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Perth, Smiths Falls, Sharbot Lake,

Prescott, Addington, York, Toronto,

St. Thomas, & Kingston, Ontario Canada

Lanark County, Frontenac County,

Elgin County, Bruce County,

Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada,

Upper Canada, Canada West, And

Plymouth Colony Massachusetts,

Massachusetts Bay Colony,

Rhode Island, & Dutchess New York 

England, Scotland, & Ireland


Our Family History & Family Tree

Ancestry Genealogy & "Geneology"


The Maternal Lineage Of 

Steven James Bowyer Dickson Bonforti

( Steven J. Wamback )


Our Complete Family Tree is recorded at ANCESTRY.COM

Photographic-Excerpts are Included herein




PLEASE... Your Corrections & Additions are Most Welcome! 

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December 20, 2009




This page is most respectfully dedicated to our Courageous Ancestors and to our Beloved Descendants.  May your world be filled with peace, harmony, and love.   I further dedicate this page to my first cousins Tiare, Tracy Jo, Bryan, Murray, and all of our children to whom I apologize for being so distant all of these years.  Finally, I dedicate this page to our more distant cousins who have so kindly joined us by sharing information

and photos which have helped to bring this family history and

genealogy to life.  Thank you each and all!   Respectfully yours,

Steven James Bowyer-Dickson-Bonforti-Wamback

Your Steven James


Our Great Grandfather Thomas James Dickson ( 1864-1931) and the family cow.


I am very proud of our Canadian Pioneer heritage and our family ancestry.

I wish to present this history in an accurate and tangible order for 

our next generations to find should they ever become 

as interested as we are.  


For me it has been a very personal, emotional, and with

my “biological-clock-ticking-away” kind of pursuit while both sad and happy tears have been shed more than once when the lives of our courageous ancestors and family members have touched my heart.


I would appreciate any information you can offer regarding our shared genealogy and I would be happy to defray the costs of photocopies and postage for any documents or photos or anything you have relating to our combined family lines.   It would be my pleasure to help you in your search in any way I can as well.  Please write me at


It would be amazing to see any photos or the names and signatures of our ancestors on any old documents.  They were hardy pioneers and Loyal to their Country and to The British Crown.  Their blood courses through our veins.

Please email me with anything you have!


May those who are now gone from us Rest In Peace

And may those of us who remain all

Live In Good Health, Long Life, Peace, and Harmony.




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Anne Thompson Martin

Please allow me to introduce you to our Great Great Grandmother Anne Thompson Martin (1846-1932) wife of  Ontario Lawyer Horace Martin (ii).  Our Grandma, Carrie Elizabeth Dickson called her Grandma Martin.  Her father was Henry Thompson (1820-1864) from Yorkshire England.  Her Mother was Annie White (c. 1820) who is my "Mitochondrial Matriarch".   Please refer to Descendancy Charts herein for more dates and details.


    THOMPSON, Anne b: 10 OCT 1846

  d: 13 DEC 1932 in Perth, Drummond Twp, Lanark Co, ON
THOMPSON, Henry b: ABT 1820 in England


 Horace Martin (ii)

Here is our Great Great Grandfather Horace Martin (1844-1917).  He was a Lawyer in Southern Ontario, then still often called Upper Canada.  Please E-mail me at once if you have or if you find any information on this most enigmatic character. 


Horace Martin (ii) seen here is the son of Horace Martin (i).  The senior Horace Martin is even more enigmatic than his son. 

  They may have been Quakers or Loyalists or Both... from England, the American States, or Colonies to the South.


1 Henry THOMPSON b: ABT 1820 + Annie WHITE
    2 Anne THOMPSON b: 10 OCT 1846 d: 13 DEC 1932
Horace MARTIN b: 1844 d: 6 FEB 1917
Mary Ann MARTIN b: 1871
Sarah MARTIN b: 1874

   + Duncan MCNABB b: 1868
John MARTIN b: 1877

John Martin Attended MaryAnn's Funeral in 1930 SEE OBITUARY way  below
George MARTIN b: 16 SEP 1882
Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS
    3 James William MARTIN b: 1883


Mitochondrial DNA

Since mitochondrial DNA is passed along to subsequent generations only from the mother via oocytes (egg cells), my mitochondrial DNA came from Annie White

the wife of Henry Thompson (1820). 


We have no information on Annie White other than she was from England and the names of her husband Henry Thompson and daughter Anne Thompson, the wife of Horace Martin (ii).  


This is as far back as I have been able to trace my Mother-To-Mother lineage.  My Mitochondria and Mitochondrial DNA were acquired via this known 6-generation & 200 year line of descent:


1. Annie White Thompson (c 1820)

2. Anne Thompson Martin (1846)

3. Mary Ann Martin Dickson (1871)

4. Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer (1902)

5. June Elizabeth Bowyer (1934), Uncle Bud, & Aunt Doris

6. Steven J. Wamback (1957) & Bryan & Murray Wilson


This lineage of Mitochondrial DNA now Ends with my two cousins Bryan Wilson and Murray Wilson and myself

because we have no sisters to carry it on to the next generation as it is only passed along via mother-to-daughter 

but mitochondrial DNA dead ends in male offspring.


Thank You Ladies for your special contribution to our 

cellular respiration apparatus!  Thank you also to ALL of my other ancestors for a fairly decent set of genes (Not "Too Much" Inbreeding!) and a family heritage of which I am most grateful & proud.


(If any other of Mary Anne Dickson's daughter's descendants remain, they too may carry on this mitochondrial line.)



 Our Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Martin Dickson (1871-1930) Daughter of Horace Martin (ii) and Anne Thompson.

(Her grandmother Phoebe Bull is the daughter of Amos Bull & Matha Cunningham.  Our distant cousin Gerry Lucas of Kingston is currently researching this enigmatic branch of our family tree.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated!)





 MARTIN, Horace (i)
     MARTIN, Horace (ii) 

 b: 1844 in Portland Twp, Frontenac Co, ON

 d: 6 FEB 1917 in Sharbot Lake, Frontenac Co, O

 MARTIN, William James b: 1834 in Portland, ON
     MARTIN, James William b: 1883
     MARTIN, John b: 1877
     MARTIN, Mary Ann b: 1871  <<< Our Great Grandmother


Leeds Staffordshire Blue Feather Edge Stoneware Serving Platter

One of Our Family Heirlooms:  A Leeds Staffordshire Blue Feather Edge Stoneware Serving Platter.   Grandma Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer told me that this platter came from England and had been in our family for over 100 years when she was a little girl which in turn was also 100 years ago. So this plain but lovely old dish has been in our family for 200 years or more.  


Grandma did not say which branch of the family it came from (Dickson or Martin; probably Martin-Thompson) but she did say that she saw one just like it once at the William Lyon MacKenzie House in Toronto.  (William Lyon MacKenzie was the first mayor of Toronto but he is NOT known to be closely related to the MacKenzies in the Bowyer side of our family tree.)   


It shall be my pleasure and honor to pass this most treasured heirloom on (while I still Live!) to a member of the next generation who takes up an interest in our family history and genealogy and who would genuinely appreciate holding onto this tangible token of our past.  I hope that one of the children of the five cousins might take up this torch.  Please let me know of your interest and who you are!  And I will send you this as well as all original photos, genealogical notes, etc.  Please write me at .


We can only imagine and wonder about the people and conversations that took place around our family's tables where this platter has served nourishment and family communion to our ancestors over these past two centuries.



 "The Line Of Bull"


Our 3-Great Grandmother

Phoebe Bull (c. 1804) 

Daughter of Amos Bull and Martha Cunningham





Phoebe Bull and Horace Martin of the Kingston area in Ontario Canada.
Hello, My name is Steven James Wamback and I am descended from the Line of Bull of Beekman Patent Dutchess County New York and Hallowell Prince Edward County Ontario Canada. My 3-Great Grandparents were Horace Martin (i) and Phoebe Bull of Southeastern Ontario in Canada West. 

I am seeking any information or details about THIS Phoebe Bull, (born after c. 180, in Hallowell, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada; daughter of Amos Bull and Martha Cunningham) and Phoebe's husband Horace Martin (i) or their son Horace Martin (ii) of Prince Edward County and Frontenac County "North of Kingston" in southeastern Ontario Canada.


Phoebe Bull (c 1804) Any Photos or Info please?
Horace Martin (i) (?-?) Husband of Phoebe Bull
Horace Martin (ii) (1844-1917) Lawyer, Son of Phoebe Bull,
Phoebe Bull (c. 1804; Hallowell Ontario Canada) and her husband Horace Martin (i) are my 3-Great-Grandparents.

