To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone about my excellent experience when purchasing a malinois puppy from Marcel and Theresa. After speaking with approximately fifty breeders from all over the United States I was able to locate their ad on the Facebook Working Dogs For Sale Page. Throughout the entire process of deciding where I should purchase my pup which, would be used for law enforcement, both Theresa and Marcel were extremely helpful and communicative. They answered every question I asked in a timely manner and readily sent videos and photos every few days of the pups, so I could pick the right pup for me. This is something most of the other breeders would not take the time to do. After several days of conversation back and forth I decided it was worth my time to fly from Ohio to Washington to purchase my pup. When I arrived I was thrilled to see the pups had been imprinted as promised, had excellent nerves, and confidence. It was obvious Marcel and Theresa were not only very knowledgeable but also very passionate about what they do. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a puppy to speak with them whether you're looking for a top of the line working dog or a family pet. You will not be disappointed.

Respectfull yours,

Edward Ohlemacher

Sandusky Police K9 Handler

Hello there, Sgt Gonzalez here. Just want to say how great this k9 s that I purchased from you for our k9 unit program. Red has been certified in narcotics in just 2months and already Did some drug cases. K9 Bossy is also doing super in his training in narcotics. And now my new k9 Rex is 100percent outstanding in everyway. He is super in his hunt drive and bitework. I just started his narcotic training and he is already hitting the odor awesome. Just letting you know keep up your outstanding program in these outstanding working Malinois. Thanks. Sgt Gonzalez. K9 unit supervisor. 10/27/12

Melvin trained police dogs for the Kansas city police dept- Kodi Trained in Fire detection- I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for your honesty, for the speedy service and professionalism during this transaction. It is becoming rare to find business that is honest I have bought dogs before that I had to have shipped it seems like they ship what they can’t sell in person. Not the case here, the dog was better than you described you sent me a wonderful friend and companion ... Please use me as a reference anytime you need to.. I will buy from you again ... Melvin UPDATE- Hello this is Melvin I bought Kodi from you and you shipped him to me in tulsa ... I wanted to touch base with you on him .. The day I got him home my female started spotting so I breed him to her ...wow 9 of the best pups you ever seen just full of drive etx...he is on loan to the maryville mo. fire dept ..they made a detection dog with him and i can use him for stud i i ever need to ...They are 6 weeks old and so good 2/18/12

I purchased a Malinois puppy from your kennel couple years, and just wanted to give you an update on him. Most amazing energetic intelligent dog ever! I cant praise him enough the crazy drive he has i love it!! I cant picture life with out my Malinois. Thanks again SK9U you guys are great! From: "Dima and his Malinois Apollo "

I had been looking at Belgian Malinois’ and studying their blood lines for over 5 years before I met Marcel Sallis. I had been to AKC show after show with little success and finally went to the AKC Malinois National in Sacramento to see sufficient number of Mals in one location. I met fantastic breeders from all over the country, did my homework and decided that while the Belgian Malinois is not the dog for everyone, this was the dog for me. I considered show vs. working lines, protection vs. competitive obedience lines, confirmation, type, on and on. I was so surprised when I stumbled onto Marcel here in the PNW and have purchased two dogs over the last year. I am happy with the spectacular breeding lines, type, confirmation and temperament. See us in the future at the AKC confirmation and obedience rings. Thank you, Marcel! Sincerely, Rose Sapoznick, Tukwila WA

Christian officer k9 handler and Trainer who received Maya- "Bad a** puppies that are proven on the streets period! I am keeping a puppy off her all officers says she was the best dog they had seen do police work she found drugs her first week on traffic stops. "Maya" from sk9u.

To whom it may concern: I want to recommend Sallis’ to whomever may need dog training from beginning stages to more extremely and detailed training such as: Protection Training. They have helped me be able to manage my 100+lb puppy out in public and in tight quarters with other dogs and people. He has made such drastic changes in personality and behavior in such a short amount of time. They made me aware of behaviors that I didn't know to look for or read. I have learned so much in a few weeks and feel so much more comfortable walking him in public and in everyday situations. Along with the excellent training we have done they are also my hired pooper picker uppers. They come twice a week and do an excellent job. They do not miss a pile and are great about double checking. They are also great with our deaf pit bull who has to be the first to re poop in the yard. They wait patiently for her so that they know they are leaving the yard poop free from a minute, till the next dog gets his or her turn to break in the yard. I would recommend them to anyone for any of their services. I am happy to have found them. Sincerely, Kirsten Anderson and Anderson dog walking

