Pup/dog Application

If you are interested in one of our SK9U breeding's, puppies or young dogs please call 253-267-3977 or fill out our application/ wait list form below and we will contact you when a breeding takes place and when a puppy/litter of your needs is born and available. Note: any pups kept past 8-14 weeks old will be worked towards our k9 program! Young dogs kept pass about 1 year of age will be moved towards some type of detection, protection, or other title.

Click Here for Puppy Application form Link.

Or please copy the questions below and email your answers to sallisk9susa@gmail.com

What is your name, email, venue, phone number and some good times to reach you?

Around what age of a puppy/dog are you looking for?

Is there a specific Dog, Puppy or Upcoming Litter you are interested in?

What are your plans in training the new puppy/ young dog please explain in detail? Mark all that Apply.

  • Working single/dual purpose and which type of job
  • Active Family- Companion Dog
  • Sport and which sport
  • Personal Protection Training
  • Service Dog Training
  • Other

What type of Training Venue/Job and/or sport (detailed description)?

What is your experience level with German, Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, KNPV Dogs and other working breeds? Please give details.

How do you plan on receiving the puppy picking up, ground or air shipping (Airport, city, State)?

Is there any other need to know criteria on what you are looking for from a puppy/dog?

Sending Deposit-

If you are ready to send a deposit for a specific puppy/litter listed on our KNPV & working puppies for sale page or K9s for sale page please also print, fill out, sign and send a copy of the Health & Working guarantee to get started! $250 1/2 of the Deposit will be accepted after breeding is confirmed and other $250 1/2 of the deposit will be due when puppies reach 7 days of age. Deposits can only be refunded if puppy of gender choice cannot be provided. Deposits can be moved, at owners discretion, to future litters, chosen by the breeder and purchaser, if and when necessary Deposits can be sent via:

Payment options:

1. Mail us the deposit (Money order).

2. You can bring your deposit (Cash or Money order) when you visit i.e. set up an appointment to visit and reserve a puppy/dog.

3. You can wire from your bank to ours. Email me for bank information if you wish to wire or direct deposit payment/deposit.

4. You can send your Deposit Payment Via Pay Pal, "You Must Pay the Additional Fee's for these services."

If you are picking up your puppy you must bring cash as final payment or Final Payment is due Prior to puppy/dog pick up or shipment and no personal checks or credit cards are accepted as final payment. You can take your puppy home only if you bring cash! If you pay Direct Deposit or pay with POP Money, or a Money Order as final payment, "NO PAY PAL," you must do so 2 weeks prior to Picking Up your puppy! If you are picking up your puppy you will have to wait for bank transfer to clear from the bank to pick up your puppy/dog. If your puppy/dog is being shipped to you, final payment must be by Money Order, POP money, wire or direct deposit, If there is a hold on your deposit then shipping arrangements will be made after hold clears.

Shipping puppies: We can ship your pup to you. There are additional expenses involved when shipping puppies. Shipping charges are approximately $400.00 (Airline + Crate + Health Cert). Airline approved crate is $45.00 and the health certificate (required for shipping) is $50.00. The average cost of shipping with United Airlines is $300.00. All shipping charges are approximate and depend on current pricing.

We can also arrange ground shipping which will be quoted accordingly.