Sallis' Bloodline


Rex's Memorial Service

 Son of (sallis lady lex lugger and sallis spolied belgian waffle. REX WENT TO THE K9 SPECIAL RESPONSE SWAT TATICAL UNIT. "REX who was also a three-year-veteran of the department, was assigned to the SWAT special assignment unit," the chief said.  Links news article


 Trained and Certified in narcotics detection for the school system!!!


Maya news link

Maya- Female Dual Purpose K9 for the Dale Police Maya female 1 of about 100 female dual purpose bite dogs in the US. Maya is daughter to Our very own Sallis' Bam Bam

Click for Maya News Link

K9 Red Sallis' Waffle son Detection dog for school distract

Bossy- trained in narcotics detection for school system! Sallis' spoiled belgian Waffle Son

Suri IPO 1 Titled Female and Family Guardian!!! Sallis' Bam Bam Daughter!


Cody- trained in Fire Detection for Kentucky Fire department. Son of Sallis' Sosa brother to Detection dog Treason!

SK9U Stud Sallis' Belgian Waffle Producer of SWAT Dog Rex, and Detection dogs Bossy and Red!!!   another SK9U Yari's Offspring

Extraordinary SK9U Stud Male Sallis' Bam Bam  Bigalow Producer of Dual Purpose female Maya, IPO 1 dog Suri and our current breeding female Freda!!! Son of SK9U Female Yari

SK9U Female Yaris daughter International show champion

 IABC Int CH Alphahaus Anya CGC, HIC, RN, TDI pedigree link

Sallis Gator Girl (daughter of yari ot vitosha) AKC mjr ptd 
she is also the producer of Am Grand Champion Sidekick’s Gallent Maverick Heart pedigree link

SK9U stud Sallis' Slamming sammy Sosa, Producer of school detection dog Treason and fire detection dog cody!!! Yari Grandson 

Gracie Family Guardian Companion female 
Dutch x Malinois Female

Junior- GSD Male Family Guardian Protection dog

Yari Son- Chaos compaion/ Family Guardian dog for military family!!

Belgian malinois male Family guardian compaion dog

Sallis' Waffle daughter Family/personal Protection trained and Yard alert guard dog!

Sallis' Iori started in bite work and dual purpose training! 

Jade personal protection female!

Scout sold as family companion!

Alex trained and sold as personal protection dog!

Sally may sold as a personal protection dog!

Sold as a companion yard guardian!