There were no fewer than FIVE Phoebe Bulls in this family group alone!
Other Phoebe Bulls (of many more!) include her Aunts, her Cousins, and her Nieces. Were any members of this family group United Empire Loyalists UEL ?  Please any photos or info you have will be greatly appreciated.

They may have been Quakers (Bulls), Mennonites (Martins), and possible UEL Loyalists as the timing is just about right for all that (late 1700s early 1800s) and migration from Beekman Patent Dutchess County New York to Prince Edward County Hallowell Ontario Canada During that time.

(The ascending Line Of Bull is rather easily traced all the way back through the Clossons, Williamsons, and Howlands to early 1600s Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts and then back to England.)

Horace Martin (i) and Phoebe Bull's son Horace Martin (ii) (1844-1917) is my great great grandfather who married Anne Thompson (1846-1932). He was a Lawyer in Upper Canada or Canada West (now Ontario). I have photos and info to share on Anne Thompson and Horace Martin.   I would love to know more.  It is my pleasure to share any information etc. that I have with you.  Please write if you have anything at all.

Thank you so much for your help and consideration.
Respectfully, Steven J. Wamback
Special Thank You to Cousin Gerry Lucas of Kingston who has been researching the Martins and Bulls and has shared much information and many photographs, Thank you Gerry!
My Home Page:
I also have Pages and Family Trees on: and


Will of Our 9 Great Grandfather

Edward Bull (1620-1682)


Abstract from the will of Edward Bull

(Quoted by M.L. YOUNG)

Donnington, Co. Gloucester, England

2nd April 1679


My body to be buried at discretion of my executore.


I give my house wherein I now live with lands and belongings

to my kinsman

Anthony Gisborne of Loughborough, Co. Gloucester, Yeoman.

For the term of [?] years upon trust for my wife Elizabeth (Gisborne)

to have rents and profits thereof for said term and after...

John Bull my eldest son to take rents, etc., for remainder of said term.


My son John Bull in consideration of this bequest shall pay unto each of my 2 younger sons Isaac and Jacob the sum of L9 [nine pounds] each and another L9 at the end of 6 years after the death of my said wife.


I give the use of all my household goods with stock and cattle to my wife Elizabeth Bull during her life and after she be deceased I give the same to my daughter, Mary Bull.


Sole executor, my kinsman Anthony Gisborne.

Overseers my brothers Thomas Castell and kinsman John Gisborne.


The marks of Edward Bull and John Gisborne
Witnesses:  Thomas Castell and Thomas Day

Will proved at Stow-on-the-Wold on
25 May 1682 by executor.
Special Thank You to Cousin Gerry Lucas of Kingston Ontario Canada

 Josiah Bull (i) (1714-1796)



1 Phoebe Bull (MARTIN)
  + Horace MARTIN
    2 William James MARTIN b: 1834
Mary Ann JOHNSTON b: 1841
Horace MARTIN b: 1844 d: 6 FEB 1917
Anne THOMPSON b: 10 OCT 1846 d: 13 DEC 1932
Mary Ann MARTIN b: 1871
Sarah MARTIN b: 1874
Duncan MCNABB b: 1868
John MARTIN b: 1877
George MARTIN b: 16 SEP 1882
Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS
        3 James William MARTIN b: 1883
Martha EDMONDS b: 1878
Nellie M. MARTIN b: ABT 1918 d: 24 JUL 2000
Archibald FAIRBAIRN b: ABT 1917 d: NOV 1986
                  + Living RUSLING
            4 Stanley MARTIN
            4 James MARTIN
            4 Norman George MARTIN b: 1911 d: 1914
            4 Gladys Mary Susan MARTIN b: 1917 d: 1918



This old photograph shows our 3-great Grandmother Phoebe Bull's Brother George Bull (1809-1886 Son of Amos Bull) and his Wife Phoebe Leavens (1811-1901).    If you have any photographs of our ancestors, please share them with us.   Thank You!


Adolphustown Quaker Meeting House Ontario Canada

(Our Ancestors met Here)


Quaker Meeting Minutes Mention Amos Bull 11 Times


Quaker Meeting Minutes Mention Disowning a Phebe Bull

for "Going out of plainness of speech and apparel"

and for having child in "An Unmarried State"


But of course let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right aye?




Friends and Peace: Quaker Pacifist Influence

In Ontario to the Early Twentieth Century

by Lise Hansen

The Quaker quest for peace, rooted in seventeenth century England, branched into Ontario more than two hundred years later and continued to flourish and expand.   In 1661, the Society of Friends made this declaration of conscience to King Charles of England.


"We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and fightings with outward weapons, for any end or under any pretense whatsoever. And this is our testimony to the whole world. The spirit of Christ, by which we are guided, is not changeable, so as once to command us from a thing as evil and again to move into it, and we certainly do know, and so testify to the world, that the spirit of Christ which leads us into all Truth, will never move us to fight and war against any man with outward weapons, neither for the Kingdom of Christ, nor for the kingdoms of the world." 


In this regard,  I agree with the our Quaker Ancestors...

Let there be Peace On Earth!       


Loyalist Settlers & Quakers in The Bay of Quinte and

Prince Edward County Ontario circa 1800

Cousin Gerry Lucas has sent maps of this area which he located through the The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

and McGill University


A very special Thank You to

Cousin Gerry Lucas of Kingston Ontario

Prince Edward County Ontario Canada

The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

and McGill University




Loyalists and Quakers

We Are Decended From:

"The Line Of Bull"


This line can easily be traced back along several

(and sometimes even overlapping)

lines through the movements of Quakers from 1600s Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymoth Rock, and

The Mayflower...


Well, OK OK... It was some boat AFTER the Mayflower and he was only the Mayflower Guy's Brother...




These were Plymouth Bay settlers and Pilgrims...

Sons of our Eleven-Great Grandfather Henry Howland...

John Howland (via The Mayflower) and his brother...

Our direct Ten-Great Ancestor...  Arthur Howland

(who arrived on a Later Ship).

Uncle John Howland Brother of our 10-Great Grandfather Arthur Howland.

Uncle John arrived on Plymouth Rock on The Mayflower in 1620.

10-Great Grandfather Arthur Howland arrived on a later ship.


Our 10-Great Grandfather

Arthur Howland


Our Ten-Great Grandfather Plymouth Colony Pilgram Arthur Howland (1590-1675) was the brother of Mayflower Pilgram John Howland and arrived from England in the New World via a later ship.  Arthur Howland was fined and cited by the Plymouth Colony community many times for his being a Quaker which carried a civil penalty in the colony that was formed and settled to AVOID religious persecution.  Arthur was so old at the time of his citations that they just "let him go" because of his great age and because this was not quite yet the time of the witch hunts which occurred in the later 17th century (late 1600s).   This line of Quakers in our Family Tree can be followed from Plymouth Colony to Rhode Island to Dutchess Patent New York and finally to Prince Edward County Ontario.

Our Ancestors and Other  Immigrants Landing at Plymouth Colony in the early 1600s



Our 9-Great Grandfather:

Timothy Williamson

Was Killed by Indians!

       Our 9-Great Grandfather Timothy Williamson (1621-1676) was a Captain in King Philip's War according to the Vital Records of Marshfield.  The names of his parents were never known, nor whether he or Mary Howland his wife had other Children other than their daughter Mary Williamson (Our 8-Great Grandmother) and her sister Elizabeth.  From "TIMOTHY WILLIAMSON OF MARSHFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, AND HIS DESCENDANTS":  "At the outbreak of the trouble with the Indians....and thus, when the call came to the men of  Marshfield on 20 June 1676 to bear arms against the hostile red men, Timothy Williamson executed his will and made ready to go.  


     It is not known on what day he was killed, but presumably, he fell on the last day of July or on one of the first days of August, perhaps in one of the skirmishes at Bridgewater.  He was buried 6 August 1676, in what is called the Ceder Grove Cemetery, at Marshfield. 


     His will was offered for probate 2 November 1676."


     Timothy Williamson wisely donated some of his land for the building of the community church.  He lived so close to the church that he was paid to be its caretaker and to light the heating fires before church services.



( Pounds : Shillings : Pence)


An Inventory of the estate of Timothy Williamson deceased

taken the 20th of October 1676 by vs whose names are vnderwritten.


