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Jimmy Garro Sanchez is our 2012 Skater of the Year!!
For loyalty, service, and growth.

2012 Skater of the Year Jimmy Garro Sanchez

This has been an amazing year for Jimmy.
He started it off by going to Christian camp, then growing in skate ministry. One of our favorite pics of Jimmy is of him praying before a city-wide skate competition. It was the first ever skate team from La Carpio to attend such an event. He became a leader in that same skate ministry, one that continues to be duplicated throughout Costa Rica. He was featured in a "Contra Corriente", a Skate documentary, highlighting the now nationwide movement. He helped serve with and facilitate a mission team from Texas. He also coordinated volunteers of skaters from La Carpio to serve in the kitchen at International Baptist Church for a fund raiser to benefit Skate La Carpio. Jimmy also was a big part of welcoming our first ever skate intern and in addition to help starting our weekly Bible study, he was a big part or our project to make longboards from scratch to debut at the National Stadium on Costa Rica's Independence day. He followed that by designing our latest t-shirt design. After that, he won 2nd place in the pro division of a local skate comp. He would then help us to connect with skaters in Escazu and later Jaco. In Jaco, he helped to renovate skate ramps with some of the local skaters. This all culminated in an event that he also helped organize and facilitate. Jimmy finished the year by helping to host and serve with a group from Canada that will soon help to build public skateparks in our beloved Costa Rica. Jimmy has never had a father in his life. Kids look for belonging and love to connect with their passion. Most skaters do not fit in with traditional ministries and some are even run off.  Jimmy is a perfect example of a need that is being met by skate ministries in Costa Rica. Meeting kids right where they are, learning and growing together in Christ.

"Wooooooo Jeje muchas gracias lalo di todo eso gracias a usted y a los demás que me apoyaron porque ustedes siempre estuvieron hay apoyandome y dándome fuerza para no dejar de patinar  gracias y ''somos jóvenes hay que vivir al máximo la vida'' "
(Wooooooo Hehe thank you very much Lalo. Thanks to you and the others who supported me because you were always there supporting me and giving me strength to not stop skating because'' we're young and you have to live life to the fullest'')

"Y como dicen por hay '' prefiero ser un joven loco y feliz que un viejo solo y amargado ''  Jeje de verdad gracias por todo el apoyo del 2012 y ahora toca darle maaaaas duro el 2013 para hacernos oír y ver en costa rica  y talvezasta internacionalmente"
(And as they say  ''I'd rather be young, crazy, and happy than old and bitter'' Hehe thanks for all the support in 2012 and now we need to give more in 2013 to hear and see more growth in Costa Rica and eventually internationally.)
Jimmy Garro Sanchez, Founder, Skate La Carpio & Skate Costa Rica's 2012 Skater of the Year

"That is so amazing! Jimmy is a good kid with lots of potential." 
Kyle Dion, President, New Line Skateparks

"Jimmy was our number one helper and go to guy while in Costa Rica this past July with Oakwood Baptist Church. His help and welcoming spirit made for a successful VBS. Congratulations Jimmy! You are a true example of servant leadership."
Kathy Roberts, Oakwood Baptist

"Perseverancia,trabajo en equipo ganas de mejorar cada día y mucho skate."
(Perseverance, team work and desire to be better ever day and skate.)
Yoel Gutierez, Capitan, Skate Costa Rica

"Brotherhood, smooth and friendliest guy that I ever met, easy going and sexy and you know it..."
Tony Del Rio, Revolution Ministry

"Spent a lot of time ripping with Jimmy, God has definitely given him a gift, Im psyched to see where he goes. ¡felicidades mop!"
Nathaniel Muench, President, Skaters of Christ

"Jimmy is a kid with heart. He is willing to go the extra mile. He wanted to be part of our project we were doing in Costa Rica so he got up at 530 am to ride the bus to meet up with us and when he arrived at 7am, I still wasn't out of bed. Jimmy is a quiet guy but he has something magnetic about who he is and you are drawn to it. You want to pour into this kids life because you see the incredible potential he possesses. Jimmy leads not with words but by actions. Jimmy has greatness just waiting to come to the surface. A little encouragement and it will blossom into a giant for God. This kid is a lion. He is my Skater of the Year."
Vance Ramsay, Skatelife Canada