Working Puppy Program!

SK9U Puppy Program!

Pre-order your puppy ahead of time and, let us pick out and imprint the best puppy for your personal needs. Puppies will be tested and imprinted for work and brought out in their working drives genetically possible for their age. Puppies will be worked on loud noises proofing on gun fire sounds, pot and pan, & street sounds. Puppies will also be brought up and tested on tug bite and ball hunt work. Puppies are temperament evaluated for work-ability by our own test with a combination of PAWS (Possessiveness, Attention, Willingness Strength by Jona Decker) and Puppy temperament evaluation by KNPV a book by (G. Straatan Highly known KNPV competitor and J Jons) notes seen below. 

These pups are imprinted and tested for protection training, police, military, security, scent detection, high level competition, as k9 guardians and other forms of training and special service work. We Promote drives in puppies at a young age for tug towel, ball, food and hunt (nose work) drive from 5-6 weeks old. 

We imprint our pups with food, noise, prey drive and start ens (ENS Military Super dog ) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction)  imprinting within 3 days after birth through 18 days old to bring out the most in their development!  From then on puppies are contentiously exposed to many different noises, visual stimuli, tunnels and different surfaces. Around 7 weeks puppies are introduced to rag work. this is when we test each individual puppies drive and intensity for work. Puppies are encouraged to bite and chase everything at this age. Puppies will also be worked on proper biting and scent drive techniques all throughout there time here training at SK9U.  


We test and prep puppies and young dogs for the following situations:
 *  Fearlessness and stability (loud noieses and changing enviroments)
*  Bite and tug drive (grip power and placement) and we will test the puppy level of intensity during this time.
*  Hunt drive (will he or she chase and search for a ball or some other object.  We will also note whether the pup/dog is relying on visual or using their nose to hunt).  
*  Tempermant levels- (Noted from an Introduction to KNPV by J Jons)  
1.The dominant (leader) puppy the number one top dog of the litter- this is usually the biggest and most aggressive dog of the litter because they are the first in obtaining the milk supply! These puppies will require strong handlers. 
2.  Second in litter rank is usually the pup that is never far behind the dominate puppy.  These puppies are better suited for softer trainers. 
3.  Third in rank in the litter is a more independant pup (aloof)- is best suited for trainers that don't have much experience with harder dogs.
4.  Fourth in rank is the fearful pup which is not suited for any formal training and is not recommended for breeding. 
(note that their can be more than one puppy in each level of ranking within a litter). 

Puppies will be tested at 7 weeks and older old when their brains are neurologically complete and they have a brain of an adult dog. This and our own evaluations will be on going until puppies are ready to leave. Please let us know your experience level with Dutch malinois X dogs or other working breeds, how active of a pup you are looking for and, what type of training you will be doing with your pup. If a deposit is set and temperament selected and we cant provide the puppy of the right temperament by our own judgement and testing by the PAWS test puppy deposit can be moved to the next litter at new owners choice. 

Puppies will come with a signed 2yr genetic health guarantee and we also offer a working guarantee for 7 days after arrival to credible venues. Please contact us to further discuss our working guarantee which will be decided on individual cases. 

Let us keep your puppy past 8 weeks  for an additional price things we can include are more crate and house manners training, confidence building exercises, bite and hunt drive building, obedience, problem solving & engagement exercises, leash training, and socializing. Call for a specialized quote prices run about $250 each additional week for added training and imprinting exercises. Please note that puppies will be puppies and additional imprinting is only a added tool to help you as a owner by providing  helpful developmental exercises to imprint your future k9. We can get them on a right track from the beginning. You as a owner just as with any dog will always need to provide ongoing training to and after your k9s adulthood.  

By 6 months to one year of age our bred k9s will have their ball and hunt drive brought to their highest genetic potential and they will have been worked through many environmental stimuli in their stay here at SK9U to make them ready to enter into a departments training program! Please check our started dogs page for current older dogs! Any dogs kept past a year of age will be worked toward a Protection, Patrol or APA dog title!

Our Sallis breeding program's focus is to sustain the sturdy dual purpose real working dog more for police, security, protection, detection and military dogs. Our bloodlines are of the past extreme high drive and fearless attitudes. Although, some of our puppies can succeed in home situations they should go to experienced handlers because, their high intensity and drive can make them hard to handle! 

SK9U Sallis' bloodlines consist of Malinois x Dutch x dogs are not bred or registered to the standards of AKC. KNPV DOGS (Dutch Police Certified) are breed for Real Police Work and Health. They are not bred to the confines of show/sport dogs (FCI/AKC)!  Judge is are only AKC registered Border Patrol Police high competition line German Shepherds with his dad being the famous Norbo Ben JU. Please look at our available puppies for current and upcoming puppies.   

 Our Malinois and Dutch shepherds come from world champion working police dog and protection sport titles and healthy working lines. Our k9s bloodlines consist of recent excellent proven high level world competitors and European police protection sport k9s.  Our pedigrees consist of champion bred ,Holland, German, Belgian, Swedish and, Czech lines. Titles in KNPV,  world competition FCI, FMBB, Schutzund, Mondio ring, ipo etc. Check out the pedigrees on our KNPV titled stud and females page! Our  SK9U offspring have succeeded in Police, Swat, protection real life/ sport training, IPO, detection, and AKC Shows, and herding. 

If you are interested in a SK9U pup please email us your detailed information on what you are looking for in a puppy, what your future k9s job will be and additional things such as bite and hunt drive level, Dominance level,  what you would be training the k9 for and your experience with training working k9 Malinois and Dutch shepherds!