Item his mony and apparrell att 07 04 00

Item his meate kattle 30 00 00

Item 1 mare 01 10 00

Item his swine att 04 00 00

Item 2 beds in the westerly Chamber and furniture

belonging to them 09 10 00

Item 1 spinning wheele with other Lumber 00 10 00

Item in the Parlour 1 trundle bed and beding 01 10 00

Item Table linnine and other linnine 02 15 00

Item 1 New Table and forme att 01 06 00

Item 1 Chest and 5 Chaires with some other thinges 00 15 00

Item 1 bed in the other Chamber 03 00 00

Item his books att 00 15 00

Item his Armes and Amunition 01 10 00

Item 4 yardes of New Cloth and other smale thinges 01 00 00

Item his pewter att 03 00 00

Item vessells of brasse 01 15 00

Item Iron potts and other vessells 01 10 00

Item seueral thinges in the Kitchen 01 14 00

Item in the Leanto 1 bed and other thinges 04 00 00

Item beer vessells and other thinges in the celler 00 12 00

Item 20 pound of sheeps woole 00 15 00

Item his tooles att 03 05 00

Item his Cart and plow and tackling belonging to it 02 08 00

Item in the Mault house his haire Cloth 02 00 00

Item other lumber in the Mault house 01 00 00

Item baggs and Course teicking att 01 00 00

Item his English and Indian Corne 12 00 00

Item debts due to the estate 02 10 00

Item his housing and land 100 00 00     


Anthony Swon   Iohn Carver   Iosiah Swon


This Inventory was exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the 4th of Nouember 1676

on the oath of MaryWilliamson widdow.  Plymouth Colony Wills, Vol. III, part 2, f.21


Winslow Cemetery Marshfield?

Mary Closson (1687-1726) 

Wife of John Bull and mother of Josiah Bull (i)



 Please refer to the Decendancy Charts  and Family Tree Branches herein for more Dates and Details on these hardy pioneers and ancestors of ours.



Mary Williamson (1654-1721)

Daughter of Mary Howland (1629-1690)

and Timothy Williamson (1621-1676) 


This is just one small branch of our GROWING Family Tree. 

Our ancestry seems to lead us back to early New England Colonies heavily along the Quaker lines (and religious persecution) followed by subsequent immigration from Plymouth Mass to Rhode Island to Dutchess New York and finally to Ontario Canada as religious oppression but mostly loyalty to The Crown drove them to do so.   Most of our other ancestors seem to have come over to Canada directly from The British Isles around 1800 or so.  





"Branches Of The Family Tree

Crossing More Than Once"

Yes indeed, I have found it occurring in several places where names from one branch appear also on another.   When my Aunt Doris Bowyer Wilson (Mom’s sister) told her physician in Toronto that foot problems run in her family, the doctor asked, “Where does your family come from?” to which Aunt Doris responded,  “ The Perth-Sharbot Lake Region of Southeast Ontario”.   The doctor replied with, “Ahhh, THAT explains everything… INBREEDING is rampant in that region! ”  A TRUE Story!


Plymouth Colony Pilgrim Arthur Howland (1590-1675)

Our 10-Great Grandfather Arthur Howland




Our 6-Great Grandfather

Cyrus Richmond


The Life and Death of Cyrus Richmond


Cyrus Richmond and his second wife Phoebe Mott are our Six-Great Grandparents.  Cyrus’ birth year has been approximated as between about 1692 and 1698 in Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island.  Many records give the lifespan of Cyrus Richmond as from about 1692 or so to 1719 (just Google: “Cyrus Richmond”).  This would give Cyrus a total lifespan of about 27 or fewer years!   During these alleged 27 or fewer years, Cyrus would have been married twice (to Jane Crandall and to Phoebe Mott) and would have fathered no fewer than 11 children as follows and according to LDS and other records:


Jane Crandall married Cyrus Richmond on January 29, 1718 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island


The Children of Cyrus RICHMOND and Jane CRANDALL were as follows:

1.  Lydia Richmond, born 4 Nov 1719 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island

2.   Elizabeth Richmond, born 20 Jul 1722 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.

3.   John Richmond, born 19 Jun 1724 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.

4.   Ann Richmond, born 1 Sep 1726 in Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island.

5.  Cyrus Richmond, born 8 Dec 1730 in Westerly, Washington, RI.    (CYRUS Jr. A)


Phoebe Mott married Cyrus Richmond on 27 Mar 1734 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island


The Children of Cyrus RICHMOND and Phoebe MOTT were as follows:

1.   Jane Richmond was born on 7 Jun 1735 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

2.   Sylvester Richmond was born on 4 Jun 1737 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

3.   Phoebe Richmond was born on 25 Oct 1739 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

4.   Abigail Richmond was born on 16 Jul 1743 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

5.   Mary Richmond, born 15 Jul 1745 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut

6.   Cyrus Richmond born 26 May 1748 Stonington, New London, CT    (CYRUS Jr. B)


Cyrus Richmond MUST have lived at least until the conception of his youngest child Cyrus, (born: 26 May 1748) one would both hope and imagine. Yes?  Since the younger Cyrus was born on 26 May 1748, and human gestation is about nine months, we can assume that the elder Cyrus must have lived long enough to at least carry out that conception.   So, the earliest possible date of death for the elder Cyrus Richmond should be no earlier than September 1747 and was probably some time after that probable date of conception.  


All of this assumes of course that the elder Cyrus was in fact the legitimate father of his alleged offspring and did not die at least until after the approximate date of conception for Cyrus (Jr. B) his youngest child or at the very earliest DURING the actual event of conceiving that child but certainly no sooner… one would think.


Similarly, Phoebe Mott must have lived at least until the birth of her youngest offspring Cyrus (Jr. B) in 1748. (Please suggest any possible alternatives??)


If anyone has any more definitive information on the birth and death dates for Cyrus Richmond and Phoebe Mott, please E-mail me at  Until I have better evidence of birth and death dates for these ancestors, I will adopt the convention of “before” and “after” dates on the basis of the dates given by LDS for the children of Cyrus Richmond and Phoebe Mott.  Thus, and for purposes of convention and for my family trees recorded in both and and my personal genealogy home page, I will use the following tentative dates for these ancestors in my direct lineage:


Cyrus Richmond         1692-1748    (AFTER 1748 is assumed)

Phoebe Mott               1694-1748    (AFTER 1748 is assumed)

Abigail Richmond       1743-1819


These dates are by my convention only and are based on cumulative data approximations from various sources and known birth date information on offspring and will remain in place until better more precise data become available.  Please report any discrepancies, inaccuracies, or better data to me at  It is my desire that our genealogy and ancestry be recorded as accurately as is possible given the data at hand and the amount of time that has elapsed since these events occurred.   Thank you.  Respectfully, Steven J. Wamback

Our 5-Great Grandmother Abigail Richmond

Wife of our 5-Great Grandfather Daniel Cunningham



We shall return to the Dickson Line after next introducing the Bowyers



The Bowyer Line

Bowyer, Shiels, Montgomery 

Fraser, MacKenzie, Arkell




George Bowyer & Margaret Shiels

1865 Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate of our 3-Great Grandparents
George Bowyer and Margaret Shiels  15 April 1865
Town of Prescott, District of Johnstown, Province of Canada West (ONT)
Witnessed by William Montgomery who was most probably Margaret Shiels Grandfather and our Four-Great Grandfather who along with the Shiels  family and his wife Mary came from Crossgar, County Down in Northern Ireland.
(Special Thank You to a Very Special Distant Cousin PMC in Canada!)
Newspaper Middlesex London England in 1818. 
Newspaper Middlesex London England in 1818.
This petty thief (born in 1804) was probably not OUR George Bowyer of Middlesex (1813)  But Related?




Corrections & Additions are Welcome! 




Our Great Grandfather

Daniel Bowyer (1853-1925)

Lanark Co., 1903.    11182-03 Daniel BOWYER, 51, (widower of Susan Wilson), farmer, St. Johns Quebec, Augusta twp., son/of George BOWYER & Margaret SHIELS, married Mary Fraser CORR, 37, widow, Admaston twp., Carleton Place, daughter/of Donald FRASER & Agnes McKENZIE, witn: John H. & Annie Bell BRADFORD of Carleton Place, 4 Aug 1903 at Carleton Place.  (Widow Corr was the mother of Amer Corr my Grandfather Hugh Bowyer’s Half Brother.)


