SK9U's Green & Started Dog Program!


"Sallis'- Superb- Started- Security- Scent- Search K9s USA!"

Please feel out our Puppy/dog Application if interested in a K9!

Single, Dual and Multipurpose k9 prospects soon to be available!

All dogs will mature at their own levels and training at their own times and will be described accordingly!

Foundation Training

Puppies and young dogs to about 1 year of age will be developed into their genetic and trained abilities. They will be tested for their levels of drive (nose & tug/toy sleeve bite) and described accordingly.

First and foremost we test/train dogs for the following situations:

* Fearlessness and stability (loud noises, slippery floors and changing environments)!

* Bite and tug/sleeve drive (grip power and placement) and we will test level of intensity during this time.

* Hunt drive (will he or she chase and search for a Ball, Metal, PVC, Fav Toy/Human ).

We will also note whether the pup/dog is relying on visual or using their nose to hunt.

It is Highly recommended for you to pick up some dogs in person to transfer properly!

Individual info and videos will be posted on dogs available because, we come across all different levels of k9s!

"Please also note that from birth to about six months of age is a crucial socializing period for k-9s and we expose our k-9s positively as much as possible to their environments at this age. It is also best that forced training not be applied at this age to help a dog have more confidence for serious work! To read more on our behavior modification and development please refer to Our Training Philosophy page!

For Detection Puppy/Young dogs Candidates: As Puppies age (around eight weeks of age and older) we add more practice scenarios (always age appropriate training). We start the puppies on search games for one or more favored scent/toys while at the same time familiarizing them with several different surfaces. We make the games more challenging as the puppies advance in their training! We will work On leash and Off Leash "independent searches" and also test the puppy's ability to find "air scents" with the slightest of scents to follow it to its source.

In the first scant games we will teach the puppies to with an active search (scratch or Bark) then as they advance move to a passive alert (sit or down) to indicate on a targeted odor/toy. In the early stages of training dogs/puppies will be rewarded for all types of alerts until the type of training they will continue in is decided. we will also take a note of dogs preferred alert. As dog advances we will move on to more advanced games. These games will be broken down into different area searches which will include:

Container: The target odor is concealed within a container (such as a cardboard box or briefcase), and the puppy is taught to indicate in which container the scent is hidden.

Interior: The target odor is concealed on or in an object in an indoor search area.

Exterior: The target odor is concealed on or in an object in an outdoor search area–this teaches and tests the dog to locate the scent through changing airflow patterns, weather conditions, and natural distractions.

Buried: The target odor is buried underground it can and eventually concealed within a small container and then buried underneath the ground.

Vehicle: The outside of the vehicle and inside the vehicle. we will add noise and street distractions once k-9s are familiar with this type of search.

Also around 3 months old- we will work with the puppies with some hide and seek games such as finding a person and a favorite toy with one of the scents listed above on them. First inside having the puppy find their favorite toy under a blanket and chasing a person to different rooms and finding them hidden under a blanket, behind an object or closed door. These games will soon be moved to outside with more distances as the dogs advance.

At six months of age the puppies will have the best of their genetics/training shown in their scent indication and bite "tug/ puppy sleeve" & hunt drive and will be offed to venues. Puppies will be socialized and worked out in public, inside buildings, out in fields. Puppies will be worked on all different types of flooring, small obstacles, loud noises, and visual stimuli!

Note: Any dog over 1 yr will be worked towards a detection, protection, patrol, or similar sport type title that will show off the dogs best qualities and they will be priced accordingly! A video profile of each dogs training will be available to follow the dogs development as they advance in their training. As the puppies age and more time and training is put into them the prices will increase.