Sallis' KNPV Dogs USA SK9U

Sallis' KNPV Working Puppy Program!

We Breed and offer stud services for KNPV PH1 titled Holland imports!
For proven real working jobs and training such as: Personal Protection, Security, Patrol, Apprehension, Detection, Single, Dual and Multipurpose K9s! 
Our dogs are Registered with BRN #'s which can be viewed on Bloedlijnen which is based in the Netherlands!
Contact us at our phone number 253-267-3977 
Puppies will be priced at $2,000 for working quality! 
Young dogs around 6 months and up will be priced around $3,500 and up depending on the level of training.
15% OFF on puppies to LEO (Law Enforcement Officials) , Fire, SAR, Military, other Public service k9 jobs, and APA Members!

We are a Hobby Breeding Program for Dutch Malinois puppies from Proven KNPV PH1 Dutch Police Certified Sires.  
We imprint, test and train our puppies and young K9s for stable temperaments, solid bite and hunt drive! 
We are Official members of the APA (America's equivalent to KNPV Holland Police certification)! 
We are excited to participate and see how this new program comes together in helping our nation to test and maintain the already established proven fearless KNPV Dogs that started in the Netherlands!
Puppies are Imprinted and tested for work up until they leave our program.
 Our goal is to provide Our Sallis' successful bloodline throughout the U.S.A. at affordable prices!