[Daniel Bowyer: FIRST marriage to Susan WILSON ]

Leeds & Grenville Co., 1885.   #006289-85 (Grenville Co): Daniel BOWYER, 33?, farmer, St. Johns Quebec, Augusta, son/of George BOWYER & Margaret SHIELDS, married Susan WILSON, 33, Augusta, same, d/o Andrew WILSON & Jane BOLTON, witn: Jane A. STUART & Florence RICKEY, both of Prescott, 7 May 1885 at Prescott


Family rumor had it for many years that Daniel Bowyer was given to drink and womanizing and ran off at one point to the USA for awhile and died a pauper in Potters Field in Rochester NY or Field Illinois.  

Daniel MAY BE buried at St. James Cemetery in

Maitland, Ontario, Canada.


From The St. James Anglican Cemetery Record book. 

St. James Cemetery in Maitland, Ontario, Canada. 

  #327 Bowyer, Daniel, died Jan 28, 1925, aged 73 years,
his first wife Susan Wilson, died Oct 24, 1902 aged 50 years.
Page from the Bowyer Family Bible listing George Bowyer and his wife Margaret Shiels, Mary Frances Bowyer, William James Bowyer, George Bowyer, Daniel Bowyer, Bertha Elizabeth Bowyer, and John Hugh Bowyer.  Daniel Bowyer (1858) is our Great Grandfather while
George Bowyer and Margaret Shiels are our 2-Great Grandparents.
(Special Thank You to a Very Special Distant Cousin PMC in Canada!)






Margaret Shiels, wife of George Bowyer.

d. Oct. 24, 1883, age 60 years,  2 months.

William Shiels, d Nov. 10, 1840, age 55 years.

Elizabeth Montgomery, his wife, d. May 16, 1838, age 40 years.

Hugh William Shiels, d. July 9, 1876, age 47 years, 6 months.

Blue Church Cemetery index publication (97-1)

published by The L&G Branch of the OGS.
The listings they have for our people in Blue Hill are:
BOWYER, George, L&G 80-4, Stone 11
BOWYER, George, L&G 80-4, Stone 12
BOWYER, John Hugh, L&G 80-4, Stone 12
BOWYER, Margaret, L&G 80-4, Stone 11
BOWYER, Margaret, L&G 80-4, Stone 12
MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth, L&G 80-4, Stone 10
MONTGOMERY, Fannie, L&G 80-4, Stone 464
MONTGOMERY, James, L&G 80-4, Stone 465
MONTGOMERY, Margaret, L&G 80-4, Stone 465
SHIELDS, Elizabeth, L&G 80-4, Stone 10
SHIELDS, William, L&G 80-4, Stone 10
SHIELS, Fanny, L&G 80-4, Stone 23
SHIELS, Hugh William, L&G 80-4, Stone 9
SHIELS, Margaret, L&G 80-4, Stone 11

The Old Blue Church (1845) and Burying Ground in Augusta, Grenville County, Ontario (now Leeds and Grenville United Counties) where a number of the graves of our Bowyer, Shiels, and Montgomery Ancestors can be found.


Our 2-Great Grandparents

George Bowyer 1813-? and

Margaret Shiels Bowyer 1823-1883

(Special Thank You to a Very Special Distant Cousin PMC in Canada!)


Our 3-Great Grandparents

William Shiels 1785-1840 and

Elizabeth Montgomery Shiels 1798-1838

(Special Thank You to a Very Special Distant Cousin PMC in Canada!)


1881 Canadian Census / Ontario

26. George BOWYER - 1881 Canadian Census / Ontario
Gender: Male   Birth: <1851> O <Ontario>

27. Jane BOWYER - 1881 Canadian Census / Ontario
Gender: Female   Birth: <1848> O <Ontario>

28. George BOWYER - 1881 Canadian Census / Ontario
Gender: Male   Birth: <1813> England

29. Daniel BOWYER - 1881 Canadian Census / Ontario
Gender: Male   Birth: <1853> De-Johns, <Newfoundland>

30. Margret BOWYER - 1881 Canadian Census / Ontario
Gender: Female   Birth: <1825> Ireland

31. Bertha BOWYER - 1881 Canadian Census / Ontario
Gender: Female   Birth: <1857> O <Ontario>
Message Board Post: Hi,  You may already have this info from the booklet "Births, marriages, deaths notices for the Brockville Paprs 1830- 1849" by leeds and Grenville Co., Gen. Soc. p. 61 24 April 1845.  Married By Rev. BOYD on the 15th inst., Corporal George BOWYER of the Royal Can. Rifle Regt. to Miss Margaret STEELE (<<SHIELS!!), both of Prescott.






Margaret Shiels, wife of George Bowyer.

d. Oct. 24, 1883, age 60 years,2 months.

William Shiels,

d Nov. 10, 1840, age 55 years.

Elizabeth Montgomery, his wife,

d. May 16, 1838, age 40 years.

Hugh William Shiels,

d. July 9, 1876, age 47 years, 6 months.

Margaret, wife of James Montgomery,

d. March 7, 1879, age 83 years, 4 months

Our 3-Great Uncle Hugh William Shiels 1828-1876 (Brother of Margaret)

(Special Thank You to a Very Special Distant Cousin PMC in Canada!)



(Bowyer-Fraser-MacKenzie-Arkell family line)


Our 3-Great Grandparents

Murdoch MacKenzie

& Elizabeth Arkel


Originally built in 1846, the current Talbot Trail Cafe at 86 Talbot Street in St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario was once the residence and home of our 3-great Grandfather Murdoch MacKenzie.




TORONTO (York) Ontario 1931. Agnes Fraser (1850-1931),  Mrs. Donald Fraser (nee McKenzie)   The Late Mrs. Donald Fraser – Mrs. Donald Fraser died at her residence, King street, on Sunday.  The deceased had been ill for some time.  She was a daughter of the late Murdock McKenzie, St. Thomas; was born in that city, came with her husband, manager of the Merchants’ bank, to Kingston in 1872.  She was greatly beloved by those who knew her best and generally esteemed for her many excellent virtues.



 The Will of Murdoch MacKenzie


FNAME[ MURDOCH                      


DATE[ JAN 2, 1873   

FILE[ 427  

MFNO[ 1378

NOTES[ - described as Esquire

- Executors: Donald K. McKenzie, St. Thomas,

merchant's clerk; Henry Arkell, Port Stanley, merchant

- daughter Mary Winewood Fraser <<<<?? IN LAW??

- son George McKenzie

{  ?? AGNES ??  }



Tombstone of our 3-Great Grandfather Murdoch MacKenzie of Rosshire Scotland and St. Thomas in Elgin County Ontario.   His wife our 3-Great Grandmother Elizabeth Arkell came from Gloucestershire England.  Their daughter Agnes MacKenzie married Donald Fraser in Kingston Ontario. 

The Fraser's daughter Mary Ann Fraser was my Grandfather  Hugh Donald Bowyer's mother. 


Thomas Arkell 1823-1906


The Arkells and MacKenzies were merchants, bankers, and politicians in early 1800s Ontario.  Elizabeth Arkell's brother, Thomas Arkel was the mayor of St. Thomas Ontario 1865-1871 and served in the House of Commons in 1878.   Their father William Arkell and his wife Hannah Walker of Late 1700s Gloucestershire England are my 4-Great Grandparents.


 Another Arkell sibling, our 3-Great Grandmother Elizabeth Arkell's brother, John Arkell returned to England from Canada and founded the Arkell Brewery in 1843 in Swindon Gloucestershire and has been operating these past 170 years. 


Here is a round for you,

Great Great Grand Uncle John Arkell!  Cheers!

And "Ahoy!" to all our dear Arkell cousins across the pond!

 Arkells Brewery:

The Worlds Finest Beers & Ales! 

A FAMILY Favourite!



Arkell's Brewery Limited, Kingsdown Brewery, Swindon, SN2 7RU
Tel. 01793 823026  Fax. 01793 828864 

email  website







Uncle Thomas (brother of Elizabeth Arkel) And Aunt Agnes Arkel St. Thomas Cemetery, Ontario



Two Lives Touch
When I touch the soil
That touches your remains
My heart is touched as well
May you rest in peace
and in our memories


Please Visit Our Ancestor Memorials at:


Mary Ann Martin Dickson


Private Russel James Dickson


Murdoch MacKenzie


Elizabeth Arkell MacKenzie


Timothy Williamson


Arthur Howland & Margaret Reed




Your tombstone stands among the rest
Neglected and alone.
The name and date are chiseled out
On polished, marble stone.
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn.
You did not know that I exist
You died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you
In flesh, in blood, in bone,
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
Entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor, the place you filled
One hundred years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left
Who would have loved you so.
I wonder if you lived and loved.
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot,
and come to visit you.
Author Unknown


Our Great Great Grandfather on the Bowyer Side

Donald Fraser 1844-1926

 Canadian Banker:  Montreal, London, St. Thomas, Perth, & Kingston


The History of Canadian Business, 1867-1914 - Google Books Result

by R. T. Naylor - 1997 - Business & Economics - 358 pages
Donald Fraser, a longstanding private banker in Kingston and a former local manager of the Merchants' Bank
, was one of the casualties. ...


