Cotract Guarantee

All of our Puppies and Dogs will come with a signed guarantee for a:
7 day serve communicable diseases money back guarantee!
  Full puppy replacement guarantee before the age of 26 months 
for severe genetic defects that affect work ability!
 Money back working guarantee to Qualified Venues for up to 7 days.
 "Please message us privately to see if you are qualified!" 
Our Purchase Agreement is listed Below!

Payment options:

1. Mail us the deposit (Money order or bank check).

2.  You can bring your deposit 
(Cash, Money order or bank check)when you visit i.e. set up an appointment to visit and reserve a puppy.  

3.  You can wire from your bank to ours.  
Email me for bank information if you wish to wire or direct deposit payment/deposit.  

4. You can send your Payment Via Pay Pal. 

Note: There is a 8% sells tax rate for Thurston county, Washington Residents.

Final payment is due when puppy is picked up or prior to shipping and no personal checks or credit cards are accepted as final payment.  Please bring cash as final payment if you are picking up your puppy.  If your puppy is being shipped to you, final payment must be by money order, bank check, wire or direct deposit, or Paypal in advance of receiving the puppy.  If there is a hold on your deposit then shipping arrangements will be made after hold clears

Shipping puppies:  I can ship your pup to you.  There are additional expenses involved when shipping puppies.  Shipping charges are approximately $400.00 (Airline + Crate + Health Cert).  Airline approved crate is $45.00 and the health certificate (required for shipping) is $50.00.  The average cost of shipping with United Airlines is $300.00.  All shipping charges are approximate and depend on current pricing.  

We can also arrange ground shipping which will be quoted accordingly

SK9U Purchase Agreement

(Copy, Print, Fill out, Sign, and Send to


Today's Date:

SK9U “The Seller”: 


This deposit is for the litter or dog named:



This $500 deposit is for Male or Female (Circle Gender).  The remainder payment will be $              with the total price being $                   which will be due by date of            plus shipping expenses. Receipts will be included when deposit is received and when final payment is received.

Video and picture updates will be provided to show dog’s/puppy’s work-ability. If the purchaser is buying a puppy purchaser’s puppy will be decided after 6 to 7 weeks of age. If the temperament purchaser selected can't be provided you the purchaser can move their deposit to similar litter decided mutually by both parties.  Both Parties initial here.

For Puppies Final Payment and shipping costs will be due at 7 to 8 weeks of age.  If final payment and shipping are not paid between 7 and 8 weeks of age then deposit can be moved, at the discretion of the seller, to a similar litter that is decided by both parties.  You cannot receive a refund for your deposit.  All form of payments must be cleared by the bank before shipping arrangements will be made.  Both Parties initial here.

Shipping costs will be quoted and included when airport or ground shipping location is provided.  Shipping costs will be estimated around $400 for US residents for shipping by air for puppies.

Health Guarantee for the listed puppy/dog in this agreement.

Health at Time of Purchase:

The Seller guarantees the dog/puppy to be in good health and of sound temperament at the time of arrival.

The Purchaser agrees to take the Dog/puppy to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice within 4 days of arrival for a health check.

The dog/puppy is guaranteed to be free of major communicable diseases (i.e. distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo) for a period of seven (7) days from the date of Arrival.  If there are any major communicable diseases found by a licensed veterinarian purchase price will be refunded, excluding shipping costs, to the purchaser if puppy is returned to seller.  If new owner decides to keep the puppy the price of vet expenses or the full cost of puppy/dog, excluding shipping, will be refunded whichever is less.  Both Parties initial here.

Genetic Defects:

The Dog is warranted to test free of major life debilitating genetic health defects, including serve hip and elbow dysplasia until the dogs 26 months of age.

For the purpose of evaluation for hip and elbow dysplasia, the Purchaser agrees to submit hip and elbow x-ray films to a recognized certification organization such as PEN Hip, OFA, OVC, or German SV showing proper positioning and meeting accepted standards. Both Parties initial here.

Seller guarantees the Dog to be free from specific genetic defects.  These defects are as follows:

Severe Life debilitating Genetic Diseases that affect work-ability such as, but not limited to, severe hip and elbow dysplasia.  Owner must provide proof and documentation from a licensed veterinarian on the disease and written proof from the veterinarian that the disease is a “severe life debilitating genetic disease.”

For Breeding Quality puppy, sold between the ages of  8 weeks to 6 months of age, Warranty- Both parties initial here.  

Things to include for breeding quality puppy warranty are Missing Testicle for males and Umbilical Hernias that affect breeding for females until the dog is 26 months of age.  A replacement puppy will be provided if there is proof with licensed veterinarian documentation of these listed defects and the puppy in this contract is also spayed or neutered or returned to the seller at Purchaser’s expense.

For Breeding Quality dogs, sold between the ages of 6 months and older, Warranty - Both parties initial here.                 

Things to include for breeding quality dog warranty are Missing Testicle for males and Umbilical Hernias for females that affect breeding.  The seller agrees to have the dog tested for these specific defects before they leave the seller.  A replacement dog will be provided if there is proof with licensed veterinarian documentation of these listed defects and the dog in this contract is also returned to the seller at Purchaser’s expense.

Should the dog/puppy be proven to have life debilitating dysplasia or another genetic health defect covered under this Limited Warranty, the Purchaser and the seller will agree upon one of the following remedies: Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs.

Receive a replacement puppy/dog of equal value of purchase price from a future litter of the same breed, however not necessarily from the same breeding.

Receive a credit (if applicable) towards a replacement puppy/dog from a future litter.

Receive a credit (if applicable) towards a replacement puppy/dog from a future litter of another breed.

Should the Purchaser suspect the dog possesses any health-related problems stated above and covered under this purchase agreement, seller must be notified immediately.  The seller must be notified by the time the dog reaches 26 months of age.  Both Parties Initial here.

Miscellaneous: The Purchaser agrees to keep their dog/puppy up to date on puppy and yearly vet checks and feed a premium puppy food for the first 6 months of life, and then a quality adult food.  If you are not sure as to a food’s quality please email the seller!  Proof of dog food purchase and vet exams may also be required if integrity is in question.  Both parties are to initial here.

Purchaser agrees that they, or whomever the dog is rehomed to, will care for this dog/puppy in a safe and humane manner. The dog/puppy will have appropriate food, water, shelter and medical care for the duration of his/her life.

Purchaser understands that the seller shall not be held liable for the behavior of this dog or any damages it may cause.  The Purchaser agrees that he/she must have experience in dealing with working dogs/puppies before purchasing the dog/puppy listed in this contract.  "It is recommended by the seller for the purchaser to pick up an older dog in person for proper transferring if needed."  Both parties are to initial here

There is a 7 day puppy/dog replacement guarantee to qualified venues.  If the purchaser is not satisfied with the dog/puppy stated in this contract work-ability within 7 days of arrival then the seller can provide a replacement or refund excluding shipping expenses.  You must notify the seller within those seven days and the seller can provide a replacement puppy/dog or refund if puppy/dog is shipped back to the seller.  All Shipping expenses are the responsibility of purchaser.  If a working guarantee is agreed upon both parties are to initial here.

Both Parties sign and agree to the terms of this Purchase Agreement. Purchaser and Seller enter into this agreement of my own free will and understand that this is a binding contract enforceable by civil law. 


Signature of Seller




Signature of Purchaser