Young Started K9s for sale

If you are interested in a young dog please feel out our puppy/dog application and we will get in contact with you thank you. Green dogs temperament and drive tested for work-ability. Let us help you find a dual purpose or single purpose k9 for you either through are own breeding program or, Imported. Dogs from all levels of power and drive from easy to handle for first time handlers to powerful dogs for more experienced handlers! Pricing, health and working guarantees  will vary depending on individuals, dogs available and your specific needs.  We typically have Dutch & Malinois herder Shepherds available thru us, but we can also help you find Single or Dual Purpose guardian breeds and other suitable breeds if requested. In an email please let us know in the greatest detail what you are looking for, your experience, your price range and, we will see what we can do to help you get a working quality k9. 

We prepare our puppies and young dogs for testing similar to Kevin Sheldahl Selection testing for police service dogs. He is a retired Deputy Sheriff who began training with police service dogs in 1982. He is credentialed k9  Master Instructor, Certifying Official, and Police Dog Judge. Police service dog testing

Dogs 6 months to 1yr.
Testing for k9s level of bite drive, hunt drive, fight drive, pack drive, confidence level, guarding instincts & social skills if needed! Testing is for k9s natural and trainable attributes for public service work ability!! Drive building exercises are offered to help bring out the best in a dog! Our Puppies available around this age are usually priced at $3500 and up. Testing is not limited and will be tailored to the handler and k9.

"Please also note that from birth to about six months of age is a cruical socializing period for your k9 and to expose your k9 positively as much as possiable to their enviroments at this age.  It is also best that forced training not be applied at this age to help a dog have more confidence for serious work! This is the perfect time to practice obedience with treat and game play training."

Things we can also prep and test k9s (about 15 months and older) for include but not limited to Vehicle apprehension, Field apprehension, and building searches! Training can be tailored to the handler and k9. Please read our K9 prospects for sale page for more details,