The Ontario Reports: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the ... - Google Books Result

by Ontario High Court of Justice - 1898
THE MERCHANTS BANK OF CANADA v. HENDERSON. ... about ten miles from Kingston, and the payee of the note was one
Donald Fraser,  private banker at Kingston, ...



YORK Ontario 1931. Agnes Fraser (1850-1931),  Mrs. Donald Fraser (nee McKenzie)   The Late Mrs. Donald Fraser – Mrs. Donald Fraser died at her residence, King street, on Sunday.  The deceased had been ill for some time.  She was a daughter of the late Murdock McKenzie, St. Thomas; was born in that city, came with her husband, manager of the Merchants’ bank, to Kingston in 1872.  She was greatly beloved by those who knew her best and generally esteemed for her many excellent virtues. 


 St. Thomas Journal  St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada 

24 June 1909  Page 1  c5   

Died - Martin Fraser, 76 years, June 23, brother of William Fraser


 Children of William Fraser and Catherine Adamson:

Duncan Fraser,  Donald Fraser,  Martin Fraser, 

William Fraser,  Annie Fraser


Elgin County Marriages, 1853 to 1873

August 1, 1872,  St. Thomas,  Ontario

Rev. George Cuthbertson, License, St. Thomas

Donald FRASER,  31,  Montreal;  Perth, Ontario,  Banker,

s. William Fraser & Catharine ADAMSON, Presbyterian

??>>Winwood Mary McKENZIE, 31, St. Thomas, St. Thomas,


d. Murdock McKenzie & Bessie (Elizabeth) ARKELL, Presbyterian

witnesses: Frank ERMATINGER, Annie ERMATINGER,

both of St. Thomas

August 1, 1872, St. Thomas,

Rev. George Cuthbertson, License, St. Thomas


[Donald Fraser: Possible first marriage ??  

to Mary Winwood MacKenzie ?? 

Then to Agnes MacKenzie Later??]



Elgin County Marriages, 1853 to 1873

Elgin County Branch Ontario Genealogical Society

PAGE 160  Entry # 480.

Donald FRASER, 31, Montreal; Perth, Ontario, B, banker,

William Fraser & Catharine ADAMSON, Presbyterian

Winwood Mary McKENZIE, 31, St. Thomas, St. Thomas,

Murdock McKenzie & Bessie ARKELL, Presbyterian

witnesses: Frank ERMATINGER, Annie ERMATINGER,

both of St. Thomas

August 1, 1872, St. Thomas, Rev. George Cuthbertson,

License, St. Thomas



Your Help is needed...

Was Mary Winwood possibly a widow

of a Murdoch MacKenzie Son ? (George?)

Did Donald Fraser marry TWO MacKenzie sisters?

If Donald Fraser Married

Mary Winwood MacKenzie in August 1872…

(as noted above)

How did he come to arrive in Kingston with his wife

Agnes MacKenzie ALSO in 1872 ???

(as noted below)

Are there any Death Records for Mary Winwood MacKenzie ??

OR for Mary Winewood MacKenzie ??

Is Winewood or Winwood a MAIDEN name??

Please help me research this one!


YORK Ontario 1931. Agnes Fraser (1850-1931),  Mrs. Donald Fraser (nee McKenzie)   The Late Mrs. Donald Fraser – Mrs. Donald Fraser died at her residence, King street, on Sunday.  The deceased had been ill for some time.  She was a daughter of the late Murdock McKenzie, St. Thomas; was born in that city, came with her husband, manager of the Merchants’ bank, to Kingston in 1872.  She was greatly beloved by those who knew her best and generally esteemed for her many excellent virtues.


Previously printed in the Bruce Bulletin,

Volume 14, Issue 3, August 2003

From the Perth Courier, Friday, October 18, 1867


Paisley, 8th October, 1867.

The Village of Walkerton proper contains about seven hundred inhabitants, and a sufficient number of houses, hotels, stores, churches and the inevitable blacksmith shops, to afford them shelter and supply their material and spiritual wants.  An agency of the

Commercial Bank has been recently established in the place, under the management of

Mr. Donald Fraser, son of William Fraser, Esq., Treasurer of Lanark, which is likely to do a good business,

as the need of such an institution was much felt in the County;  and under Mr. Fraser’s management it can scarcely fail to be as convenient to the public as profitable to the managers.


11182-03 Daniel BOWYER, 51, widower, farmer, St. Ja--? Que., Augusta twp., s/o George BOWYER & Margaret SHIELDS, married Mary Fraser CORR (Carr?), 37, widow, Admaston twp., Carleton Place, d/o Donald FRASER & Agnes McKENZIE, witn: John H. & Annie Bell BRADFORD of Carleton Place, 4 Aug 1903 at Carleton Place


Perth Courier, July 10, 1874

Fraser—Birth, at the Merchant’s Bank of Canada,

Kingston, 1st of July, the wife of Donald Fraser of a son.



Kingston Merchants Bank ....Donald Fraser, Manager



 More About Donald Fraser: Kingston Weekly British Whig


From AM Benson    Weekly British Whig   November 15, 1894

Will  Have A Cheese Factory: An Address to Wolfe Islanders   

By Donald Fraser, of Kingston.

Wolfe Island, Nov 18th –


About one month ago R J Spoor, reeve of Wolfe Island, canvassed the locality in which he lives with a view to opening a cheese factory. Receiving good encouragement a meeting was called in the schoolhouse for that purpose last Friday evening. Donald Fraser Kingston, accepted an invitation and attended the meeting. Among those present were: Messrs William Taggart, Thos Dee, John Spoor, William Staley, Archibald Staley, Asa Hough, John McCarthy, John Greenwood, Edward Greenwood, Nicholas Mosier, James McCarthy, Thomas Greenwood, Edward Lyons, Thomas O’Reilly and Robert Grimshaw.

RJ Spoor acted as chairman, and after explaining the manner in which the business would be conducted, introduced Mr Fraser who spoke at length on the importance of the cheese industry in Ontario; of the most profitable grade of cattle and how to manage them, of the necessity of farmers being accurate in their business. The lecture was the best that has been delivered in the interest of the farmers on Wolfe Island for many years past.

  Archibald Staley followed in a very able manner, also dwelling on the advantages obtained by the cheese business, and of the great men of the world. He urged the farmers to maintain their independence. Thomas O’Reilly spoke in favor of the enterprise and interested those present by giving an account of the shrinkage of a live hog and one when dressed for market.

On the whole the meeting was very interesting and one long to be remembered. The factory will be opened in May next and operated on scientific principles. After those present subscribed their names to the number of 150 cows the meeting tendered Donald Fraser a vote of thanks for his instructive lecture and adjourned to meet at the same place Dec 15th next for the election of officers.



 More About Donald Fraser: Kingston Weekly British Whig


From:  AM Benson      Weekly British Whig      January 3, 1895

Ontario Cheese Factory –

It has been established at the Head of Wolfe Island


Wolfe Island, Nov 19th –  On Wednesday, 19th inst, the patrons of the new cheese factory, head of Wolfe Island, held their second meeting in the school house for the purpose of completing arrangements and electing officers for 1895. Donald Fraser, being invited, was present, and from the valuable lecture he gave at the last meeting, a great number came to hear him. R J spoor was appointed chairman and explained the officer’s duties and the various points in connection with the business.

Mr Fraser took for his lecture the following points: The quality of cheese; the British market: the cow, feed, milk; land and the farmer… William Staley spoke of how to feed cattle and the preparation of soil for summer rotation of green fodder. He gave his experience in connection with the vast corn fields of Michigan; also how to raise mangols and other roots for profit.

George Greenwood followed and said an Irishman was allowed to speak twice and a Frenchman until he was understood. His speech was humorous and to the point. He was not in favor of a creamery system of butter-making, maintaining that the old system was the best. He stated that the best time to sow onion, carrot and lettuce seed was in the fall just before the ground freezes up.

