Current & Upcoming K9s For Sale!

Please call 253-267-3977 or email for current/upcoming k9s! Young Adult (6-12 months) dogs will start around $2,500 and up depending on age and level of training and workability! Any dog over a year of age will be worked towards a protection, patrol, detection or sport type title that will show off the dogs best qualities and they will be priced accordingly! A video profile of each dogs training will be available to follow the dogs development as they advance in their training. As the puppies age and more time and training is put into them the prices will increase. Quality Holland Imports for sale will be advertised shortly! Note: If you are interested in a K-9 please feel out our Puppy/dog Application. This way we can put you on a wait list, contact you when a dog is available that'll best match your needs. Once your application is received we will be getting into contact with you with more information on what's available, when, and where to send a deposit and Health and Working Guarantee form. If you would like to know if you qualify for a working guarantee please email us privately with what you would be using the dog for and information such as the type department or venue you are currently working with and your experience level and accomplishments with working dogs.