Great trainer. Awesome training methods. Jade really excelled with his training. She is an amazing dog.- Female 2 years old, Jade out of Belgium Waffle and Sadie breeding. Testimony of the German Shepherd Malinois dogs. These dogs are the best of both breeds. You have the drive of a malinois, and the calmness of the shepherd. Our dog is trained in personal protection and a very loving and sweet dog. She knows her job and goes with me everywhere I go. This dog is a great family dog and loves people we have never had problems with our dog and other dogs, cats, kids, and people unless they show aggression towards our household. These dogs are amazingly versatile and can be working one minute and the next she is a normal loving pet. I also took her recently out shooting and she stood there while I fired my weapon and didn't flinch. After each shot she made sure I was okay and sat back by my side. Fix family

he is a super happy dog. He is high energy, a fast learner, easy to train, incredibly smart, and such a lover. He is fairly territorial, but once people come into the house he calms down and automatically delivers a toy for them to play with him. He is great around other dogs. He likes to play pretty rough, but he isn't vicious or anything. He has never snapped at anyone and is great around kids. Overall he is an amazing dog, perfect for our family, and we absolutely love him. 😊 Jessica

She is fantastic :) : ) wow! I think I might be spoiling her but obedience training is going really well and natural protection is defiantly coming out all on its own. I would say she is 99 percent perfect and the other is she is just a puppy luv her: ) Update- she just turned 1 year :) happy birthday Zugzwang! man she is soooo wonderful thank you for breeding and blessing me with such a perfect dog and companion happy new year lets make this a great year! Cindy

Update on Ajax puppy out of Freda and Diablo! Jax is doing is great. His favorite things are playing soccer, frisbee, and with the neighbor dog Alki. He comes when he is called (almost all of the time) and he can sit, shake, speak, and drop. He's been to the ocean, downtown Seattle, camping, seafair, and pikes place market. We love him SO much!

I purchased a male Malinois puppy named Alec, from Theresa and Marcel of SK9U and couldn't be happier with my puppy. I picked him up at LAX and he was calm in his crate, traffic was a nightmare so we wanted to just get the puppy and start back home right away! On the way home Alec was very quiet, didn't make hardly any noise, didn't whimper/cry, and when we got closer to home we stopped at a park, and he came out of his crate very happy, wagging his tail a lot, and he wanted to check out everything, so I put a leash on him and we went for a little walk, he showed no signs of being afraid of anything, just a very happy confident 8 wk old puppy!...I can tell that Theresa and Marcel put in a lot of time on training with this puppy before sending him off. Alec seemed very confident, just wanting to go, go, go. We got back on the road again and we live off a dirt road with potholes, etc, and this didn't even affect him one bit. Alec's been doing great at the house, he gets along great with my other dog's, and me and my uncle. We've only had him 4 days now and he's already settled in, running around the house with his ball that he loves a lot, he has ton's of toys to play with. He sleeps in my room, he only makes noise for like around 5 minutes, and I just tell him "quiet", like 2 or 3 times, and he's quiet for the rest of the night. I love that a lot! I feed him good so we can tell he's already gotten a lot bigger in just 4 days. We have 6 acres, so where ever I go, he's always right next to me. He comes running to me always whenever I call him, he's a very happy puppy, makes me happy, and he will have a good life with us...after his puppy shots we will start training for PP...Thanks a lot for a wonderful pup, Theresa & Marcel!...from your friend, Joe Salinas.

" I recently purchased a Belgian Malinois from Sallis’ and I can tell you this is the most awesome dog I have ever had in my life. I can tell that they have put a lot of thought in their breeding lines and this is, for sure, the smartest canine I have could have ever dreamed to have. I was seeking a Malinois specifically for the personality of this breed of dog and for sure SallisK9Unlimited delivered a dog that truly lived up to my expectations. I kind of think of it as though the Belgian Malinois is the Ferrari of dog breeds. This dog has lots of amazing energy and its a high drive dog that always seeks to please its handler. This dog is very emotionally connected to me and I take it everywhere. The breeders are totally real down to earth people that have an amazing understanding of dog training too. I have been very impressed by them. This dog is the center of my life and will be the only breed of dog I am ever interested in. A lot of people describe these dogs as "Super dogs" because they can do nearly anything you ask of them if you have the right mindset and training ability. I have had other breeds but there always seemed to be small things lacking but this is the first time in my life that I have found everything I was asked for from a dog. Please anyone wondering or reading this just know I am totally happy. Please feel lucky to have found these breeders because its rare. Its difficult to find Belgian Malinois, it took me forever to find a breeder. All my dreams have come true now and this dog is the absolute best thing I have ever had in my life. " Dean