A Staley spoke of the different grades of cattle and of the necessity of sending pure milk to the factory. He summed up the speeches in a neat manner and paid a tribute to Mr Fraser for the valuable assistance and information he gave. After all the speeches were heard the following officers were elected; John Spoor secretary; James McCarthy, treasurer, Archibald Staley, salesman, William Grimshaw Jr, William Staley and Nicholas Mosier, trustees. The factory was named by Mr Fraser the Ontario Cheese Factory, commemorative of the Ontario cheese industry at the world’s fair, Chicago, also being situated at the foot of Lake Ontario.




The Dicksons


Our Dear Grandmother

Carrie Elizabeth Dickson

Wife of Hugh Donald Bowyer


Decendancy Chart For Our Grandmother Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer from John Howland (1481) England...  Through Immigration to Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts...  Through Religious Persecution which sent them to Rhode Island and Dutchess, New York…  (They were Quakers.)  And finally Loyalist migration from United States to Prince Edward County Ontario Canada during the American Revolutionary  War & 1812 period.



Birth Place


Death Place





Carrie Elizabeth Dickson

13 October 1902

Sharbot Lake Ontario Canada

May 1981

Toronto Ontario Canada

Mary Ann Martin

Thomas James Dickson

Hugh Donald Bowyer

Mother of Hugh, Doris, Joyce, & June Bowyer

Mary Ann Martin

06 November 1871

Portland Township Frontenac County Ontario Canada

20 March 1930

Perth Lanark County Ontario Canada

Anne Thompson

Horace Martin (II)

Thomas James Dickson

Mother of 10 children

Horace Martin (II)

15 July 1844

Portland Township Frontenac County Ontario Canada

06 February 1917

Sharbot Lake Ontario; Burried Oso Ontario Canada

Phoebe Bull

Horace Martin (I)

Anne Thompson


Phoebe Bull


Hallowell Prince Edward County Ontario Canada

28 December 1889

Kingston Ontario Canada

Martha Cunningham

John Bull

Horace Martin (I)

Loyalists from New York

Amos Bull

04 December 1768

Beekman Dutchess County New York (USA)


Prince Edward County Ontario Canada

Mehetable Thomas

Josiah Bull (II)

Martha Cunningham

Migrated from New York to Ontario

Josiah Bull (II)

03 August 1738

Beekman Dutchess County New York (USA)

05 June 1813

Beekman Dutchess County New York (USA)

Ruth Tripp

Josiah Bull (I)

Mehetable Thomas

Beekman Dutchess County New York (USA)

Josiah Bull (I)


Jamestown Newport Rhode Island


Beekman Dutchess County New York (USA)

Mary Closson

John Bull

Ruth Tripp

Migrated from Rhode Island to New York

Mary Closson

05 January 1687

Little Compton Newport Rhode Island (USA)


Dutchess County New York (USA)

Mary Williamson

Josiah Closson

John Bull

Migrated from Rhode Island to New York

Mary Williamson

07 July 1654

Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts (USA)


Little Compton Newport Rhode Island (USA)

Mary Howland

Timothy Williamson

Josiah Closson

Migrated from Plymouth Massachusetts to Rhode Island

Mary Howland

07 July 1629

Huntingdon Cambridgeshire England

26 August 1690

Marshfield Plymouth Massachusetts (USA)

Margaret Reed

Arthur Howland

Timothy Williamson

Plymouth Massachusetts Bay Colony

Arthur Howland


Cambridge Cambridgshire England

30 October 1675

Marshfield Plymouth Massachusetts (USA)

Anne Margaret Aires

Henry Howland

Margaret Reed


(Bro. John) 

Plymouth Mass; Plymouth Mass Bay Colony

Henry Howland


Fen Stanton Huntingdonshire England

17 May 1635

Fen Stanton Huntingdonshire England

Emma Revell

John Howland (III)

Anne Margaret Aires

Fen Stanton Huntingdonshire England

John Howland (III)

10 August 1541

Essex England

10 January 1612

White Chapel Middlesex England

Agnes Greenway

John Howland (II)

Emma Revell


John Howland (II)


Newport Pond Essex England


Newport Pond Essex England

Agnes Agnette

John Howland (I)

Agnes Greenway


John Howland (I)


Newport Pond Essex England


Newport Pond Essex England



Agnes Agnette

Born 11 years before Columbus sailed

Decendancy Chart For Our Grandmother Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer from John Howland (1481) England...  Through Immigration to Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts...  Through Religious Persecution which sent them to Rhode Island and Dutchess, New York…  (They were Quakers.)  And finally arrived in Canada via Loyalist migration from the United States to Prince Edward County Ontario Canada during the American Revolutionary  War & 1812 period.



Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Loyalty And The Crown


When I was just a very small child in the late 1950s and early 1960s, my Grandmother Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer of Perth Ontario Canada would ask me, "Who is the pretty lady?"

Whereupon I would point to the portrait of Her Majesty,Queen Elizabeth II which always hung on the wall of our home in Toronto even before I had learned to speak. 


Nana just loved The Queen and everything associated with the Royal Family, with England, and with the British Empire.  Even though I was born in the USA and have lived in The States most of my life, my dear Grandmother's unconditional loyalty and respect for The Crown has remained with me and is a part of me ever since those early childhood days. 


I know that Grandmother in turn must have learned this loyalty to royalty from her family.  It is these facts which make me realize that I am descended from people who loved and respected our British roots and the monarchs of the realm. 


I do not know if we are descended from UEL United Empire Loyalists or not.  The timing of our various arrivals in Canada is certainly right and even more importantly, that unbroken chain of Loyalty to the Crown remains in me and hopefully in my Canadian cousins to this day.   A heritage that goes far beyond our Canadian genes and our British DNA.  God Save The Queen.






 Genealogy Notes In MSWord .DOC Files:


These notes are merely cut and pasted from many internet sources.

Their accuracy is not assured.  I am still reading and reviewing many.

The contents of the following note files are yet maleable and

unlike the names they bear, are not yet carved in stone.

Please open, copy, and use these .DOC Files

saved in MSWord at your own risk.  ALL THE PEOPLE.doc  ALL THE PEOPLE.doc


















RUSSEL JAMES DICKSON: The Boy Who Died On Vimy Ridge






Our Four-Great Grandfather On the Dickson Side

Soldier Settler


Sixteenth (Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire) Regiment

And York Chasseurs And Bathurst Militia

Please Credit This William Bygrove Research to: 

Ron W. Shaw of Canada


William Tansley Bygrove was born in 1792, probably at Henlow.  William was likely the son of Edward Biggrave/Bigrough/Bygrove (1770-1845) and Mary Tansley (1770-1808) and, if so, had a sister Ann (b. 1791). William's grandparents were probably James Bigrave/Biggrave (d. 1782) and Ann Upton (dates unkown).  William Tansley Bygove joined the Sixteenth (Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot in early 1812.  He served in Ireland, probably deserted, and was sentenced to "Unlimited Service" in a penal regiment, the York Chasseurs.  He was shipped with his regiment to the West Indies in 1815.  William fathered at least one daughter in Jamaica, Mary Ann (b. 1816) and possibly another daughter, Matilda (b. 1818 d. 1819).  He was subsequently shipped to Canada in 1819, demobilized, granted land, fathered seven more children, and died aged 89 in 1882.


A Mystery At Sea ?


The mother of William Bygrove's 3-year old daughter Mary Ann, with whom census data claim that William arrived in Canada, remains quite a mystery with some international intrigue...


According to Ron W. Shaw of Canada:


The vessels “Bodica” and “Mariner” arrived at St. Vincent 05 November 1815 and the vessels “Mary” and “Promise” reached Grenada on 07 November 1815. William Bygrove and the other prisoner-soldiers of the York Chasseur contingent shipped from Portsmouth in September 1815, appear to have been reinforcements for a York Chasseur battalion already serving in the West Indies.


It was British military custom at this time for a few wives and children to travel with their soldier husbands and fathers. Probably about seven to 10 percent of enlisted men were married but even fewer were allowed to bring their wives & families on overseas posting. It has not been established if Pvt. William Bygrove sailed to the West Indies with a wife or if he acquired one en route or soon after landing on Grenada or St. Vincent.


It was also British military custom that women travelling with the regiment, who lost their husbands, should remarry another soldier within three or four months or risk losing their army supplied accommodation and rations.


