. How can a make such a robust claim with not a single shred of evidence. Balls, thats how.

    We can always disagree on everything, but we can never agree that our own phyiscality creates prejudices within us. Making us think we are either weak or stronger because of them. This illusion needs to be shattered because it does nothing but create confusion between the sex's.

     And who I am is not defined by my dick size, hair length, facial structure,or height. Now many drunk females at clubs will tell you otherwise as well would many Nazi doctors. But you'd wouldnt take either of opinions, would you?

What we are is defined by our minds and our personalities. 

But Skab, being whatever sex gives you certain degree of how you think? 


Explain yourself you arrogant douche!  

 Lesbians and gay men.

    Just because your born of a certain sex doesn't mean right off the bat you're going to think a certain way. So it's sheer ignorance to let these ideas give us any  stress.

What ever  do you mean? 

 We all have moments, of sadness, anger, lust, idiocy, brilliance and so forth. But everyone has these. Now to say having tits or balls makes you have more of any certain emotion, intelligence, idea of right or wrong  sounds pretty stupid now doesn't it.

Not at ALL you have proven nothing Shitfucker! I demand more evidence.

Ok O.J. Simpson juror #7 here goes.

Emo kids.

I rest my case.

    Stop blaming your problems and ideas on gender, it's sickening and it's weak.

 We are made from 2 people, so we are in a sense two people, both sex's. Everyman has cried because of a woman, every woman has hit a man. It, like many girls at spring break, goes both ways. So stop feeling weak because your dick is small or better than someone cause you got pussy control. Your shit still smells and you're probably wrong half the time as well. Enjoy.

 - The alphabet of manliness is still cool though..

    Affirmation that estrogen and testosterone exist.

        On one final note a "friend" brought it to my attention that I should bring up these things. So here it is. These things again exists in certain amounts in male and females. Females use it as an exuse and  a scapegoat for there actions. Men use testosterone, as a way to deal with these exuses.  Happy now? >:-)

     Truth is stranger than fiction.

        In the small town of Canton, Mass their is a school that kid's are sent, to help them learn. From the look of the website it looks pretty quaint, calm, and down right inviting. Go ahead check it out. Look's like Grimace shit out the color scheme eh?

        The  Campus excudes bright colors, comfy looking couches, 24/7 surveillance equipment, all for their 150 students. But something sinister lives inside this deceptive cover. 

        This school has been almost shut down on 2 other ocasion's, according to it's own website. Now why would someone want to close a school that helps the lives of 150 disabled children that have no where else to go. Well get ready...


        I'm still trying to digest what I've just read. Aparently this school, think's it's appropriete to "teach" students by using... 

    " The use of skin-shock as a behavior modification treatment procedure is the most widely researched and scientifically supported punishment procedure in the psychological literature.  " -JDR

      I wish i was making this shit up. 

    " Skin shock is not generally used in treatment programs today. This is due to an unfortunate current cultural bias against aversive treatment procedures as well as a general lack of information among the public concerning skin shock’s remarkable effectiveness, its total lack of negative side effects, its safety, and the fact that students often choose it over alternative treatments. " -JDR

           Don't you love how they assume their treatment is flawless, and the  ONLY reason it isn't more widely used is because of "unfortunate current cultural bias".  

        Not because it's inhuman to shock  a person to help them learn.

        Now you must be saying to yourselves this must be a military academy, or some halfway house. Nope sorry, it's actually a school for the "troubled" and the "disabled". That means autistic, mentaly handicapped, children, being tortured and funded with 50$ million yearly from New York state.

         You might also have an objection saying, ok but these things can't be shocking them to badly now. Well here's a pic of the devices they use.








      Now take a close look at that first pic notice anything. ITS ONLY 5 and 1/2 inches long. Notice how BIG that thing is on that CHILD's arm.

        For those who have still thought, hey some people have tried everything skab. Some people don't want their kids on phychotropic drugs. Ok maybe so but i don't know how most parents would react to..

    "electric shocks were administered to students - sometimes as they bathed - for offenses as minor as nagging, swearing and sloppy appearance." 
    - Guardian Unlimited

        There will be much more i have to add to this story just on the principle
    of it. Sorry but yeah. scary shit. So far there is no happy ending, 

        As far as the school says to the authorities, they'd like us to believe these handicapped kids are the ones lying, not the school that's faced allogations of child abuse before....

    - vigilantes this is your time.


     We're #1 We're #1!!! 

     That's right kids america, is seen now as the number one, uno, threat to world peace. We even beat Iran when a study of european we're asked what was a greater threat to world peace


    USA's Iraq Foreign Policy 


    Iran's Nuclear program.


         10 of the 14 countries outside the US surveyed said the war in Iraq had made the world a more dangerous place. 

        Theres much more to this story, but I don't want to just cut and paste statistics and act like I found it out. So here's the link to the full story enjoy.

     -more later unrelated

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