Our Mission is to provide Working Puppies Started and Finished K9s to protect and serve our nation!

Here at SK9U our passion is to provide people, with our primary focus on Military Veterans and PTSD survivors, with dogs that will aid in "Real Life Working Service Jobs!" Including Tailored K9s and training for Emotional Support Dogs, Service Dog Training, Home Alert/Protection (for puppies and dogs from SK9U W/Real Life Scenario testing), Apprehension, Security, & green/started Detection Dogs! We will also plan on including "Private Drug detection services" in our program shortly to help families and businesses alike to help our community! We are Licensed, Insured, & very experienced certified trainers that have been training and dealing with working/pet dogs and their behaviors for over 30 years! We are located in the Pacific North West and we use "BALANCED" Dog Training for our K-9 Services. Our Combined Experience includes training dogs from childhood for hunting, to obedience & protection "real life" decoying as a teenager to training our own protection and dual purpose dogs as an adult. We have experience in handling and training over the top "Aggressive, KNPV, & Working Dogs!"

Current or Retired Military, Senior, Veterans, Disabled, Assault Victims, Rescue dogs, & First Responders will receive an extra 15% off any of our training packages! Our goal is to build lifelong healthy relationships between handlers/owners and Service k-9s! For more information on our "BALANCED" training techniques and methods please check out Our Training Philosophy page! We are proven breeders, imprinters & trainers of temperament tested fearless, driven, stable working puppies & started dogs that have become successful "Real Life Protection & Dual Purpose Working Dogs!" Check out our Testimonials and Sallis' Offspring Page!

For Our Sallis Breeding Program We have Quality Holland imported KNPV Dutch Herder PH1 Studs and Dams in our breeding program and also have successfully produced proven “progeny” in our Sallis’ Bloodlines! Please Click here to read the History of the KNPV Dutch herder Breed! Our Sallis' bloodline is full of National Champions and Ph2 k-9s. (Berry II, Rudie II Hans pegge, Energidogs Ringo, and others). Some of these dogs can be hard to handle at times and most will need "experienced handlers and trainers!"

Our Nation is in need of K-9s that will face and thwart the many types of threats that us as Americans face every day. To us a dog doesn't need to be "purebred" or have a "pedigree" to make a good working dog. This is why we don’t focus solely on “paper work or purebred status” and, we put healthy dogs together that we feel will work best and produce the best temperaments and structure for the different services that our country needs for safety and piece of mind! We preform extensive on going imprinting, training, and testing on all of our puppies and k-9s. We also do an extensive application process, and further verbal questioning procedure and protocol before any of our puppies and k-9s are placed.

Here at SK9U we know the Importance of Nature and Nurture (Bloodlines & Upbringing) to successfully produce k9s for specific working and service needs. This is why we take a very delicate approach to this process by first importing proven bloodlines, matching successful breeding outcomes and providing handlers with the best suitable pup/k9 and information to help them raise/train their dog! All potential buyers must fill out a puppy/dog application so we can best match you with a k-9 puppy for your specific needs and experience level. If we do not have a dog or puppy you’re looking for on hand we can try and locate one for you. All of our puppies and young dogs (from our proven bloodlines) will come with a genetic health guarantee till the age of 26 months or 6 month guarantee from purchase date whichever is greater! Puppies and young dogs will also come with a 6 month satisfaction working guarantee to qualified venues and handlers.

When we here at SK9U test the abilities of a "Real Working Dog & Puppy" in our program we take many things into priority. First we look at the dogs "overall genetic health” that we will use for breeding and working purposes! Secondly does the dog have the right "Stability" to perform in real life situations? Third, does the dog exhibit the Stability and Drive instincts to serve their handler/family pack members? Third does the dog have the body structure, confidence and strength to "Protect" against an assailant? Fourth does the Stud and Dam combination pass on these traits to their offspring? Thanks to the KNPV (Dutch Police Program) and the start of the Dutch Herder Breed after World War II a lot of these genetics have been established and maintained for over 60 years! Please Read our KNPV & The Dutch Herder Police dog for more specifics!" These dogs will usually have bigger heads, stronger jaw bones, stronger bodies, stable temperaments and a higher pain tolerance than a lot of their FCI counter parts.

A lot of KNPV dogs were going to police after they passed their Ph1 title! The police/military agencies sought after KNPV titled dogs because, they needed harder dogs to perform in real life street training and other sports didn't really test into much as depth of the raw and independent work of a k-9. Another small percent of K-9s (the cream of the crop) furthered their training on to Ph2's (Military Style dogs) and National Competitions, which are lines are full of!

Rest In Peace Rex!

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Sallis' Belgian Waffle & Sallis' Lady Lex

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Rest In Paradise K9 Sallis' Rex!

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