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The Study of Our Earth

HOME: Earth, Life, & The Natural Sciences

Biology: The Study of Life

 Wetlands: Key To Preserving Our Future

Geology: The Study of Our Earth

Groundwater & Wells: Priceless Resources

Gender Identity and Human Sexuality

Radio: A Tool for Observing Our Universe

Fossils: Traces of Our Past

Genealogy, Ancestry, Family Tree, Heredity, & History

Health, Longevity, Cancer, Medicine, & Tom Tasseff







Life's Origin:  The Third Day:  The Origin Of Life On Earth


Poetry And World War I:  The Boy Who Died On Vimy Ridge


Great Lake Shipwrecks:  Preserving History As Sunken Monuments


Fish Psychology And Stress Avoidance: Keys to Raising Happy Healthy Fish


The Importance of History: Why Does History Matter?


A SIGN of Our Times: Helium’s Happy Lazy Cousin: NEON


The REAL Dracula:  All About Vampires and Vampirism


Medical Treatment For Transvestites, Transsexuals, & Transgendered People


Groundwater:  What Is An Artesian Spring or An Artesian Well?


Puritanical Influence on American Indian Literature


Photosynthesis:  Turning The Sun’s Energy Into Food


Green With Envy:  The Fundamental Principles of Ecology


The Benefits of Fish Hatcheries to Fishermen, Anglers, & Society


The Importance of Gender Roles & Gender Identity in Human Sexuality


AIDS:  Drug Treatment In The Virologic Supression Of the HIV Virus


Preserving Wetlands: A National Security Issue


Ecology And Environment:  What Makes an Ecosystem Work?


A Thirst for Knowledge: Understanding Groundwater, Wells, and Hydrology


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