Considering the rigors of a voyage by troop ship, the fevers of the West Indies, and the effects of “New Rum” it is likely Pvt. Bygrove would have had a number of widows to choose from if he married aboard ship or in the islands.  It is also possible William could have married a woman from among the indentured servants serving there (many being descendents of the transported Scots clansmen captured at Culloden).  He could even have found a wife among the merchant or planter class, but this seems most unlikely.


There is also the remote possibility that he married a black woman.


The timing of his daughter Mary Ann’s birth (10 Sep 1816) might argue in favor of William having been accompanied by a wife when shipped from England. If he married on Grenada or St. Vincent he must have done so within a few weeks of landing (or even while still at sea) as Mary Ann would have been conceived in December 1815 or January 1816. By September 1816 most companies of the York Chasseurs were transferred to garrison duty on Jamaica making it most likely that Mary Ann was born there or en route.


As regards Mary Ann, the Bathurst Township census records are inconsistent and almost certainly inaccurate. In 1851 the birthplace column is blank, in 1861 it says Ireland and in 1871 says E.I … meaning perhaps East Indies.  But Mary Ann’s obituary and various family histories agree she was born in the West Indies.  Mary Ann Bygrove’s obituary states,


“She was born in the West Indies in the year 1816 and came to Bathurst with her father when quite young where she resided until her death.”


A second daughter, Matilda, was also born in the West Indies (most likely on Jamaica). Only the name of this child is known, she seems to have been born and died between late 1817 and mid 1819.


Both Mary Ann Bygrove and William Bygrove arrived in Upper Canada from the West Indies. Never the less it must be noted that the National Archives record of William Bygrove’s land grant says;


William Bygrove, Corp. York Chasseurs, 1 adult male, years of service left blank, country Ireland, located Oct. 7, 1819, Bathurst C7 SW6 SDP”


It seems most likely, however, that William’s (first) wife and daughter, Mathilda, died before he arrived in Bathurst Township. Mary Ann (who would have been only three years of age at the time) could have been in the care of others until William could make a home for her on his bush lot.


It is also possible that William’s wife and child arrived in Canada, or at least in Bathurst Township, later than William himself but, if we consider Mary Ann Bygrove-Dixon’s obituary to be perfectly accurate (in terms of both what it says and what it does not say) then the phrase she “came to Bathurst with her father when quite young" tends to confirm the Bygrove family of 1819 consisted of only Mary Ann and her father (William). There is no mention of Mary Ann’s mother and no mention of any siblings.


Please Credit The Above William Bygrove Research to: 

Ron W. Shaw of Canada


Please Credit Samuel Dixon & James Dixon Dickson Research to: 

Ron W. Shaw of Canada




 Our 3-Great Grandmother:

Mary Ann Bygrove

Born: 10 September 1816 Jamaica West Indies

Died: February 1899 Bathurst Township Lanark County Ontario Canada Married:  James Dickson 17 June 1833 in Perth Ontario Canada
Children of James Dixon Dickson And Mary Ann Bygrove:
Elizabeth Dixon b. 1834
Samuel Dixon b. 1836
Mary Ann Dixon b.  1838

William H. Dickson 1841-1913
Of Our Direct Line
Robert Dickson b. 1843
Isabelle Dixon b.  1845
Catherine Dixon b. 1846
Sarah Ann Dixon b. 1849
Hannah Dixon b. 1852
Maria Dixon b. 1853



11 Generations of Bygrove-Dickson-Bowyer-Wamback Decendency

1.         James Bygrove (Bigrave/Biggrave/Bygrove) (d. 1782) + Ann Upton (dates unknown)

2.         Edward Bygrove (Biggrave/Bigrough/Bygrove) (1770-1845) + Mary Tansley (1770-1808)

3.         William Tansley Bygrove (1792-1882) + 1st Wife Unknown (Home? Ship? Jamaica?)

4.         Mary Ann Bygrove (West Indies 1816-1889) + James Dickson (1832-1886)

5.         William H. Dickson (1841-1913) + Catherine Briggs (1834-1874)                                                

6.         Thomas James Dickson (1864-1931) + Mary Ann Martin (1870-1930)

7.         Carrie Elizabeth Dickson (1902-1981) + Hugh Donald Bowyer

8.         June Elizabeth Bowyer Wamback (1934) +  Angelo Emanuel Bonforti

9.         Steven James Bowyer Dickson Bonforti Wamback (1957) + Patricia Pamela Pedley Romaniak

10.       My Son: Joshua James Wamback (1981)  &  My Daughter: Victoria Elizabeth Wamback (1983)

11.       Gloria June Wamback (2009), My First Grandchild!




 Thomas James Dickson (1864-1931) Family Tree and Ascendancy


Our Great Grandparents:

Thomas Dickson (1864-1931) 


Mary Ann Martin (1871-1930)



Thomas James Dickson and Mary Anne Martin Dickson:

Our Great Grandparents.  The parents of my sweet dear Nana, Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer & 9 other Dickson siblings including Russel James Dickson who died in WWI (below).


Please refer to the decendency charts herein for dates and details.  From my research and experience, I have found all the Dicksons to be kind, gentle, hardworking folks.


Private Russel James Dickson WWI

Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Forces

130th Lanark-Renfrew Battalion

Then: Toronto 3rd Infantry Battalion

Wounded April 9, 1917 On Vimy Ridge France

Died April 12, 1917

Burried at Bruay in Flanders Fields

Russel was just seventeen.



In Memory of Russel James Dickson

(7 August 1899 – 12 April 1917)

Russel James Dickson 1899-1917



The Boy Who Died On Vimy Ridge

By Steven James Bowyer-Dickson-Bonforti-Wamback (2008)


At the end of the Eighteen Hundreds in the year of Ninety-nine,

Thomas and Mary Ann Dickson bore a son handsome, brave and fine.

Descended from hardy Canadian stock, Loyalists, and pioneers,

They farmed Ontario’s fertile soils and enjoyed peace for a hundred years.


Among the thousands of boys who die in wars, Russel was just one.

He might have been our uncle, friend, or brother... this Thomas’ and Mary Ann’s son.

From war to war, we measure our history.  Sadly this no nation can abridge.

Just seventeen short years later, Russel James would fight and die on Vimy Ridge.


In France by Nineteen Fifteen, there was no stopping the Hun invasion.

Britain called upon her boys from every Commonwealth Nation.

Russel James heard this call from his Country and his King.

For honor, for glory, for manhood, for Canada, he would sacrifice every thing.


When they asked him for his date of birth, “Eighteen Ninety-seven” he attested.

The lie he told for honor that day would see his young life soon arrested.

Mustered in, lie not found out, and with shiny new uniform unfurled,

Home to Lanark County for goodbye hugs and photos; then off to see the World.


The One Thirtieth had collected boys from Smiths Falls, Perth, and Sharbot Lake.

They drilled them, marched them, trained them hard; and Men of them did make.

Late in Nineteen Sixteen, Russel was absorbed into the Third Infantry Battalion;

But proudly on his collar wore his One Thirtieth Lanark-Renfrew brass medallion.


Through mud and blood and body parts and craters, we can never know that stench,

These boys they fought and toiled and died to dig another stinking trench.

A mile of ground they gained that day, hauled back the dead, and cut and hung more wire.

All this they braved without complaint and under steady machine gun fire.


A year of plans were made for this day; and each man prayed he would not die.

On Easter Monday April Ninth, young Russel took one in his thigh.

They did their best to save his life at the Twenty-Second Casualty Clearing Station;

But on Thursday April Twelfth, Russel gave the last he had for glory and for his Nation.


In this Great War to end all wars, the best allied efforts had generally been failing;

But on the day that Russel died, the Canadian allies found themselves prevailing.

Artillery fire, a creeping barrage, rationed ammo, wire cutters, and for each a dram o’ rum,

Neigh thirty-six hundred Canadians died that day to get this victory won.


Today white crosses and poppies stand o’er remains in the cemetery at Bruay.

Let us not forget those lives lost… now a hundred years away.

From war to war, we measure our history.  Sadly this no nation can abridge.

Just seventeen years old was Russel the boy, but nay...

The Man... who died on Vimy Ridge.


Russel James Dickson 1899-1917 (Photo c. 1915)       


Russel James Dickson with Grandma Ann Thompson Martin

(Wife of Horace Martin)

Our Grandma Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer in the doorway.


In  Flanders Fields 1917.

Russel James Dickson died April 12, 1917 of wounds received on

Vimy Ridge in France on April 9, 1917 at the age of 17 years.

