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Source Paw Village Germanicus (Frits) Male Dutch Shepherd! One of the First Dutch Shepherds to participate in KNPV!

We are Proud Owners of Holland Imported (Hard Old Style KNPV Police Program Certified Dutch Herders) PH1 Studs Diablo and Brutus. Brutus placed 3rd in Dutch Nationals object guard! Our Sallis' K9s also include other Famous KNPV lines. Our Dam Amy is a Direct Line Bred daughter to National Champion & Top Producer of KNPV and Police Dogs Berry II Lamers. Diablo's sire is two time National Champion PH1 & PH2 Rudie II Hans Pegge. Diablo's Dam Chanel also comes from some well appreciated lines being the daughter to PH1 & PH2 EnergiDogs Ringo whose sire is Castor De Groot!! Brutus' sire Axel also produced 36% of proven titled offspring from PH1 to NVBK And EDD (explosive Detection) Dogs! Axel sire is Django who produced 37% of titled offspring, his sire Max 56%, & his sire Duco II 54%!

Providing Quality K9s for real working jobs and training such as: Military, Patrol, Protection, Security, Apprehension, Detection, Dual and Multi-purpose K9s!

We breed for quality and work-ability for real life protection training and k9 working services. We realize that our dogs are family and a major asset to our lives. We imprint, test and train our puppies and young K9s for Fearlessness, stable temperaments, solid bite drive, and hunt drive! We offer stud services for KNPV PH1 titled Holland imports! Our KNPV dogs are registered with BRN #'s which can be viewed on Bloedlijnen which is based in the Netherlands! Our Future German Shepherds will be AKC registered!

Young dogs around 6 months and up will be priced accordingly depending on the level of training.

Puppies are Imprinted and tested for work up until they leave our program.

Our goal is to provide Our Sallis' successful bloodlines throughout the United States of America!

Our Sallis' Bred Pups (progeny) has excelled in police dual purpose, swat, fire, narcotics detection, protection, IPO, AKC shows, herding and as fully trained family guardians. Please check our Sallis' Bloodline page and Testimonials page to see all our accomplishments! Please do your research before purchasing a working k9 and also remember that these k9s were bred and imprinted to have a job such as protection, security, detection & apprehension training and most will need experienced handlers! We will provide life time support to any k9's from SK9U and we will do our best to keep you maintain the relationship that you are looking for between you and your K9 companion.

Contact us at our phone number 253-267-3977 or our Email: If you are interested in a litter, puppy or dog please go to our puppy/dog Application Page and Fill out and email your Application Thank you we are here to help you find the K9 and puppy to match your needs!

Thanks From SK9U!