Just wanted to give you guys an update on the pup. We named her Tashka. She hasn't had any accidents, barked once when we put her in the crate at night and she was quiet all night. She is doing great! thanks again. just wanted to give you an update on Tashka. She is getting big and is very active (to be expected with a Mal). I am attaching a couple pics of her at her favorite spot, I take her to run at Ft. Lewis, she loves it out there! I can only send a couple pics at a time. Let me know if you guys are ever out this way so I can bring her out. Brian & Wendy 10/12/10

I have know Marcel for close to 10 yrs. He has excellent training skills. Best trainer that I have ever worked with. Gloria G.

Wonderful dog training, their dogs are remarkable and my daughter has excelled in training since starting sk9u with her dogs who are sharp in both obedience and protection work.. They can make your dog protect you totally both at home and out in society. I'm very proud Thanks Terry H.

Extremely experience handlers that help u with any problem u have or if u need a protection dog thay can turn your house pet to a family protecter or sale u one of theres great ppl to know and do business with. Jay Dee

Marcel and Theresa are INCREDIBLE dog trainers who can fix ANY problem you have with your dog, I've used them for training several times in the years I've known them and never ever been disappointed, from aggression, to anxiety to fear problems they do it all and there are no trainers out there better, trust me I've been to way more than a few of them and none impress me the way these guys do. They really, really know dogs and will get the best behavior out of your dog possible and explain everything in an easy to understand way. I cannot say enough nice things about them, try them I promise you won't be disappointed. Dominique

Janet- We named her Gracie. She is doing really well. I also located a local protection trainer when we are ready for that.

Alisha- Hello, How are you? We are looking to get roxy a play buddy. do you know anyone that has pups? Roxy is doing great! Wish we had the money to do training with you guys. but she's coming along great still :) Hope all is well.

Guy- Hey, I bought a pup from you guys back in Nov, He is doing awesome here's some pics of him...

They are the best dog training people i ever met they take time to understand the breed of the dog and its thinking they are fast at correcting the bad in the dog they are the patient in their work i have a mali from one of the liters she is the most of the best in all my dogs they work with her from time to time if i need help on some things that takes me a few weeks to teach her i meet up with them and to my surprise it only took them 10 minutes to teach her what i been trying i love these to trainers i will send people to them for training. Lisa

I've known Marcell for over 20+years and he is the first person I thought of to help me find a new home for my beloved dog. I now and trust that he can and will find hr a loving family. Charley F.

Marcel is a wonderful dog trainer I've gone to home mukitplr times and I still go to him with problems about my dogs.. I would recommend him to everyone I know. Kristen S.

Marcell is the reason I'm becoming a dog trainer. It all started with him explaining how to read a dog to me. Heather M.

This guy is amazing with dogs! His dogs obey on command immediately and it is extremely impressive to watch. Layton

Remarkable training for these dogs.Those animals have to be right on point and to help protect other and partier in need. Pamela

I have to tell you about Marcel and his training style. Cesar Millan talks TO dogs. That is not Marcel's style. Marcel actually has a ***TWO-WAY CONVERSATION*** with his dogs. He "talks" to them and they "talk" back to him. Marcel takes the dog's input, maintains Alpha but considers the dog's input on the situation and they come to a compromise without losing sight that Marcel is Alpha. While I cannot disclose his methods because they are trade secrets, I can tell you that it is MIND-BLOWING to watch him in action. For example, we approached a dog who was defensive because I was with Marcel. Without touching the animal or screaming, he was able to calm the dog in about 5 seconds! Yes, this dog was full-on bite mode with sky-high adrenaline and Marcel brought him to a calm, resting state. No shock collar...nothing but "talking". Using this method, Marcel has the amazing ability to get the most from each dog. I have been training since I was 8 years old and I have never seen this! I am a dog trainer. Marcel is an Animal Behaviorist . Buy one of his dogs, you won't regret it! Dave

Excellent! What more can I say about SK9U Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. Steven I.

Excellent family to work with. I can't wait to see the puppies these two produce!! Mandie S.

Sk9U is Very professional! They’re ALWAYS very informative and have helped with various training issues I’ve had over the years! They Can give awesome advice from what to feed my dog based on the right diet for him, to how to work with his submissive behaviors. I haven’t had the luxury of purchasing one of their beautiful dogs (yet,maybe someday!), but I’ve had the pleasure of their training advice & gaining personal knowledge! Danyale