KNPV Bloodlines!

Quality Dutch KNPV Dogs & Old Hard Imported Working Lines!

With our Sallis KNPV dogs we have Old Serious hard police dog lines starting with our very own KNPV Ph1 Stud Dogs Holland Import Diablo & Brutus!!! Diablo's sire is RUDIE II Hans Pegge brn 14095, PHI 440 CL (full points) and PHII 451 CL and 2 time National champion with 1st place national champion stud dog in 2009- Dekreuenwedstrijd 2009 PHV The Unity Lunteren (420 SW also Best Steller, Revierder and Div. I). Rudie II was an exceptional son out of Rudie Pegge ( 4 times dutch champion.) Rudie II dam is Layka Putten she has a pedigree you could only Imagine of having today. Her sire was Marco Pegge son of Pecco Pegge and her dam was Trudy Schipper. Trudy was out of Rudo Vulpen x Dino I Wessels. Dino I was out of Berry Hogeling x Sandy I Wessels. Other dogs in the bloodline are QUATRO, CATRO, RUDO. Diablo's mother is CHANEL brn 14003, and her bloodline is ENERGIDOGS RINGO, Castor de Groot, BILLY.​

Also New Stud Holland Import Brutus PH1 433 BRN# 21926 out of 435 Object Guard 404 out of 406 Nomination for Dutch National championships and 3rd place at Dutch KNPV National championships Object Guard! Brutus sire is PH1 434 points Met Lof & object guard titled Axel BRN# 16974. He is also a National competitor with having 36% of his offspring titled for some form of KNPV or Police service type training. Brutus' grand sire is the famous Django BRN# 4730 ph1 and ph2 titled siring 48 KNPV titled dogs 32% of his listed offspring!! Django's sire is Max BRN # 3737 52% of his listed offspring became KNPV Titled! Max's Sire is the famous son of Duco II BRN# 60 with 50% of his offspring producing KNPV titled dogs!

Amy is our New Female Holland Import BRN # 31392 she's a direct line bred daughter to the Famous top police producing stud dog KNPV Berry II BRN # 13062 1st place Knpv-Studdog-Competition 2010!

Our past female Ah Yari's Gotcha Ot Vitosha is the foundation of our Sallis' Bloodlines. She was trained in Personal Protection and Obedience. She had an exceptional bite with solid grips and would twist around a decoy to take them down during a bite attack. Yari is the direct daughter to Malinois Legends imported from Belgian Turcodos van de Duvetorre IPO3 FCI world competitor! Our dogs and bloodlines excel in Home protection, Dual purpose, Single purpose, Detection, bite/hunt drive and trainability.

Yari was the producer of many Sallis' offspring dogs including International Show Champion Anya, Sallis' Belgian Waffle father of Rex who became a swat dog and, Red a detection dog. She was also the dam of Sallis Bam Bam sire to Dale police dept dog Maya is 1 of about 100 female Dual Purpose k9s in the United States! Sallis' Sassy Sasha is our street protection demo dog and is also a daughter of our foundation female Yari.

Also Working German Shepherds Coming Soon!