Please Rest In Peace Dear Grand Uncle Russel




Here is our Grandmother, Carrie Elizabeth Dickson (1902-1981)

in 1917 at the age of 15.  She lost both her Grandfather Horace Martin and her brother Russel that year. 

Carrie Elizabeth Dickson and her brother Russel James Dickson

were 2 of the 10 Dickson siblings.

Here are 8 of the 10 children of Thomas and Mary Ann Dickson.

These include: Willie, Hattie, Violet, Russel with hands on Sarah's shoulders, Mildred holding Carrie, Leata, and Sarah.  The two youngest Dickson boys Fleetwood and Floyd were not born at the time of this photograph taken circa late 1903.


Our Great Grandfather Thomas James Dickson (1864-1931) with his two youngest sons Fleetwood and Floyd.  This photo was probably taken circa 1920 if we estimate the age of the boys at around ten or so.  Below is a Portrait of Thomas Dickson.

Thomas James Dickson and Mary Anne Martin Dickson

Our Great Grandparents.  The parents of my sweet dear Nana, Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer & 9 other Dickson siblings including Russel.  Please refer to the decendency charts herein for dates and details.  From my research and experience, I have found all the Dicksons to be kind, gentle, hardworking folks and deeply Loyal to the Crown.

Our Great Grandmother Mary Ann Martin Dickson (1871-1930) in her later years.  She bore 10 children to Thomas between 1890 and 1908.  She passed away on 20 March 1930 at the age of 59. 

Her obituary is posted below.


Our Great Aunts Millie and Violet

Mildred Martha Dickson and Violet Ann Dickson

Aunt Millie married Alex Rimmington and Aunt Violet married Allen Murray who served overseas in World War I.

They were in their senior years when I knew them in the 1960s.

I remember these women and their husbands and their homes from my earliest childhood... Warm Happy Memories.



    Violet Ann Dickson          William Horace Dickson and Mabel        Floyd Dickson and Pearl


Aunt Violet's husband Allen Murray       Uncle Allen Murray and Aunt Violet Dickson  



Thomas James Dickson

July 4, 1864

Mary Anne Dickson

November 6, 1871

Leata Pearl Dickson

September 21, 1890

William Horace Dickson

January 8, 1892

Hattie May Dickson

September 4, 1893

Sarah Ethel Dickson

November 12, 1894

Violet Ann Dickson

September 4, 1896

Mildred Martha Dickson

December 22, 1897

Russel James Dickson

August 7, 1899

Carrie Elizabeth Dickson

October 8, 1902

Fleetwood H. Dickson

August 5, 1905

Floyd Dickson

June 3, 1908


Here is a photo from around 1920 in Perth or Sharbot Lake Ontario showing our Grandmother Carrie Elizabeth Dickson (Bowyer, left) and her sister Mildred Martha Dickson (right), my Aunt Millie who married Alex Rimington and who teased as she served us "Tough Old Rooster" for dinner at her home in Toronto when I was a child in the 1960s.  By the way, that is also Aunt Millie holding the infant (my Nana Carrie) in the Dickson Children Photo above.   Love the hats, Ladies!

Here is my Nana, Carrie Elizabeth Dickson again around 1920.


Here are our grandparents Hugh Donald Bowyer (1904-1977) and Carrie Elizabeth Dickson (1902-1981) who were married in Perth Ontario in 1923.  Their four children included: Doris Bowyer (Aunt Doris Wilson), Hugh Dickson Bowyer (Uncle Bud, OBE & RCMP), June Elizabeth Bowyer (my mother), and Joyce Bowyer who died in childhood, a horrible loss that Nana never quite got over and the pain of which

she carried with her for the rest of her life. 

May the souls of our departed loved ones & family all rest in Peace.

Lanark Co, 1923.  14273-23 (Lanark Co) Hugh Donald BOWYER, 19, machinist, Maitland, Smith Falls, son/of Daniel BOWYER (b. Canada) & Mary FRASER, married Carrie Elizabeth DICKSON, 21, maid at hospital, Sharbot Lake, Perth, daughter/of Thomas J. DICKSON (b. Canada) & Annie MARTIN, witn: Robert J. BEATTY & Mrs Hattie BANVILLE both of Perth, 17 Nov 1923 at Perth.


Wilma Joyce Bowyer

Taken too young;

Loved and missed by all.


Here is my Mom... June Elizabeth Bowyer (1934)


Aunt Doris Bowyer Wilson & Uncle Weldon Wilson


 Here is our Grandfather Hugh Donald Bowyer (1904) who spent 53 years with the CPR Canadian Pacific Railway and with the Canadian Army in World War II.   Gramps was a decorated officer in WWII  (Order Of The British Empire) and worked his way up from bottom to top in the CPR over 53 years.   Gramps was a born expediter, manager, and leader.  One would not dare to cross him!  That is why both the CPR and General Eisenhower put him in charge of railroad rolling stock

and railway motor power.

Gramps began working for the CPR as a messenger boy in Smiths Falls at the age of 14 and remained with them until he retired in Toronto 53 years later.  I have lots of photos of Gramps but he left very little information on and no photos of his family that I am aware of.  He retired from the CPR in the early 1970s.   I remember visiting him at his office in Union Station in Toronto when I was a very small child where he took me out and showed me the railway barns, yards, and engine roundhouse.

 Here is our Grandfather Hugh Donald Bowyer with his two daughters, Doris Bowyer Wilson, my Aunt Doris and my Mom, June Elizabeth Bowyer.  The little guys are Aunt Doris' two sons, my cousins, Bryan Wilson and Murray Wilson. 

I estimate the date of the photo to be about 1955 or so.

Hugh Donald Bowyer (Son of Daniel Bowyer and widow Mary Fraser Corr) is my maternal Grandfather.  He Married  Carrie Elizabeth Dickson of Perth & Sharbot Lake, my Grandmother, in 1923.  (This photo was taken of Gramps & Nana in 1956 at the wedding of my Mom June Elizabeth Bowyer to my biological father Angelo Emanuel Bonforti.)  

Grandma and Grandpa had 3 daughters,

Doris, Joyce, and June (my Mom). 

Joyce died in childhood.  Their son (my Uncle Bud) Hugh Dickson Bowyer was with the RCMP in BC for many years and is now retired in Vancouver, British Columbia.


 Here is Uncle Bud (Hugh Dickson Bowyer) OBE & RCMP with my Aunt Joan, and my cousins Tiare Bowyer and Tracy Jo Bowyer in Vancouver, B.C.  Uncle Bud received the British Empire Medal

for helping to save the life of an injured miner during a mine cave-in

and at great peril to his own life.


Hugh Dickson Bowyer    Sir George Vanier    Hugh Donald Bowyer

Uncle Bud receiving The British Empire Medal in Ottawa Canada.


Here is our Grandfather Hugh Donald Bowyer reeling in a Sailfish in Barbados in the 1970s.  After 53 years with the CPR, he deserved a little R&R !  Nice catch gramps! 


Hugh Donald Bowyer 1904-1977



Steven James

Your web site host reading his Toronto Globe & Mail in 1959.


My Mom, June Elizabeth Bowyer and me,

Steven James Bowyer-Dickson-Bonforti-Wamback (c. 1960).

I love you Momma!


Christmas 1959.   Bryan Wilson, Grandma Joyce Wilson, Murray Wilson, Aunt Doris Bowyer Wilson, Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer, Steven James... Wamback, & June Elizabeth Bowyer... Wamback

Uncle Weldon Wilson was the awesome photographer for this one.  


Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer (1902-1981)  &  Steven James (1957- )

My Grandmother Carrie Elizabeth Dickson Bowyer & me.

Nana passed away in 1981, just a month before her first

great grandchild, my son Joshua James was born.

I have missed my dear Grandmother... my Nana!

She would be so proud of us all! 


A new generation... Victoria Elizabeth (1983) & Joshua James  (1981)


My 2 children, Victoria Elizabeth Wamback, Joshua James Wamback, Josh's wife Jessica Hamberger, my dear wife Patricia Pamela Pedley Romaniak, and my mom June Elizabeth Bowyer Wamback.  I love you all so much!  Your Steven James

Victoria Elizabeth & Steven James

The "Tiny One" is Miss Holly!

Mom says Holly is my sister.

I do see some family resemblance!

Gloria June, Born November 10, 2009

in the arms of her Daddy Joshua James.

The Latest addition to our family and our Next Generation

The Future is in Our Hands!




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