Single, Dual & Multi Purpose K9 program

                                                          Please feel out our Puppy/Dog Application if interested in a K9!
                                      If we don't have a dog on hand we can always try and help locate one through Holland! 
First and foremost we test young dogs for the following situations:
 *  Fearlessness and stability (loud noises and changing environments)
*  Bite and tug drive (grip power and placement) and we will test level of intensity during this time.
*  Hunt drive (will he or she chase and search for a ball or some other object. 
 We will also note whether the pup/dog is relying on visual or using their nose to hunt).  
It is Highly recommended for you to pick up the dog in person to transfer properly!

For Detection Dogs-  Kong/PVC/toy/metal Hunt drive Testing!!!!

Not all k9s are capable of doing detection work. This ability has to be instilled in the dogs genetics. They have to have a desire to hunt, retrieve and please their owners. Here at SK9U we breed, test and imprint dogs that have these genetics and dual purpose abilities.

If you want a dog for detection we will make sure to test the dogs ability and pick the dog to best suit your needs! We can also help you find and test green dogs for your program! k9s can be  tested on kong/PVC/toy/metal (whatever is best for your department!)  K9s can also be introduced to Passive alerts! 

Let us know what you are looking for as for drive level, what the k9 will be used for, Sociability level and any other requests you desire. We will provide videos to help you best decide if a k9 will work well for your program. 

searches include but are not limited to 

Open Field (tall grass) 

Vehicle search
Building Search
Suite cases and packages
Article search 

"Searches with passive (sit) alerts on;

copper, keys, screw drivers, wallets,  ETC (tailored to handler)!"

Things we test for are level of hunt drive!
will the k9 search 15 times without being distracted!
Will the k9 search without seeing where the toy is thrown or placed!
Any other testing tailored by the future handler!

For Bite training

Young (green or started) Dogs 6 months to 1yr
  Testing for level of Bite tug drive, confidence level & socializing! Testing for k9s natural and trained abilities!! Drive building exercises are offered to help bring out the best in the dogs natural abilities! Our Puppies available around this age are usually priced at $3500 and up. 
 forced training will usually not be applied at this age to help a dog have more confidence for serious work! 

we also work and can test older K9s for human search-ability (with decoy) in buildings or open fields with terrain! 
Apprehension and transport exercises. Dogs can be worked to go into a hold and bark or,  can be taught to apprehend the decoy in a suit with full bites and grip work under real life scenarios (with the decoy adding fight, crawling on the ground, trying to fight the dog off etc)!

Any dogs kept past a year of age will be worked toward a Detection, Protection, Patrol or APA dog title!